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Drugs, the wound in the soul and the death that struck at a young age: Nick Cave's double tragedy - Walla! culture


Jethro Laznabi - the son of musician Nick Cave - was a model destined for greatness who became addicted to drugs, mentally collapsed - and eventually died in a shabby, filthy hotel. This is his full story

The drugs, the wound in the soul and the death that struck at a young age: the double tragedy of Nick Cave

Jethro Laznabi - the son of musician Nick Kyiv - was a model destined for greatness who was addicted to drugs, mentally collapsed - and eventually died in a shabby and filthy hotel, 7 years after the death of another son of Kyiv.

This is the full story of the unimaginable tragedy that befell Kyiv, which is even scheduled to perform in Israel in August.

Sagi Ben Nun


Friday, May 13, 2022, 00:00

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In the video: The Jewish passenger scandal in Lufthansa and the tragedy of Nick Kyiv - Jordan Wiesel ticks the news (Photo: Walla !, Reuters, Shutterstock, © Dan's Deals LLC, Carmel Shama Hacohen's Facebook account and Nick Kyiv's Instagram account)

The world was shocked this week by the horrific tragedy that befell Australian musician Nick Cave when his son Jethro Lanzabi passed away at the age of 31. His death was announced on Monday but it now turns out he died a few days earlier, on Friday, when his body was found in a cheap and dirty roadside hotel in Melbourne.

The cause of death is still unknown.

Jethro has a long history of mental illness and violent behavior.

He died a day after being released from prison following his conviction for assaulting his mother over an argument over cigarettes.

This is the second tragedy to befall the Australian musician, who seven years ago lost another son, Arthur, who fell off a cliff at the age of 15 while under the influence of LSD.

In a brief statement to the media, Kyiv said: "With great sorrow, I confirm that my son, Jethro, is dead. We will be grateful for the family's privacy at this stage."

Model and musician Jethro is the eldest son of Kyiv.

The well-known musician brought him into the world with the Australian model Bo to Tails, and decided to name him after one of his favorite bands, Jethro Tull.

His second son, Luke, was born ten days after Jethro to his first wife, Vivian Carneiro.

Jethro grew up in Australia and said he did not meet his father even once until he was seven or eight.

"It was a difficult time, but in the end it turned out great," Kyiv said in an interview in 2008, "Unfortunately, I did not make much contact with Jethro in his early years, but now I have a great relationship with him."

Jethro told in an interview in 2012, when he was 19, about his difficult life as someone who grew up without a father.

"I did not have an easy life," he told the Evening Standard at the time, "it did not start so great, to be with all this sailing with my father and be in his shadow."

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A double tragedy.

Nick Cave and his son Jethro (Photo: Image Processing, Image Processing)

After moving to the UK in his youth, Jethro became a successful model who worked with, among others, the fashion companies Versace and Balenciaga and with the photographer and fashion designer Dee Suleiman.

In 2005 he appeared at Fashion Week in his hometown, Melbourne, and in April 2006, when he was only 15, he opened Australian Fashion Week in Sydney.

With the pedigree of a legendary rocker and a mesmerizing look that can not be ignored, until 2009 Jethro caused waves from Paris to Milan and fashion reporters praised him and wrote that he was destined for greatness.

In addition, he worked on independent musical projects and also tried his luck in acting and photography.

After an impressive career in modeling in his youth, something very bad happened to him.

At the start of the previous decade he was thrown out of a fashion show by Australian luxury department store chain Myer due to "unstable behavior" back.

In the years that followed, Jethro plummeted from the top of modeling and sank into drugs.

In 2018 he was convicted of assaulting his girlfriend.

After quarrels over drugs and money, he kicked her, attacked her and threatened to murder her.

He was eventually released on bail but very quickly returned to attacking his girlfriend and was therefore sentenced to prison.

In April, Jethro was convicted of assaulting his mother in her backyard after arguing with her for refusing to buy him cigarettes.

