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Rinat entered the canopy and saw Daniel. It's only a matter of time before its volcano erupts - Walla! culture


In what universe do wedding experts think the matchmaking between Daniel and Rinat will succeed? Rinat entered the canopy and saw Daniel. It's only a matter of time before its volcano erupts Lack of sex is not the problem of obese women, but the painful feeling that they do not want you for more than that. And when Maayan asks Ben if he will tell his friends that he is attracted to her, she is actually asking if he will be proud to be seen with her in public. And also: In what universe do we

Rinat entered the canopy and saw Daniel.

It's only a matter of time before its volcano erupts

Lack of sex is not the problem of obese women, but the painful feeling that they do not want you for more than that.

And when Maayan asks Ben if he will tell his friends that he is attracted to her, she is actually asking if he will be proud to be seen with her in public.

And also: In what universe do wedding experts think that the matchmaking between Daniel and Rinat will succeed?

Ofir Sagarsky


Sunday, 15 May 2022, 08:50 Updated: 09:16

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Wedding Promo Season 5 (Rainbow 12)

Yesterday in "Khatunmi" we deepened the relationship between Ben and Mida 44, sorry, kind of, a relationship that developed into a popular relationship style in Khatunmi - a continuous and meaningless fit of laughter.

In this episode we land with them one of the most invested honeymooners seen in the "wedding" of its generations, even in relation to other Maldives vacations.

Their luxury suite faces a pool facing a lake that apparently faces more water sources in various configurations, a right often reserved for people too rich to step on solids.

"Too much fun for us, too much good for us," Maayan tells the camera, a sentence that heralds a crisis in exactly three more scenes.

Meanwhile, everything is flowing on hot tub water.

Ben testifies to a pull and butterflies in his stomach, and a slight flutter than that.

"I do not know if this is the place, the atmosphere," he muses, "but she brought with her so much good."

Ben's wondering in her place, because indeed, it seems that a certain amount of wealth releases in the brain oxytocin in a confusing amount.

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Ben's look at the canopy with Maayan was disturbing, but the taxi ride managed to calm down a bit

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Amateur fabric boy.

Rinat (Photo: screenshot, Keshet 12)

And now it's time to meet a new couple and with him endless procrastination.

Meet Daniel, 31, from Tel Aviv, an idealist, social activist, graduate student in biomedicine and the disappointment of his father, president of the Diamond Exchange.

He has adopted a dog that has already been thrown out of five families, and it seems that this dog is also about to be mated, because from now on we get a complete ID card on him as well.

The experts look for Daniel as an idealist like him and find Rinat, 30, a nurse in a hospital in the pediatric intensive care unit in Sheba, who sees work as a mission.

According to Yael, their connection is related to the ability of both of them to give, and common values ​​are indeed a good basis for a relationship, but as we will see below, not necessarily for sex.

Rinat sees herself as unconventional and tends to be attracted to "fabric boys", the most routine tendency of straight women in the world.

Experts rightly fear the encounter with Daniel, who could easily play a teenager with the lone character trait "Geek" in an American high school series in the nineties.

"When you are attracted to me, I believe it's because of the energy," Daniel encourages himself in a monotonous voice, picking up like a combination of my accountant and Shimon Peres in his last days.

Half an episode has passed, and it's time to cry for Danny the psychologist.

Lest you misunderstand: I really hurt Rinat, and I am touched by the loss of her mother and the knowledge that she will not get to see her makes the mistake of her life - but how much more is possible?

Four seasons we have been going through this: eternal acquaintance with the candidates, the wedding news, cheers, organizations, letters, items from a man's store.

At this point is the production willing to assume we are familiar with the format, and jump into the canopy moment?

The answer is no.

"Here you have a real place to give a person a chance," encourage Rinat's friends, who discover that everyone, including her, suffers from a quick disqualification from dating.

Who knows, maybe the prison of a production contract will spawn true love.

Having all agreed that what matters most to the groom is a heart of gold, they move on to the really interesting question - how many jobs does he sit on.

In the men's sector, too, the conversation reaches new depths.

With a beating heart and sparkling eyes, Daniel looks at his friends, confirming: "I chose a bomb beer."

"tough question".

Maayan and Ben (Photo: screenshot, Keshet 12)

With your permission, we will skip Rinat's conversation with Danny about dreams, a topic that is not interesting in reality and even less so on television, and we will come to the first drama worth mentioning in this episode, entitled: "A difficult question."

Night descends on the spacious beach, cakes and pineapples are offered galore.

"I eat quantities here that I do not eat in a normal week," Ben drips lightly with drizzles of explosives.

Wants to say, "The amounts of food we are bullying here are unreasonable."

Maayan, who doubtless does not understand the hint doubt chooses to ignore, seeks to change locations.

"What are you saying, I'll join you in the armchair?", She suggests, and Daniel, from his rather wide armchair: "Try."

