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Johnny Marr: "Morrissey and I Are Terribly Different"; Morrissey: "Get my name out of your mouth" - Walla! culture


35 years after the dissolution of the British band The Smiths, it seems that the band members are unable to leave the past behind.

Johnny Marr: "Morrissey and I Are Terribly Different";

Morrissey: "Get my name out of your mouth"

35 years after the dissolution of the British band The Smiths, it seems that the band members are unable to leave the past behind.

In a recent interview with guitarist Johnny Marr he said that Morrissey is the only artist with whom he has not stayed in touch.

Morrissey in response: "He can not cross his legs without mentioning me"




Wednesday, 26 January, 2022, 11:36 Updated: 11:50

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Morrissey performing in Manchester (Salon Fellow)

Millions of fans of the British band The Smiths, who still believed that there might be a glimmer of hope for the reunion of their beloved band in the future, are once again forced to daydream from the dream. Morrissey, the band's lead singer, released a public letter to Johnny Marr, his co-creator, asking him to stop mentioning his name in interviews.

In a post published on the Morrissey Central website, run by the singer's nephew, Morrissey addresses Mar directly and asks him: "Please, can you stop mentioning my name, and instead talk about your career and your unstoppable achievements from your musical solo career? If You can, can you please keep me out of all this? "

The long letter, which appears to be worded in pain, comes after a number of interviews Mar gave to the British media ahead of the release of a new double album.

In an interview that reached the cover of UNCUT magazine on January 13, Marr spoke at length about the many collaborations he has made in his career.

From the supergroup "Electronics", through the Pretenders to Hans Zimmer and Billy Aylish.

According to Marr, he remained in good contact with every musician with whom he had worked in his career, except one, whom he called "the obvious."

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In touch with everyone except "the obvious."

Johnny Marr on UNCUT Gate (Photo: Scan)

"It would not be a surprise to anyone if I told them I was close to everyone I worked with, except for one person," Marr explained, "it should also not be a surprise, because we are so different, Morrissey and I. To all these other musicians I can pick up the phone, And just keep going with them from where we left off. It's not because I'm such a virtuoso, everyone I worked with was great himself. The only thing that shit was The Smiths. The band I liked, but you have to get some perspective. "

In a letter published last night, Morrissey addressed his former partner directly and wrote: "The fact is this: you do not know me. You know nothing about my life, my intentions, my thoughts, my feelings. Still, you talk about me as if you were my personal psychiatrist, with an attitude "Consistent and uninterrupted to my passions. We haven't been in a relationship for 35 years - and have gone through many life incarnations since. When we both knew we were unsuccessful. We both helped each other become what we are today. Can't you make do with it?"

Later in the letter, Morrissey claims that Mar insists for decades blaming him for everything ("from the tsunami in the Solomon Islands to the slime on your grandmother's chin"), and attacks him for the way he describes their collaboration with the band.

"For six years you found me inspired enough to make music together. If I were, as you claim, such a monster, where exactly does that put you? You were kidnapped? Were you mute? Tied up? Towed by squinting aliens?", He wrote.

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"Stop using my name as a click-byte."

Morrissey performing in Tel Aviv, 2016 (Photo: Niv Aharonson)

Johnny Marr described life in the band as "stressful", explaining that "it's a bit like being a member of the military. Like living together in a submarine. There's a lot of pressure, a lot of weird moments."

While Mar describes not directly addressing Morrissey, the latter seems to have taken the allegations to heart.

Morrissey accuses the British press as usual of publishing anything negative about him, and hints that Shamar is taking advantage of it.

"You've already done it all. Go ahead. It seems you can not cross your legs without mentioning me," Morrissey asserts, "Our time together was before many life incarnations, and much blood has flowed since under the bridge. It's time you had to take responsibility for the actions Yours and your career, and I wish you a lot of health to enjoy it.Just stop using my name as a click-byte.I never attacked your solo career or your personal life, and I praised your genius publicly… and yet you always position yourself "As a 'quote-for-rent' whenever the press demands my blood following my half-statement. Please stop. We are in 2022, not 1982."

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"A lot of blood has flowed under the bridge since then."

The Smiths (Photo: Warner)

The Smiths were formed in Manchester in 1982 by Stephen Patrick Morrissey and Johnny Marr, joined by bassist Andy Rourke and drummer Mike Joyce.

Despite a short period of activity that yielded a total of four studio albums, the band became one of the most beloved and influential in the history of England.

In an exclusive interview with Amit Salonim in 2016, Morrissey was asked if there is a chance for any collaboration with Johnny Marr in the future.

The controversial poet responded simply: "This question is far from me now. I no longer understand why people ask it."

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