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The target was more sensitive than ever. That's when Limor proved how focused she is on herself - Walla! culture


May is sure that she has reached the big brother, Guy behaves wisely and calms the pressure of giving, Limor proves how focused she is and abandons the attentive and felt goal of May

The target was more sensitive than ever.

It was then that Limor proved how focused she is on herself

Lior brags at every opportunity to Idit and Rafael, Mai is sure that she has reached the big brother, Guy behaves wisely and calms Matan's pressure, Limor proves how focused she is and abandons the attentive and sensitive goal in May's favor.

Ofir Sagarsky concludes "Couples' Weekend" with my signature

Ofir Sagersky


Sunday, 26 June 2022, 08:30 Updated: 08:57

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Wedding wedding at first sight (Photo: Keshet 12)

After a long wait and lying promos, here's it started: the World Cup of "wedding", the meeting of couples.

Caution, it's going to be almost as long as the episode.

This time, too, each couple's entrance is accompanied by a scream of excitement from May, who, due to the build-up, became confused with reality and thinks that this is the entrance to the fireplace house.

This season, it turns out, pretty much everyone knows each other from group dynamics meetings.

Did anyone filter them out at all, or asked the people who demonstrated the highest social abilities?

If so, where did you get the other candidates from - the underground world of Stranger Thinges?

An enthusiastic discourse breaks out between everyone except Moshe who gets lost in the corner.

"He gathers evidence, examines the area," Yael diagnoses, and I add: stressful.

But do not worry, he will never be left alone in the lost ward because he is joined by Edith and Raphael, two people who try to communicate like a couple in sixth grade trying to dance slow.

There is something captivating about this book of theirs, as Tal Zolti, a friend and colleague, put it well in her "Talk of Shame" podcast.

I am more and more convinced that they are a successful couple, not that it makes them a reasonable TV material to watch.

Almost all the couples have arrived, the sages are clinging to each other, the others are dispersing.

Guy, an overall smart man, for the first time demonstrates towards giving public affection and buys industrial silence for the coming night, until the anxieties of tomorrow.

On the other hand, Moshe, whose control eludes the excess of people and information, abandons May and settles on the only less communicative couple than him, as mentioned, Edith and Raphael.

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Suddenly he lights up on her canopy?

Ben VeMa'ayan (Photo: Screenshot, from "Wedding at First Sight")

In the meantime, May does not really feel it, because there is a more exciting attraction at the party - gays.

She is joined by Maayan, who claims to have a gay brother and a lesbian sister, which should give her a leading fan badge in the LGBT community, and yet she also crowns Matan and Guy as if they were a white man in the savannah prairie. How


they are and how much the relationship between them is the only thing that will come out of them from this program.

Until they are allowed to form.Besides, there are also who they are, which is another problem.

May is also troubled by her public appearance, but not necessarily as part of a couple.

"In what world do you work in a chorus and not bring a chorus?", She wears with all her might the only detail anyone remembers about Ben.

I want to catch her, with all the affection in the world - because I really like May, even if I do not call her "my life" a minute into the acquaintance - and remind her that none of these people are really relevant to her life.

My Life.

Couples meeting (Photo: screenshot, from "Wedding at First Sight")

Why put so much effort into liking a random bunch that will disperse a man to his depression at the end of the show?

And besides, who are you trying to impress - Moshe, a man who speaks to himself ninety percent of the time?

Go, be creatures together, who cares about others.

With all the deviations and scratches of each of you, so far, you have managed to build the cutest and funniest relationship of the season.

Maayan and Matan's relationship is also flourishing, but Danny is worried about Ben.

According to Yael, "When Maayan approaches gays, I do not see her moving away from Ben."

After eighty-seven episodes, even she and Danny are dying to close the basta and politically correct left the group.

I'm in Yael's position this time: Ben and Maayan actually look fine, really fine for a change and not a crazy-crazy laugh.

It is precisely among the other couples that the beginning of disintegration is noticeable, which does not prevent Lior from documenting them all in a selfie that looks like future material for an interrogation room.

The first Limor to broadcast distress signals and refuse to touch food, perhaps because she says she is in "such stress" and perhaps because she came to my bat mitzvah buffet.

General tension is starting to rise in the air, but Lior, who came tonight with the clear goal of getting a slap in the face, continues with all his might in the peacock show.

"How are you? We enjoy the whole process," Lior brags to Idit and Rafael.

Come on, Lior.

One, waving at your marital success before Edith and Raphael is like waving at your passerby before Homeless;

Two, you're in the "wedding" - it's not a fox's head, it's a rat's nose;

And three - no one cares.

People who are good to them do not contribute anything to the discourse, and therefore, as Katya understood, their job is to block and contain.


Limor and Liad (Photo: screenshot, Keshet 12)

On the other side of the table, May's compost patties are a surprising success, and Moshe is proud of her again.

This moment could have been sweet if it had not been interrupted by Limor's naive question to Moshe, "Where do you sell me?".

The answer: She and Moshe went out about ten years ago.

Limor-Alek - "I did not remember" - Weinstein, reach out to me immediately.

Maybe you managed to work on Moshe, but not on me.

I know exactly what "I did not remember", I invented the "I did not remember" - and say it only to someone who waved at you in the past.

This incident ended right at the end of the segment presented to us in the promo, but a few questions remained in the air.

For example, how did they meet?

