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Big Brother: Diane's brutal sincerity is a million times better than Bar - Walla! culture


If Diane is an action movie, Talia is a haughty episode in a series about a tantra workshop. No wonder the two of them do not get along well with each other

Big Brother: Diane's brutal sincerity is a million times better than Bar's nonsense

If Diane is an action movie, Talia is a haughty episode in a series about a tantra workshop.

No wonder the two of them do not get along well with each other, but in my opinion if you give these two girls another two weeks in the same house, they will become best friends - which is not going to happen between Diane and Bar

Karin Arad


Thursday, 23 June 2022, 12:29 Updated: 12:34

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Big Brother (Photo: Network 13)

We must start with Diane Schwartz, whose mother has come as far as the "pipe" to ask that they stop threatening her daughter with talkbacks and wish her to die of serious illnesses.

I think you just do not understand Diane Schwartz, she's cute murder, she's honest, and wait and see how she becomes everyone's best friend at home.

Understands the people who shy away from her behavior, but that's exactly the point - it seems to me that Diane's defense tactic is this: first establish clear status and boundaries by intimidating the new people around her, who know not to get involved with her, and only after everyone returns to their natural size. in a regular way.

It's not the most pleasant, but I prefer Diane's brutal sincerity every day over the spiritual sentences Talia throws into the air at every possible opportunity and the fractured lectures give without anyone asking her to.

Oh, and Eliav is wrong - Diane and Talia do not clash because they are the two most beautiful girls in the house, but because their methods of survival are reversed.

If Diane is an action movie, Talia is a haughty episode in a series about a tantra workshop.

No wonder the two of them don't get along well with each other, but I think if you give these two girls another two weeks in the same house, they will become best friends, which is not going to happen between Diane and Bar, despite Bar's strange promise to stop picking up Kazem so Diane and Nathaniel can be Her friends.

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Bar, Big Brother (Photo: Screenshot, Big Brother, Network 13)

When it's hard, the budget is basic and the chocolate has been nationalized for Kazem's bed.

Well done to the big brother who had already gone all the way and brought them back to the biblical period, in which no one had property (except a few women and a goat) and further placed Kazem in a position of power that would allow him to abuse the tenants. Creation of new problems, because who has the power to feel the lack of chicken when you are allowed to eat fried cockroaches

? Sarin to Moshe Rabbeinu who hits a rock that is Dina - apparently to maximize the potential for repression of the two.

Honestly, it's funny - whenever someone in the house needs water, it means making coffee, peeing, or washing their hands.

Even if it happens in the middle of the night, they both need to get up, get dressed, and Sarin needs to hit with the stick.

The choice of Kazem as a snake hints at a narrative that is beginning to form around him, and also tells us that the production will do everything so that Kazem is not dismissed in the near future - he is the villain of the season, and he is so much for Tzumi, that he cooperates.

Kazem watches everyone who chooses him as the most cunning in the house, because if there is a fire, why not pour fuel on it, and begins to plan revenge.

To his delight his status in the mission allows him to punish the occupants of the house with the ten plagues, and the first, firstborn, falls on Omri's head - although he is the last to enter the house but the plague made him the first to be put to the next eviction.

"Idiot! Do not contact me! Who are you all two days at home! Do not speak my name, new, do not speak my name. People do not mention my name, I am everywhere!".

Wow Kazem, you Zalma.

You must start to diversify these basic curses a bit.

And if you were wondering why Kazem fell for Omri - the real reason is that it's part of his master plan, to crawl with determination back to Diane and Nathaniel's friends, and choosing Omri instead of one of them is the first step to "reconciliation".

On his way back to Diane?

Kazem (Photo: Screenshot, Big Brother, Network 13)

The next blow was inflicted by the serpent on Omri and the Chilba Nathaniel, who entered into a puffing battle of a fried grasshopper into their mouths.

Nathaniel lost, ate three, and from now on with every plague of locusts he will have to eat a few more grasshoppers, sometimes as crispy croutons in soup, sorry, stew.

You may have noticed the impressive way in which Diane helps Nathaniel overcome the drama and not fall into any possible trap - she will reward him with sessions of positive thinking like a coacher, and manages to take out of Nathaniel some lightness that is so lacking in his personality.

Diane's mission, which is sparse, is to pounce on Samson and trim his shifts, causing Eliav to cling anxiously to the corners of the house the whole episode, which is a shame, because I'm totally far from absorbing him.

It's confusing.

Remember he cried that he only had one girl at heart, the ex, and then they brought her into his house?

Two days later he had already asserted that if his heart was opened he would now have a "bar" written on him.

It either has no character, or is the biggest dosh ever in the fireplace house, but in the meantime, even though he and Bar have already kissed a very unconvincing kiss, his personality is mostly warm air currents that change direction with every breeze.

Maybe he's a guy who always does the most hedonistic act for himself, one that what guides him is "fun for me" or "not fun for me", and maybe he's the most tormented man we've seen on screen.

It's not clear, but the working assumption is that something is hiding beneath it all, and I have a feeling that something else will make Kazem look a reasonable and sensible person.

Bible Mission, Big Brother (Photo: Screenshot, Big Brother, Network 13)

Almost no one suffers from Kazem, which is understandable, because he is really unbearable.

But I have to be second in his corner in the arena and offer something: a little compassion.

The human being is a complex walking on two.

He is a Muslim Arab, gay and right-wing, who served in the GLC. Apart from moving to the settlement and stoning other Arabs, he more or less did everything possible to bring himself as close as possible to the Israeli side, which he considers ( More to be in it in case of an up and down alarm.It's so critical for him, he went with it so far that his family does not talk to him and it's a price he's willing to pay.

It means two things: first - he suffers.

These eruptions, the more severe they are, the more they sit on a purulent wound.

There is nothing to get back into it, on the contrary.

The only way to get him to stop is not to give back to him, and even to treat him with compassion.

Second, it is a pity for any tenant to go into a head-to-head battle with him, because Kazem will easily win anything that requires mental endurance, tenacity and determination.

Since the worst of it has already happened to him, neither threats nor intimidation will help make him relax with the troll.


Because after the worst has already happened, you stop being afraid of almost all the other things.

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