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Suddenly the token fell to her: the reason Katya was frightened by the couple's meeting - Walla! culture


Moshe and Mai manage to pick up the title of "sweetest couple" in the episode, despite May's break in the couples' meeting; Guy and giving computers steps towards the couples meeting

Suddenly the token fell to her: the reason Katya was frightened by the couple meeting

Moshe and Mai manage to pick up the title of "sweetest couple" in the episode, despite May's break in the couples' meeting;

Guy and Matan compute steps towards the couples meeting, Liad and Limor conclude a hot night;

And Ben and Maayan manage to reach a balance between them: Ofir Sagersky concludes another episode of Wedding at First Sight

Ofir Sagarsky


Thursday, 23 June 2022, 07:59 Updated: 08:12

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Wedding wedding at first glance (Photo: Keshet 12)

It is unbelievable that I fell into a scam again.

Each season the same story, and yet, managed to nestle in my heart the hope that in an episode known as "The Couples 'Meeting" there really will be, well, a couples' meeting this time.

Traditionally, the episodes of the meeting mark the beginning of the great spread, all the more so in the shuffling season in the history of the program.

Periods like these are reminiscent of the fact that the instinct for life transcends everything, giving birth to hope even in times of fictional death.

I'm not sure, my senses blurred while watching the episode, but I may have instilled acetone into my eyes to stay awake.

These are difficult days for "wedding" viewers, and yet we will mobilize forces and do everything we can to extract the best from this episode, just as the Raphael rescue and Idit sinks to promo.

May and Moses

Another day opens with Moshe's monologue for the camera, and this time he checks on us materials about his wife's sleeping habits.

I feel like letting go of Moshe's theme as a stressful person, because he has graceful sides to it, and besides, a person is also allowed to be eccentric from time to time without being suspected of being stressful.

On the other hand, I'm not the one who documented a TV partner in her sleep.

"So how are you preparing for the couples' meeting?", Yael begins the work of stirring in the cauldron, a question that is answered with a wild laugh that indicates a general loosening.

May is actually optimistic, and turns Moshe on a mixer and a blender rod that are in her apartment to cook for the couples meeting, this time there are no gifts from Dad.

The concept of a social picnic was not like I think in previous seasons, so the couples enjoyed proper food.

A choice that is dramatically understandable, because it opens up another channel for tensions and insults between the couples, but my heart goes out to the couples who were hoping for at least some quality carpaccio alongside the trauma.

"The couples' meeting is tricky, not a walk in the park," Moshe expresses fears ahead of the meeting, in a monologue that has dramatic music as if it were a founding battle in Harry Potter.

When even May and Moshe need the support of a manipulative soundtrack, a sign that we are in dire straits.

It is sometimes said that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

This expression does not apply to the expression abilities of Mai and Moshe, but at least they have a small formation around the portion of cauliflower compost they produced.

Once it is thrown in the trash they turn to making patties in a tear sauce, recruiting psychological tools from the "secret" to make the patty believe it is worth it, hoping to convince those around it.

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Moshe and Mai (Photo: screenshot, Keshet 12)

The common culinary crisis unites them, and the energies rise until the appraiser does not even notice that Moshe is driving without hands on the wheel or that they have been imitating Galit and Ilanit for two hours.

Only when they arrive at the venue, fears begin to erode May.

She suffers from insecurity, perhaps because of the food and perhaps because she has no handkerchief.

Moshe, who has really very sweet moments, stands by her side in the difficult moments as "a stable rock for which the eggs tremble."

Criminal lawyers have some kind of glass ceiling in the field of imagery, but you get the point.

It must be said that the episode Moshe has surpassed himself, and despite the dark direction their relationship has taken in previous episodes, this time he manages to work with May to pick up the title of the sweet couple.

Katya and Lior

Katya sucks on a couples weekend - the last thing she wants after another week at Soroka is to surround herself with more terminal cases. "It does not promote us or them," she puts things on the table. Positive interaction. "In these words, Katya criticizes the production almost directly, and it is surprising that this piece survived an editing room. On the other hand, everything this season survived the editing room. I

wonder where her sudden energy fall came from. The production, but in an unprecedented way, seems to have suited Bull's crazy pace. Her weekend on strangers around a homemade quiche, Katya tastes for the first time on behalf of the TV contempt,And the evening has not yet begun.

Yael, if you were wondering what she thought, by the way, is worried that they have not quarreled yet.

Do not worry, rely on the couples weekend that will give distress to everyone. The only crack that has opened up in Lior's character, meanwhile, is that he has become the father of us all in times of distress, with comments like "Hold both hands, I speak Hebrew!", While Shaktia carries eggplant trays to the unknown.


Katya and Lior (Photo: Screenshot, Keshet 12)

Limor and Liad

Limor is curious about questions that may arise in the meeting between the couples, for example, "Did you have sex?"

It does not imply anything, you know - these are just questions that strangers tend to ask each other in social gatherings.

Liad's responses: "Hmm".

Watch in a moment for a scene where he is offended by the question, she is offended by the insult and they both forget what actually it all started with.

Until the sexuality matures between them, they continue with brain intercourse.

