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Cosmetic surgery, animal dementia, luxury toilets: the reading recommendations of the week


Cosmetic surgery is booming. The French military surgeon Amroise Paré already knew about 500 years ago that people suffer from their appearance.

Cosmetic surgeons also had a lot to do in Germany.

The doctor Christian Fitz, who runs the clinic on Karlshöhe in Stuttgart, knows the reason for the boom during the first corona lockdown: “I think it was because people had more time.

And also more money, because vacation trips were not possible.

And there was another important reason: Normally it is not very easy to integrate such an operation into normal everyday work.

Now, all of a sudden, many were able to hide in the home office while the surgical scars healed.«

Wanting to improve one's own appearance is no longer just the eccentric quirk of narcissists.

Gradually, it was realized that sagging stomachs and breasts cause serious suffering in those affected.

The French military surgeon Amroise Paré (1510 to 1590) already knew about 500 years ago that people suffer from their appearance.

Paré's patients were soldiers whose faces and bodies had been shredded by novel shrapnel shells.

There were also accidents in animal husbandry, dangerous manual work, hereditary diseases such as the dreaded cleft lip and palate and disfiguring diseases such as syphilis.

All these influences turned the people of this time into a society of the disabled and disfigured.

In her latest book, British literary scholar Alanna Skuse from the University of Reading in England has reconstructed the beginnings of the beauty industry from a variety of sources such as medical writings, newspaper articles and travelogues.

Ambroise Paré was therefore a pioneer in the field of plastic surgery.

The doctor devised a large number of prostheses for these disabled people of the time.

Paré's basic motivation still seems surprisingly modern today: It's not enough to simply survive, said Paré.

It must also be possible for the patient to lead a normal life.

What would Paré say about surgeries like the Brazilian butt lift or breast augmentation if he were alive today?


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Memory Loss in Animals:

When Dogs and Cats Become Demented.


For all those who are hardened by the doomsday blockbuster »Don't look up« in catastrophic scenarios: Part of the SpaceX rocket hits the moon.

Polar Expedition:

New search for the legendary ship of polar explorer Ernest Shackleton.

Miraculous regeneration:

The axolotl lost limbs grow back completely.

Researchers have now succeeded in transferring this regenerative ability to other animals.

Will this also work in humans at some point?

Young people in the pandemic:

SPIEGEL interview with infectiologist Jana Schroeder about protecting children.

Hunting party:

For the first time, researchers have observed orcas in a concerted effort to hunt down the largest animal on the planet: the blue whale.

Quiet place:

what the more than 2,500-year-old toilet of a luxury villa reveals about its residents.


What does plastic surgery mean?

1...under an inner bra?

a: Surgical technique to permanently tighten the breast shape

b: the individual attitude of a patient as to how a bra should fit

c: a kind of corset that is used surgically

2. .. an augmentation?

a: the treatment of glaucoma

b: a liposuction on the abdomen

c: a breast augmentation

3...a brachioplasty?

a: a nasal prosthesis

b: an upper arm lift

c: the extension of the limb

*You can find the answers at the bottom of the newsletter.

picture of the week

Spy on behalf of science

: A robotic hippo scouts out its fellow animals in African waters.

The almost life-size artificial creature had previously successfully smuggled itself into a hippo herd.

The field trial, organized for the BBC, yielded insights into the coexistence of hippos with carp fish - these act as cleaning crews for the bodies and teeth of the heavyweights.

*Quiz answers: 1=a;



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