There is no chance that Moshe ever went out to Midburn, and it does not seem to me that she is close enough to his radius to appear on Tinder, since Moshe certainly narrowed the range for women to look at the sun with him in Rabin Square.

Beyond that, what does "we went out" mean?

Once, twice, more?

The people want answers.

I guess this passage is more elaborate than we have seen,

At the end of the missing incident, Limor falls into a pit of feelings of inferiority and the target, understanding and sensitive as ever, supports her as they slip towards the bathroom.

Meanwhile, short power outages begin that leave everyone in the dark, a low-cost atmosphere plunges into the evening and perhaps these are the spirits of Rinat and Daniel who have not yet found rest.

Just in time for a total breakup, Limor finds her outsider sister, May, in the bathroom.

Both of these encounters deserve a stamp: Limor finds someone to fall for with every story of her life, May finds someone to vomit on superlatives like "Princess" and "Brave" and both have not seen enough high school movies to know not to tell secrets in the bathroom - there are always listeners.

According to Limor, she's really not closed on the relationship, and they have a lot of fights and zeros and downs.

This is all true, but soul, who else will be waiting for you so long on a rock outside a public restroom?

Supported and also inherited?

Lifting each other.

Wedding girls (Photo: screenshot, from "Wedding at First Sight")

Meanwhile at the snake table, Katya warms up to Moshe: "Where has your wife gone?".

Believe me, Katya and Lior are so lacking in quarrels that they make up gaps through the other couples.

Maybe one day they will have some action of their own, if Katya finds out, say, that Lior emptied her bank account and leads a double life in Miami, but until then they are feeding on the troubles of others.

Yael is also worried.

According to her, Limor and Mai forgot their spouses, but to May's credit, Moshe also happily replaced her with a pasta salad.

All this does not apply to Liad, who is waiting on the rock alone while Shamai and Limor pass by, a chilling scene in its misery and cutting testimony to Limor's tremendous self-concentration.

Upon their return to the Seder table, the whole family wonders why they disappeared into the bathroom.

God, what could it be?

A hot lesbian affair?

I wish, but you all know that the general sexual tension here tends to s.

The lack of legitimacy for privacy within this encounter is simply not normal.

Even in a flourishing relationship, people are allowed to take some spice, but not in a wedding universe, where every outing to the bathroom entails social involvement at the level of a kibbutz assembly.

Still, they find Liad and Limor a moment to themselves, with a spectacular gaslight on the part of Limor, who suddenly acts as if nothing dramatic happened while she was the drama itself.

All this, of course, in the same whiny and "difficult" tone of a teenager who was dragged on a family trip to Achziv.

"May understand, she sees," Limor continues to sprinkle salt on the wound, suddenly abandoning the man who has been standing next to her for the past three weeks for someone who will probably remember her as "Linor."

A time for the traditional ceremony of gender segregation, everyone disperses to the aid of the men and women and this is Limor's opportunity to ask how the girls are doing to talk about herself.

With this, the sailboat event returned to us, for those who missed it, which immediately swept messages of female empowerment from all sides.

The positive in female dynamics - that she lifts, and the negative in female dynamics - is that she lifts even when she should not.

Of the women, May is the only one who addresses Limor as well as some demand for personal responsibility, a beautiful development for the empowering on the neutral of the evening.



Edith and Raphael (Photo: screenshot, from "Wedding at First Sight")

Liad, on the other hand, suffers from the opposite problem when he takes full responsibility for the injustices of the world and Limor's suffering in particular.

Of course, he can’t do that in the long run, and ends up overflowing with disproportionate explosions.

Liad is aware of this, and therefore also did not trust his intuition when his heart told him to run away, though this time, I would fully support him.

In the separate conversations, the gaps between them stand out, but so does one similarity - they both eat their heads like energy swallows, draining all the attention of the couples' meeting to them.

While Idit compares, as usual, a relationship to a building, something seems to be going through Katya.

Maybe listening to the other couple stories Katya realizes that she has never delved so deeply into the issues between her and Lior, and that it might be really a little crazy to move in with him before they have managed a crisis, difficulty, challenge, something together.

And it's not that they have no challenges, but that Katya and Lior choose to postpone them further, time and time again, until reality strikes them.

The religious-secular gap, for example, will surely meet them later, when Katya will be sober enough to spot mezuzahs at home or when they talk seriously about children.

After ten minutes with the brain grinders known as Limor and Liad they all got some proportions, huddled under the fire.

Moshe also gets a little closer to May, closing her nostrils according to the unique affection ceremony.

Matan and Guy joke about a surrogate pregnancy, Rafael and Idit tower over those around them who need dumb aids like intimacy, Ben re-chooses a narrative in which he actually lights up on a kind (and lights up in the canopy!) And even Limor and Liad return to model relationships, but only on the surface.

Late at night, away from Limor's balance, the target's support group reopens and he returns to voice doubts.

At this point Ben is already exhausted, and goes for the whole truth approach face to face as he closes the scroll on the Lily duo: "You are alone, I feel it is lost." Good night bro.

When the destination walks to the edge of the pier no one has the strength left to keep an eye on it, but there is nothing to do - every couples weekend has a couples night out, and some of us still plan to give at the beginning of the evening.

No names were said, but say, Guy and Matan, whose affairs are finally heating up to the point of "how the hell do people feel comfortable cuddling like that in front of cameras."

Giving euphoria, but as he said himself, Guy overall loves medals.

This weekend he is working to win the Outstanding Couple Medal, and is not even working particularly hard.

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