"You have beautiful eyes," "Thank you, too," he replies with the constant joke that we do not know how to accept compliments, even though in fact he has a hard time giving them.

They burst as usual in a maddening laugh that helps both of them perhaps infuse a pleasant atmosphere but hides charges, sorry, heavy under it.

It's time to bring back fresh memories from the canopy, which Ben unfolds like a battle-stricken soldier.

"Run away, the voices in my head told me, run away," he recalls.

Maayan, who sees the cold sweat on his face as an opportunity to acquire one trauma for herself as well, asks: "When you saw me in the first second, did you like what you see?".

The answer is even worse than the pause before it: "A difficult question."

Do not ask questions that you are not interested in answering.

Ben VeMa'ayan (Photo: Screenshot, Keshet 12)

Kind of expensive.

First of all, you're brave.

Two, courage is an unnecessary trait.

Most of us live in constant avoidance, which is the result of a dark, primordial and pure fear of anything that can undermine our already fragile existence.

This fear drives us until we meet therapists or Instagram anchors who teach us to let go of fear.

They are wrong.

Or as a friend I cried after I asked my partner if I was obese told me: Do not ask questions you are not interested in answering.

"Umm .. in the first second… I mean… I came open in the head," Ben stutters himself to know.

"They went most not to my tapecast," he finally formulates, immediately blaming himself immediately for his taste in women as well as Western society as a whole which paved the way for his attraction to a particular beauty model.

We have never seen a man who manages to stay so politically correct during an anxiety attack, and only for that he deserves stormy applause.

Ben's awareness and sensitivity are admirable, but it is also important to say that his right to be attracted to thin women and his right not to be attracted to fullness or fatness.

No one should be judged on his sexual orientation and taste, nor is there any point.

Attraction is an uncontrollable feeling, and depends on many factors none of which is ideology and morality.

Even if white were and perhaps still have some reservations about Maayan's appearance, the criticism should not be directed at him - but at the plan, which until she chose a woman to a large extent, also chose to make her feel bad about it.

"Yes, I'm attracted to you," Ben finally kind of confirms, and they laugh again.

Seemingly everything has returned to normal, but when she is alone, Maayan admits that she has been undermined.

It is impossible not to.

As a non-skinny woman myself and a friend of fat women, I come across this again and again: the concrete, experience-based fear that you are wanted just for the sake of fucking.

They understand this from every man who slept with them but fell in love with Barza, from every talkback "Fat woman is a pleasure in bed" and from every inbox offer to fulfill a dubious fantasy.

Lack of sex is not the problem of fat women, but the painful feeling, slapped in the face over and over again, that they do not want you for more than that.

And when Maayan asks if he will tell his friends that he is attracted to her, she is actually asking if he will be proud to be seen with her in public.

Ben dodged, but said himself, the friends were "scared for him."

And this stupid reality, friends, is yes, yes, yes a consequence of social constructions.

A volcano is going to erupt.

Daniel and Rinat (Photo: screenshot, Keshet 12)

In contrast there are two who allow themselves to love without restraint, and this is due to the fact that they do not know each other.

"Hey, you crazy," Rinat flew over her anonymous bride, and continued from there to star gossip and orbits in the sky, with a picture of the stars as they would get along on their wedding night.

It is impossible to imagine kitsch more than that, but neither should it, because here it comes: an amethyst stone, which is the "couple stone", which is given to Rinat as a gift from Daniel.

He does not believe in objects but in experiences, and neither does Rinat and her friends.

"Maybe he's a jeweler," the members reflect on the experience of money.

The wedding eve is upon us, and the tense Daniel stretches out on the couch in the preparation room.

"There probably hasn't been an episode where someone cried in the canopy, man," he mutters.

I do not know about this, but people who speak to themselves whole sentences no doubt had in our "signature" several times more likely than in reality.

It's time to step into the canopy.

Daniel and Rinat's gazes meet, and Caringia who has not been seen since Hadas and Shai is stretched in the air.

Rinat's father hunts her down in his eyes, signaling, "If you have to get out of here, I have a place in Baghdad and connections in Mexico."

"He has a white smile, it's good," the companies practice positive psychology.

Rinat barely looks at her groom, but that does not stop him from attacking her with hugs.

"Wish we could jump into the water," Rinat reads from her letter, adding in her heart, "and drown."

Daniel, for his part, opens with a grocery list of promises as if he were running for student council.

"I promise - to be tolerant, I promise - to be flexible and compromise, and I ask - that you draw my attention if I miss," he concludes, not noticing that the main miss has already happened.

Among Rinat's family, they are being replaced by concerns in Russian.

The dramatic volcano is going to erupt at any moment.

The bride is on the run.

Back to the camera.

Smoke billows from a cigarette.

What is certain is that for Rinat, the stars tonight did not line up.

And I ask, "married," why?

Did you really think that in some universe, current or parallel, this match is going to succeed?

An entire episode we longed for action, and by the time we got it, damn it, it felt so bad.

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