"I'm having fun cooking with you," compliments Liad.

"I feel I have to say, because I do not say."

Most of the conversations between Limor and Liad are about conversations between Limor and Liad, but they stopped everything, opened the champagne, hit the gong, kissed Ray's ass: it turns out that yesterday the Lily couple went "to bed late". Hallelujah, the social pressure that Limor applied did his part That there was a fiery night here of manipulations, embarrassments and borderline consent.

Matan and Guy

Guy seems to have realized that he is expected to start delivering the goods, at least to the cameras.

In a conversation with Danny, he and Guy demonstrate a semi-photogenic relationship, including hand on thigh, head on shoulder and using the ZW root about six times a minute, until the mantra comes true.

"It's clear to me that we'll be very couple there," Guy calculates steps to the couples meeting, and without meaning to say everything: "being there very couple" - it's a thought about image, about visibility.

It's not real.

Matan is still suspicious, but a few nice words from Guy are enough to whisper his intuition, even though he says he is not a man of words at all.

In any case giving rather a man of words, like most human beings, because this is the way the details of homosexuality communicate.

No gay joke will be added here, thanks.

It is also possible to communicate through touch to some extent, but even in the physical realm they do not make any progress, and when Guy claims to be a man of deeds, he thinks of giving - so do it already.


Matan and Guy (Photo: screenshot, from "Wedding at First Sight")

Ben and Maayan

And this time on the Danish couch, wonder and wonder, you will not believe, Shocking Market: Ben is scared.

And what is he afraid of?

Well, what is Ben not afraid of: he is afraid of the success of the relationship, of his failure, of continuing, of deterring, of harming, of being harmed, of a second twin disaster and of a zombie attack.

Today, specifically, he is afraid of the possibility that Maayan will leave him, a possibility that has not occurred to him until now.

Maayan's ability to contain harsh truths to the face is astonishing to me, but also a bit of worry and anger, because this partner does not work socially with benefits.

But according to them, something has changed: Maayan told Ben that she has question marks about him, and now, they claim, a son can return to her with exclamation marks.

I got a little lost in this "No Secrets" episode, but the bottom line is they say something was balanced between them.

I have already said: all a son needs to relax is someone who will abandon him.

I love Maayan's new character as hard to come by, she's even believable at times, but still too soft.

As much as I like my son, and this is a very average affection, Ben is a simple creature: just send him on his way with an indifferent expression and he will come back to you on all fours with a fresh chorus offering from the oven.

Is this the kind of relationship you want?

Oh, that's a question already.

But Maayan does not really ask herself this question.

Maayan wants Ben and especially wants someone to want her, or rather, is scared to death that they will not want her, so her BDSM character crumbles into the horror of not being left alone at the couples meeting.

On the way to a nightmare, she shares with Ben the fear that their "communication channel", which is contact, will be blocked, following the public situation.

Ben in response: sighed.

It's good to have someone to talk to.


Ben VeMa'ayan (Photo: screenshot, Keshet 12)

Edith and Raphael

Another romantic scene in the married life of Idit and Rafael, and this time: coming out of a furniture store, seven hundred bags thrown at Rafael as a hanger, and Idit dying, "Get used to it."

"We have something terribly strong here," they tell Yael, and according to Idit, they leave the friends' track and move on to the couple's track.

From Brock, they soon became officers.

There are not many less sexual things than this couple, but Yael is here, as always, to push two chemistry-free people to touch each other, which will put the chemistry final.

Because now, even if there is contact between them, he will forever connect in their memory with the character of the psychological Yael.

Couples meeting

About two minutes were revealed to us from the couples meeting, but these were enough to mention what is so intriguing in these meetings.

Through them, completely new sides are revealed in the characters, for example, May as the embarrassing aunt, who suffices in one small talk to show excessive enthusiasm for gays and call Katya "Tanyush".

To confuse a Russian name with another Russian name is one level of embarrassment, to attach to it an affectionate suffix is ​​already a new level.

In general, this double date between Lior, Katya, Mai and Moshe was the worst starting point that Mai could have asked for herself, as someone who has fragile confidence in herself and her relationship.

After she compliments her beauty on Katya, everyone agrees without returning a compliment, Katya and Lior continue to wave their impeccable love, and Moshe, as if to aggravate the situation: "You shine my brother."

I wonder when Lior is going to pull out in front of Katya the flight ticket gestures to London in front of the other couples and maybe also stick their plane tickets physically inside the pupils.

But May will not be left alone for much longer because here enters the room the stress duo Matan and Guy, who managed to wait exactly half a minute until the excessive defense, "We are just like everyone else!".

If you rely on the promo for the next episode, a big pogrom awaits us, but my trust has already been lost.

How can we trust "Hatmoni", who is trying to sell us Ben and Ma'ayan Nardamim as a suspenseful ending to this episode?

Are we supposed to think they missed the couples meeting?

They are photographed, for God's sake.

An entire production team is in the room with them.

"Wedding" - not pretty.

I understand, you have to stretch the program over a season to allow every brand in the country to advertise with you while comparing every product in the world to a relationship, but reading what we saw here "Couples Meeting" is like tearing up a "child" condom.

A long way separates the two.

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