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"I'm much happier and more relaxed today. It took me many years to get to this place" - Walla! culture


Ivri Lider celebrates 25 years of career with a new tour that will open at Menora Hall in Tel Aviv and in a special interview he talks about the hard work and fatherhood

"I'm much happier and more relaxed today. It took me many years to get to this place."

Ivri Lider celebrates 25 years of career with a new tour that will open at Menora Hall in Tel Aviv and in a special interview he talks about the hard work ("It took me many years for a psychologist to reach this calm"), talking about fatherhood ("We want another child. We deserve it" ) And responds to Kobe Aflalo's post that caused a stir

Sagi Ben Nun


Sunday, 15 May 2022, 00:57

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Ivri Lider (Photo: Courtesy of Arbel Communications)

Ivri Lider celebrates 25 years of wonderful musical performance with a new tour called "XXV" that will open festively on June 30 at Menora Hall in Tel Aviv.

Fate wished, and just that week JK Rowling's Harry Potter book series would also celebrate the 25th anniversary of the release of the first book, "Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone."

Ivri, in Harry Potter's first book, the old wand salesman told the young magician: "I think you can expect great things from you, Harry Potter."

Who was there at the beginning of your journey who supported you and declared that great things can be expected of you?

"Each of us needs at least one person to tell him things like that. That person in my case was Udi Hanis, who during those years was an A&R (talent hunter and artist developer) at Helicon, and discovered me and the cast I sent to the company.

He started working with me, and we worked together for a year before Helicon decided they were signing me at all.

He terribly believed in it and convinced everyone,

Was there at the beginning of your journey someone who said nothing would come out of you, and now I eat the hat?

"There was no one who said such a thing to me. I knew that behind the scenes there were those who believed in me more, and there were those who believed in me less. In the record company there were those who thought it would work, and there were those who thought it would not work. OK, young artists have to prove themselves. That you succeed there is a moment where you have to prove that you have enough seriousness and depth to stay for many years.It's two very different things - the success of the initial and frashy thing and then becoming an artist who stays many years, of several generations, of all ages, reaching families. That's the decent thing to do, and it should end there. "

You yourself, at the beginning of the journey before the break-in, said to yourself "I expect great things from myself"?

Could you imagine that one day you will be such a successful and esteemed musician in Israeli music?

"I did not say it to myself in this way. I may have hoped, dreamed, but my dreams were of a musician, to make records, to record in all kinds of studios, to perform in the Hall of Culture was a dream. Before the record came out, I always knew I was a musician, from a very young age. In music. But not necessarily in this place of singer or pop star. I wrote a lot of music for dance and film. Even when 'Leonardo' went on the radio I was with a seven-year-old band on a tour in Japan with a show I wrote music for. I think it was always clear to me that I would make music like that "Or something. That's what I know how to do, that's my life."

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Everyone today will get down on Michael Ben David.

I wanted to tell you how I fell in love with him in Turin

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Simultaneously with the announcement of the festive show ("The biggest we've ever done", he promises), Lider releases today (Sunday) "Forever I am yours" (listen - above), a new and especially personal song he wrote with Sahar Hagai and Noam Akrabi, who also composed and produced Musically.

The song talks about the special treatment and promise of a father to his son, against the background of Lider becoming Albi's father in September 2019.

The song includes the words: "I will always take care of us / There will not always be what / We will always have / Power is not always war."

War is a charged word.

Where does it come from?

"This song tries to present all sides of the thing. One can only talk about wonderful moments of happiness and beauty, and there are many such and they are more than anything else, but this song looks at a very long period of lifelong relationships, in which there is everything, I Guess, for most people. It was important to me to touch all sorts of feelings and all sorts of shades of this thing, and to say at the end: 'I'm yours forever.' It's a feeling that only a child can get out of you. "Other, not even to myself in any way. Even yourself you can give up at some point in life, but not your child."

One of the most charming sentences about parenting was said to me by the musician Moshe Levy: "I in the company of my children try to be the best version of myself."

"I'm very attached to this sentence. I think a child does it for you. He really forces you to try to be the best you want to be. There are situations that I'm with him and I really feel it. I think about it. I have to be the most successful I know to be, in all Kind of issues - both in my behavior towards the world, also in my behavior with him.You perceive your level of influence on him and all you want is to be there, to invest and influence the things he will take and make him who he is, beyond the genetics he has.I think a child causes You really want to be the most successful you can be. "

The song opens with the words "I love you forever".

