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The film about Asi Ezer was a show of narcissism and megalomania that deserved to stay among friends - Walla! culture


If Asi Ezer feels comfortable showing a family film in front of all the people of Israel, then who are we to take him down? The question is what made those in charge of the broadcast schedule think there was a justification for broadcasting it at 9pm


The film about Asi Ezer was a show of narcissism and megalomania that deserved to stay among friends

If Asi Ezer feels comfortable showing a family film in front of all the people of Israel, then who are we to take him down?

The question is what made those in charge of the broadcast schedule request to think that there is a justification for broadcasting it at nine in the evening and not wait for example for a "good evening with Guy Pines"

Ben Byron Braude


Tuesday, 28 June 2022, 07:29 Updated: 07:42

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"The Next Star", Asi Ezer and Rotem Sela stretch Ninet Tayeb (Rainbow 12)

A few weeks ago, with the broadcast of the proud wedding episode of "Wedding at First Sight", I was dragged into a debate in principle - whether the very proud broadcast of a prime-time wedding broadcast in Israel is an achievement in itself or whether the grooms selected to participate are important.

Those who claimed that this was an achievement mentioned how far the normalization of the proud community in Israel has come, until the broadcast of a glass-breaking ceremony of two men celebrating their love in front of dozens of guests and family members.

Others and I among them, emphasized the casting of the grooms themselves (Matan and Guy, dentist and accountant) and wondered how much they represent the average gay man watching the show at home and what message he gets from it.

Then came "There's No More Love Like This" by Asi Ezer's film that aired yesterday on Rainbow 12 (produced by Castina Communications and directed by Tzipi Bader) and proved that there are things we can all unite around.

For example, the fact that this film was a personal, narcissistic and megalomaniacal documentary that deserved to remain among friends and family.

Just before I address the film itself, there are a few things that can be agreed upon: Asi Ezer is one of the most popular media people in Israel, with a million followers on Instagram and campaigns that keep him on screen even during commercial breaks, it's hard to think of someone we see more of.

Ezer's husband, the architect Albert Escola, also became a big celebrity with a (joint) campaign for an insurance company, an appearance on reality shows and a regular presence on each other's social networks.

Last March the two announced that they had become parents through a surrogacy procedure in the US and gave birth to their daughter Alex. Now, a little over three months later, we were privileged to see documentation of the first months of Asi, Albert and Alex, .

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Asi and Albert (Photo: screenshot, Keshet 12)

Quite a few interesting and important questions are being asked about the issue of surrogacy, for parents of LGBT people but not only. We all remember how Transport Minister Merav Michaeli who vehemently opposed surrogacy and at the end of last year became a mother herself with her partner The discussion about surrogacy, about the element of physical and economic exploitation that exists in it, is also relevant among same-sex couples, and indeed quite a few choose other models such as co-parenting (establishing a family cell with a mother / couple / other) or adoption (a complex process to almost Impossible in Israel.) In "No More Such Love", Azer and the creators chose to stay away from discussions of principle as much as possible and left us with what seems like a "day in my life" version of a drop of milk.

There is nothing wrong with that and as the ratings data will prove I am sure it also had an audience, but the truth is that when it comes to a personality like Ezer, who already shares her life almost obsessively on Instagram account, it is hard to understand who serves the film other than its creator.

Despite the same promise to get acquainted with the egg donor and surrogate who helped Assi and Albert become fathers, very long minutes are devoted to documenting the luggage packaging, just before the two fly to meet their daughter for the first time.

We also get monologues about each other's childhoods and their fear of the change that parenting will make to their relationship.

When the director asks how they will explain to the girl where the mother is, Asi hurries to declare the question as a perception of straights and ridicules it through his familiar personal charm.

As mentioned, no one here has a head for long and tedious discussions about principles and difficulties but hey, here is the good friend and neighbor towers Rotem Sela wishes a good ride from the door next door.

What fun it is to be a celeb.

Asi Ezer (Photo: screenshot, Keshet 12)

There are also exciting moments in the film.

Or rather, an exciting moment.

This is the moment when Asi and Albert first arrive with Alex in surprise at his parents' house and show them their granddaughter.

It is impossible not to get excited about a grandparent meeting their granddaughter for the first time, even if you are a great cynic like me.

But even there at this moment, it's still hard to understand what this movie was supposed to be.

"When I came out of the closet, there were three things that scared my mother," says Ezer, "that I will die of AIDS, that I will not have a family and that I will have a very difficult life."

When he tells this it can be seen that Azer is proud of himself and what he has achieved in his 43 years and can be understood, but the question is where this self-pampering on the shoulder meets the viewers at home and why it should interest them.

As mentioned, the man has a million followers on Instagram who are exposed to almost every detail in his personal life.

Does this movie reveal anything about the man we did not know before?

And this is perhaps the place to say that help is not the problem here.

A narcissistic media man?

Well, show me that it's not like that.

If he feels comfortable showing a family movie in front of all the people of Israel then who am I to download it.

The question is what made the people in charge of the broadcast schedule think that there was a justification for broadcasting it at nine in the evening and not waiting for example for "Good evening with Guy Pines" who could have summed up the issue under a more appropriate umbrella.

By the way, Keshet also seems to have realized that there is not much meat in the film itself (not to mention a strictly vegan film) because immediately after that, Nadav Bornstein's program broadcast a more principled discussion about the difficulty of proud couples becoming parents.

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