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Despite the affair at home, Bar Cohen stated just before she entered "Big Brother": "Less believes in creating a relationship on screen" - Walla! culture


Although she is already in the midst of a romantic triangle, Bar Cohen told a moment before entering "Big Brother" about single mothers, about the difficulty of leaving her little son, about the messages she seeks to convey

Despite the affair at home, Bar Cohen stated just before entering "Big Brother": "Less believes in creating a relationship on screen"

Although she is already in the midst of a romantic triangle, Bar Cohen told a moment before entering Big Brother about single mothers, the difficulty of leaving her little son, the messages she seeks to convey and the chance of finding love on screen

Mickey Levin, Maariv


Wednesday, 22 June, 2022, 10:20 Updated: 10:27

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Big Brother |

The first kiss of Bar and Eliav (Network 13)

Just two weeks ago, Bar Cohen entered the "Big Brother" house, and already found herself in a romantic triangle in front of the camera lens with the house's handsome hunk, Eliav Tati, and Talia Ovadia, his mythological ex who unexpectedly entered the house a few days after the first entrance.

Just before entering the "Big Brother" house (Network 13, broadcast on Sundays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays) for three and a half months, Cohen, like all the other tenants, arrived in solitary confinement at the Neve Ilan Hotel.

So she was sure she would not find love in the house.

"I am open to a relationship, but only outside. I believe less in creating a relationship on screen, mainly because it is very difficult to be 100% with you, and it is not easy to present the least beautiful sides of you," Bar shared in an interview with Maariv Magazine.

"It's hard to get into a relationship in a house that has so many people and in front of so many spectators who judge and analyze your every move. I will feel unnatural, and I will also always remember my dad watching me too. I believe you can get to know and get closer, The big 'the relationship to the next stage. I mainly want to enjoy the experience and not put myself in a romantic relationship. "

Why did you get into "Big Brother"?

"It started because they approached me from the production. I was afraid to go to the first audition, because I knew for sure I would be accepted. I knew I was made of the material 'Big Brother' was looking for, I do not know if it's a compliment or not. I do not know if I will win, but if I can be wild and open "With my heart, I think they will love me. I know I'm not mainstream, some will like me and some will think I'm too tough, but in the end I got into a net experience. .

What will the viewer look like when you are at home?

"I do not care what people think of me, I am not afraid to be alone. I will not sell my soul or go against what is right and just to please the tenants and spectators. I do not quarrel over tomatoes and cucumbers, and I do not care who makes fish, even though my fish are stunning, but If someone else prepares, then I hate them. I do believe that I get angry or furious about principled things. And evil. We saw in 'Big Brother' difficult situations, I do not intend to be silent about them. It hurts me more what others do than I do, because I myself know how to cope. Different from you, all with respect and kindness. "

With which tenants will you have a particularly difficult time?

"I will not connect with everyone. I will find two or three that I can have a good conversation with and yes, and I know they will be good and right for me. I will have a hard time connecting with people who open too fast and make a lot of noise. "And I do not see truth in people who in three minutes say everything in your face. I do not believe in it, I am not like that. It takes me time. I have a hard time with people who are Uber, but it will be intriguing to see how I get along with people different from me."

Is there a chance we'll see you crying at home?

"Sure, but only from longing for white, Leo."

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Bar Cohen the Big Brother (Photo: Micha Luboton)

The child is in good hands

Just before entering the house, Cohen gave the impression that she was not excited about becoming in one moment from anonymous to famous.

"It may not be visible, but I do get a little excited," she said.

"The only thing that goes through my mind right now is my son. I'm totally happy with the decision to move into the house, even though I'm leaving Leo for a long time. I'm raising a little man, not a child. I explained to him that mom's going to work on TV. He cried, but he surprised me and said, "Mom, you're on TV, Mom will win," and his sentence doesn't cross my mind. "

And what will you answer to critics who might say you left a 3 and a half year old child at home?

"There will always be the disgusting people who have something to say, but I know that my child is in the best hands in the world, with my mother. I did not change his house, because we live with my mother in Jerusalem, so he did not change the atmosphere. "It's the mothers, of course I always learn and get better, but I am completely satisfied with my decision, because I am also allowed to live and experience. My child will be happy and loved if he has a strong and happy mother."

Cohen (31) entered the "Big Brother" house to break stigmas about single mothers, she said.

"I hope to convey a message," she declares.

"In the past, such mothers were seen as having difficulty. I am a single mother and I say without shame that I am proud, and that it is not as difficult as trying to present it. It is financially complex, and not easy to support with one salary, but I work harder and it is entirely possible. I "I know a lot of strong and successful women who raise a child alone and get along very well. So I would be happy if single mothers were seen as strong and not weakened women."

And what about the boy's father?

"His dad and I met in the United States. We had an amazing first date, we went out for a while and I got pregnant, it was unplanned in a complex relationship. It was not easy for both of us, and despite the doubts I made a decision to leave the child, because in the end it's my body. Whatever it is, the responsibility for this treasure is mine. We decided to move on as a couple, but there were lots of ups and downs. He was not ready for family, and the insecurity and instability made me feel like I was losing myself. I was right. Even today I still raise the child alone ".

He's not part of Leo's life?

"He pays alimony and sees him on Facebook, but he does not live here, so I raise him alone. He was here a year ago, of course I would like him to come and visit more. Until a year ago I was in a lot of pain, today I am in the place I released and I try to be "The best mother I can be, and since I're released I'm feeling better."

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Always in matters

Cohen, who owns an eyebrow shaping studio in Jerusalem, was born and raised in Kiryat Yuval and is the eldest daughter of divorced parents.

"I live with my mother in Jerusalem, and my father is my best friend," she says.

"My parents are very young, my mother is 51, my father is 58. My father was a football player and played with Eli Ohana in Betar, and my mother is a civil servant.

They divorced when I was 18 after living together for many years just for us, so we would have a picture of a family.

When I flew to Cyprus before the army they took advantage of my absence and divorced.

Separately, my parents are amazing, but together not.

They got married, but their love was not from romance or passion, but more like family.

That's why I decided to end the relationship, because I do not want to raise a child like that.

I realized that parents should not stay together just for the kids.

A child should grow up quietly, without quarrels. "

Your parents' divorce greatly affected you.

"It shaped me a lot and affected me in relationships and relationships. I promised myself I would do something different. My parents had to divorce a long time ago. At the time I was very angry with them, how they were able to break my family picture. Today I understand them and think they should have done it early. More".

How was your childhood?

"I had a good childhood overall. I was an only child for four years and everyone was around me until my sisters arrived, three girls by a narrow margin. It made me grow up very quickly. In 11th grade I woke up and remembered that I also had to study.

Socially I was not the queen of the class, but yes I was always in matters.

In the army, I served as a lieutenant colonel in the Judea and Samaria division, I did full service, I was a good and disciplined soldier. "

Cohen hopes to convey another message, regarding weight.

“I have faced a lot of ups and downs in my life, especially after giving birth when I gained 30 pounds,” she says.

"So everywhere on the net they write and say that if you created life, then you will get your new body and your stretch marks, but I do not accept it. It was very important to me to go back to my body after the birth, and I am proud of myself for losing all the excess weight. And yes, for me This is a surplus and I am not prepared to apologize for it to anyone. "

So what message would you like to convey in this matter?

"It's important for me to say that it's okay to want to lose weight and not settle for the new weight. Enough with the slogans and clichés of getting your body the way it is. It's okay to exercise and work hard and eat healthy to get results, and it's okay if I want to be a drinker."

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