Which is reminiscent of what you said about 13 years ago in an interview with Ronny Coban, that you can not say "I love you."

"First of all, it was 13 years ago, I want to think that in my life in general too it has changed, because I'm definitely working on it. But sure a kid takes these things out of you, he releases almost every possible blockage. In a second and easily you make expressions of love "You should try not to overdo it with him, I'm trying to be a voice, to give him spice."

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"The real damage from the corona is not the dead but the loss of trust between the public and leaders"

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View this post on Instagram

A post shared by Ivri Lider (@ivrilider)

Do you think your son will think you are a voice like others think?

"Not sure. I'm sure there will be moments like this that he will not think I am a voice."

Any thoughts on another child?

"Yes, of course. I still do not know exactly when. It is a very positive experience for us. I think we deserve another child, and he deserves it too."

This year, as mentioned, Ivri Lider is celebrating 25 years of career.

Lider released his debut single, "Leonardo", in August 1997, a single that was eventually included on his album "Caressing and Lying" which was released in December of that year.

Lider wrote and composed the songs for the album, Yoad Nevo produced it musically, and it also included the hits "Always Love", "Mary Forever" and "Caressing and Lying".

Within three months the album reached gold status and later platinum status.

Your first song, "Leonardo", is significantly different from his original sketch, and working on it was not easy for you and Yoad Nevo.

"True, 'Leonardo' was born different from how he is on the record in terms of production and direction. Producer Yoad Nevo and I worked on this record for a year. For months we searched for direction and essence, what it would be like, what sound it would be, what a move. It's fascinating, because it's a job Serious and deep about a song and because as soon as it happens it gets dressed, a song is born, something happens. "Something that can not be changed. There are many other songs, which change a lot over time, you can do make one version and another version and take them to all sorts of places. And somehow 'Leonardo' is almost impossible to change."

What would you say and advise to the young man, just before his big break 25 years ago?

"First of all - calm down. Everything is fine. You're fine. I think this guy was very focused and very serious. I went through a process that I do not know if it could have been done in a shorter time. I totally think I am much happier today, much happier Calm, feeling more relaxed in general about my life and also on stage.Sometimes I even manage to look at myself from the side, while performing, and say: Yeah, what fun it is like that.To get to this place took me many years and many meetings with a psychologist.These development and changes "It's something I really enjoy. I'm not sure it could have been done in less time. The processes take the time they take."

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The parade that did not march: Do the songs of the year survive the test of time?

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Alongside this development, as well as the musical diversity, talent and much love that you rightfully receive, you are still portrayed in the eyes of many as highly calculated and restrained, and not one who rages to the end.

Of course without detracting from your great power.

"I do not know if I am as restrained as I like to think about things. But maybe it is true. Although on stage in my performances today there is already a very open conversation between me and the audience. I had a performance at Amphi Wahl that stopped and opened some conversation, and those are moments I really like. On the one hand it is very important to me that in performances everything will be very accurate, professional and we work on it for a long time to produce special and beautiful experiences, on the other hand I learned over the years that even if it suddenly stops to laugh at something - it really turns around. "Something in balance there is important to me."

On Independence Day, in the final episode of the season of "Wonderland," there was a musical sketch in which hit objects respond to singers and songwriters.

One of the reactions was to the song "I Caught a Head on the Bar" by Shalom Hanoch, in which a response is received from someone who was described at the end of the song as "This is not a lady, this is a gentleman."

With all due respect to "A Wonderful Land," the one who preceded the satire program and gave a kind of response to Enoch's hit was Ivri Lider on his debut album, in the song "Mary Forever."

In the song he created he presented a similar encounter between a man and a woman, and at the end it said: "When he wakes up next to me in the morning and realizes too late yesterday as well as today / I'm actually an addicted guy, my name is Mary forever."

"'Mary Forever' is a development of 'I Caught a Head on the Bar,'" Lider says.

"In the end it's the same subject only in a generational difference and with a different perspective on the subject. In the case of Shalom it is joking and curious, as opposed to 'Mary Forever' who ultimately talks about her feelings and her essence.

Unlike "Leonardo", which has not changed its arrangement in performances since its release, the song "Mary Forever" has changed countless arrangements and replaced more versions than Shlomo Pilber.

"This song went through very interesting incarnations. I think it has 13 versions that I sing. On the first record it was born as a nineties rock song, albeit with the oriental line, but on an electric guitar. Then Henry's guitar was born in 2003 which took it to a completely different place and increased it. "Then Ofer Nissim made it a club hit. There is also a piano version that is completely different. This song is material in the hand of the creator, very elastic."

