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Helped Tiktok to find her mysterious lover - and also found his wife - Walla! technology


A Pennsylvania resident enlisted Tiktok to locate the mysterious man he flirted with while on vacation in Miami - only to find out he was married with children after his wife approached her

She used Tiktok to find her mysterious lover - and found his wife as well

A Pennsylvania resident enlisted Tiktok to locate the mysterious man with whom she flirted while on vacation in Miami - only to find out he was married with children after his wife approached her.

The guy was found and claimed in a series of videos that he did not flirt with her at all

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Sunday, 23 January 2022, 23:36

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Asked Tiktok to find the man she knew on vacation - they found his wife (@micarenee)

Look at how many tic-tac-toe network dramas are capable of producing.

Our bizarre story began with an innocent video shared by a Pennsylvania user who wanted "network investigators" to help her locate a man he was flirting with on vacation in Miami.

After all, there are an infinite number of similar posts (which have garnered 169.7 million views) that go up under the hashtag #helpmefindhim and help surfers find people they have met by chance and have not had time to exchange details with.

This is also exactly what happened to 28-year-old Mika Rene who asked the network for help in finding her "potential lover", only that with her the story ended in a real drama - when instead of the guy, the person who turned to her was his wife.

The drama did not end there: the married man later approached her, claimed she was lying and diverted the network against her.

Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like Chara aint for me either.

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Looks innocent, doesn't it? (Photo: screenshot, @micarenee)

So how did it all start?

Mika Renee posted on Tiktok a video about a mysterious man she met in Miami last August while spending time at sea with a friend.

The video - which provoked a tsunami of more than 5.2 million views - shows Renee, a model and travel blogger, posing for a picture in a bathing suit when a shirtless man approaches her and starts a seemingly flirtatious conversation with her.

A mini-montage of excerpts from the chance encounter between them shows Renee and her anonymous fan laughing, holding hands and hugging.

Two months have passed since their chance encounter and Varna wrote: "Tiktok, help me find this man I knew in Miami. He went into the sea to introduce himself to me."

Although enthusiastic about it, Renee added that she had lost his number because she was too drunk to remember it.

"I was drunk when he gave me his number," she wrote before telling more than 16,000 of her followers, "I trust you will find him. Hope he's not married!"

Her search video:

@micarenee TikTok I come to you today cause I heard what you do for others?

I think he said he's from Detroit?

#fyp #helpmefindhim #boostofhope #viral ♬ Breakin my heart - Jodeci's groupie

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Then she found out he was married ...

Shortly after Renee's first video began circulating on the net, she shared an update post in which she learned that the mysterious lover was a married man - and that his wife had been contacting her in messages for six years. "I was shocked to find out he had a wife," Renee told the New York Post.

In a follow-up video, she shared a screenshot of her chat with the flirtatious man's wife, Cherry, who wrote her husband's phone number and added, "Tell him Cherry gave you the number."

Rene immediately apologized to the woman and told her she had no idea it was a married man. Cherry reassured her: "It's not your fault. He did not care, so believe me I did not either. Thank you for posting this. Everything done in the dark is always published."

Cherry, a mother of four from Michigan, also asked Marena not to delete the video so she could remain a witness to her husband's infidelity.

"Can you not delete the video?" Sherry asked, "I do not want him to lie about that either."

Rene agreed.

"I can only imagine what she's going through, poor thing," Rene told The Post, "and I'm glad we were able to talk about the situation with dignity."

The video reached his wife and this was the correspondence between them:

@micarenee Reply to @micarenee #fyp #reply ♬ original sound - Mica Renee

Then came his reaction ...

The husband, a fitness trainer known as AJ, was exposed and posted a series of videos on Tiktok in which he claimed his innocence. In three videos, AJ claimed he only met Mika Rene for a short time and never shared his number with her. "You're lying badly," he said in one of the videos to Rena, "I did not mean to respond to it, honestly, because I know the truth and everything that happened there, but this little cheating lady is really trying to escape it with a complete lie. It's time to tell the truth."

AJ claims to have met Mika five months ago in August 2021 and that they talked for about five minutes - "seven at most". He insisted he did not even know her name until he saw the "crazy video" she posted. He added: "You definitely edited the video and cut it out well to describe everything you're trying to prove or say."

AJ admitted that he did contact her first, but claimed that it was a completely innocent conversation and that he did not go into the water for her, as she claimed.

He insisted there was "nothing serious" there and noted that if he had tried to betray, their interaction would have been more intimate.

He added: "I did not give her my phone number. It is strange and miserable that she is still thinking about the brief encounter between them five months later."

Then he gave his version:

@ irontemple07 The truth must be televised !!!

#fyp #fy #viral #trending #worldstar #balleralert #tiktok #messytiktok #video #foryou ♬ original sound - AJ

In another video he said: "I never cheated and never tried to cheat. I mean, true, I know I'm a handsome guy, but even I can not give myself so much credit. That's why the conversation was very, very short. That's why I left this beach "I came home and continued to enjoy my life."

AJ claims Sharana needs professional help: "I hope you get all the mental help you need because it's just a little crazy and very very weird. Hope your life gets better."

To conclude, he swore: "Just for the record, I'm definitely not cheating on my wife, she knows that."

In response to the videos, the shocked Renee said: "I hope married men stop dating single women, in general. And single women, please pay attention to your interactions online. I never expected my fun and light-hearted video to go viral."

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