"While standing in front of his mother, Jethro grabbed her shoulders," the police report read at the time. Dino claimed he suffered from schizophrenia which disrupted his judgment. Jethro was jailed and released on bail last weekend, the day before he died, and after receiving a restraining order from his mother for two years and was required to undergo drug rehab. And so she told him: "It is very important that your path to rehabilitation be more positive and therefore pose less risk to the community in general and your mother in particular."

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Jethro for Tails (Photo: GettyImages)

The Australian newspaper "Daily Mail" revealed yesterday that Jethro's criminal past is richer than they thought.

It turns out that he was arrested quite a few times following a series of petty thefts, drug offenses and domestic violence.

Court documents obtained by the Australian Daily Mail show that in November 2021 police arrested Jethro after he was caught stealing from a supermarket a bag of French fries and a pack of 12 and a half dollars worth of beef.

Later that day he was caught again stealing food - this time it was two meat pies and a smoothie worth only $ 11.

Many question marks still hover around the circumstances of his death.

He will be laid to rest in a private ceremony in the coming weeks.

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A double tragedy.

Nick Kyiv (Photo: Walla! NEWS, Niv Aharonson)

This is said to be the second time Nick Nick Kyiv's son has passed away prematurely.

In July 2015 his son Arthur fell off a cliff in East Sussex, England, and died of his wounds.

In a post-death announcement, Kyiv described him as "a beautiful, happy and loving child".

An investigation revealed that Arthur was taking LSD before the fall.

The coroner determined his death was an accident.

The impact of Arthur's death on Kyiv and his family is reflected in the 2016 documentary, "One More Time with Feeling" and in his albums "Skeleton Tree" from that year and "Ghosteen" from 2019.

The new film "This Much I Know to Be True" was also created following Kyiv's recovery journey after his son's first death.

The film came out at an unimaginable timing - two days after the news of the death of his son Jethro.

In the new film Kyiv sings and tells about his path to completion and recovery, and even says that he is now happier than he was before.

Reality, shockingly, hit him inconceivably.

At a press conference held in Israel before his performance at Menora Hall in November 2017, Kyiv addressed the past disaster and its impact on music.

"I was in a very dark place after my son's death," he said.

"I felt a strong need to perform afterwards. There was no other option but to perform. I did not understand exactly how I would perform. Life can end suddenly and I have a feeling of urgency to perform in front of as many people as possible. I thought that through these performances I would do well. "It's grotesque that there are people who try to stop me from performing. There are some who are allowed to listen to music and there are some who are not."

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Jethro Lanzabi (Photo: GettyImages)

In an interview with the German media, Kyiv said nervously that he did not go out of his way to educate his children how to live their lives.

"I just do what I'm supposed to do. I do a lot of it," he said, "I really enjoy spending time with my kids. Am I helpful to them? Whether I move them in the right direction or not, I'm not so worried about it."

In the same interview he said that all his sons knew he loved them.

"I do not know if I see it as my role or I do not see it as any parent's role - to influence their children's thinking. I think if parents stand back a little and allow their children to develop, it will probably be better for their children."

Kyiv further said that parents should trust their children to make the right decisions.

However, he added cynically: "Getting advice from me is like being measured by an undertaker."

After his son's first death, 18 months passed before Kiev reappeared.

It is not yet known whether the recurring tragedy that happened to Kiev will lead him to cancel or postpone his tour, which is set to open in three weeks and also include a performance in Israel (August 23), where he is particularly popular.

At this point the performances have not been canceled however since the musician's mourning is very fresh, he may not have made a decision yet.

The fifth appearance of Kyiv and the Buzz Seeds in Israel has been postponed several times following the spread of the corona.

The industry estimates that if Kyiv does not postpone the performances following the tragedy - they will be especially powerful and the mighty musician will direct the terrible pain that struck him again into an extraordinary artistic expression.

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