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And I just wanted to sing

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Ivri Lider (Photo: PR)

This week we will celebrate Lag B'Omer, the wedding holiday. You said in an old interview about the song "Always Love", also from the debut album: "After this song came out, I realized that people used it as a canopy song at their wedding and it made me a little funny.

It's true I say there 'it's always love' but I also say 'it's always complicated'. "Do you still feel that way?

" "It really seemed that way to me at first.

But then I thought to myself, that it could be that people who play 'It's always love' at a wedding are actually in an even more advanced place of awareness, realizing that love is such, that it has many sides, shades and possibilities.

From this they choose to say 'it is always love'.

It's advanced to choose a song that does not just say 'I got to love', and to be willing to contain within this moment all the aspects of love that are expressed in 'It's always love'.

It turned me on.

There is something beautiful about that. "

Kobe Aflalo wrote on Monday on his Instagram page a post against new songs by young artists.

"Sometimes it seems to me that a generation of musicians has grown up here (thank God not everyone) competing who will bring the lowest and dumbest text in the name of the fucking coolness defined by people living in a movie that are wow like cool as if, low," he wrote among other things.

What do you think about it?

"I guess there are songs that are not very smart, on the other hand there are full of songs that are very cool. I actually really appreciate people, no matter if younger or less, who do something that is not my style. If I were not singing it - it's I'm not saying I disregard someone who sings. I think making art is very complex and difficult. There are more serious and less serious things, music has all sorts of functions. It can be important and life-changing, and these are really the things that will stay for many years, , But there is also room for easier things, which have their right moment in time and have in our life the function of joy, of celebrating the moment. It's a spin. It's cool. And doing it well is terribly difficult.

"It's very great wisdom to do good pop or even pop as if light, to do it well is very difficult. There are guys who do not do it well, there are those who do it and it's not cool enough, but those who do manage to do it cool and good I have a lot of appreciation for them, it's a great talent. As for the discussion of how many years it will stay, so that it will stay how long it will stay, it does not always matter. I do say to young artists when I talk to them, 'Listen, sometime in your career You will enter people's hearts in the way they will live with her for many, many years, in her very good moments and in very sad moments. 'When you manage to write songs of this kind, then your place as an artist in the culture and society you live in changes. Many more years. "

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Ivri Lider (Photo: Courtesy of Arbel Communications)

And another matter on the agenda: What do you say about Michael Ben-David not reaching the Eurovision final?

If you continued to sit on the judge's chair in the X Factor it would not happen and you would choose a singer who would be more successful in the competition?

"No. Michael is cute and talented. It's hard, it's not easy. I do not know. Maybe it's the song. I do not quite understand it, I'll tell you the truth, I'm not so much in the matter of the Eurovision."

And by the way attempts to succeed overseas: Your beautiful musical venture with Johnny Goldstein, TYP, did indeed pick up some respectable international achievements and yet did not reach the peaks that were worth reaching overseas. Do you have another interest in trying to break out overseas?

"There are all sorts of things I do, by the way. I terribly do not define it. Me too, when I was younger and the industry was younger, we terribly divided it between here and there. Today I look a little less at it that way. If things I do Will be relevant in other territories - so happily, it's cool. What this round I did elsewhere taught me pretty quickly is that we are in a very good place here, very serious and very professional. From the people and talents to the level of amplification companies I work with you. Well, it's fun. To tell the truth, it kind of frees you from that thought of the neighbor's lawn. It's not necessarily greener. In most cases it's grayer, it must be said. It's not necessarily more interesting. Culture with the Philharmonic - the name of my great moments ".

With the celebrations of the 25th anniversary of his career, where do you see yourself in another 25 years, at the jubilee celebrations of the debut song "Leonardo"?

Of course we wish you that the line "Safe death is quick death" would be very far from topical even then.

"Look, on the one hand I do not want to know where I will be in another 25 years, and I do not want so much to think about it, because I like to think at least that anything can happen. You know, life can remain unexpected enough not to know what will happen. On the other hand, There are things I know I want to keep going - I want to be able to keep making music the way I do today.I have a great privilege to have my audience, and it's amazing and allows me to do what I want, invent things, directions, new performances and creations. That I have this audience I can do what I do, otherwise it would have been impossible. That's the biggest thing. My hope is that it will continue to be that way, that I can continue. Put everything there, because it's good. "

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