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From Eyal Golan to Gadi Sukenik: The Embarrassing Moments of June 2022 - Walla! culture


Gadi Sukenik and Gil Koptash insisted on becoming the new Garbozim and Nir Barkat dreams of arming all Israelis with weapons. The embarrassing moments of June 2022

From Eyal Golan to Gadi Sukenik: The Embarrassing Moments of June 2022

Gadi Sukenik and Gil Koptash insisted on becoming the new Garbozim, Nir Barkat dreams of arming all Israelis with weapons, and Eyal Golan, Itzik Mordechai and Moshe Katsav are celebrating.

The embarrassing moments of June 2022




Thursday, 30 June 2022, 00:01

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Sukenik Capricorn Day opens (screenshot)

We started this month with the coalition dreaming of carrying at least a few more months, and ended when we were on our way to a fifth round of elections.

In the middle we of course had a sequence of strikes, high temperatures and of course a host of embarrassments.

In the best tradition, it's time to sum up the awkward moments of recent weeks.

In the best tradition, June 2022 did not embarrass the previous months and honored us with a glorious parade of vanity and shame, which includes former presidents, a potential candidate for prime minister, the beloved singer in Israel and what not.

Even Disney Plus, which was supposed to offer a dash of comfort and offer a fresh breeze, turned out to be a bitter disappointment.

So if even Mickey Mouse can't be trusted, it's probably a really deadly summer.

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The film about Asi Ezer was a show of narcissism and megalomania that deserved to stay among friends

To the full article

Is a distinction between football and basketball a legitimate minimum requirement from a sports corner?

Not on Channel 14. At least they differentiate between yellow and red (for now)


Gil Kuptsch ("The Bibists Only Know How to Curse with Spelling Errors") and Gadi Sukenik ("Likud Elected at a Low Level of Intelligence") insist on continuing the tradition of Topaz and Garbuz and falling rural due to Netanyahu's hands and the propaganda machine around him

stubborn person.

Gadi Sukenik (Photo: screenshot, Keshet 13)

Nir Barkat announces his dream of five million Israelis with personal weapons.

If it works so well in America, then why not with us?


An investigation of "Good evening with Guy Pines" reveals that the relaxed conversation between Yael Bar Zohar and Shai Mika about love, marriage and Jewish identity - is actually marketing content to encourage nida and immersion in the mikveh, in return they received payment from a campaign led by Ruthie Leviev-Yelizarov

Disney Plus is finally coming to Israel, but instead of diving into Disney World TV, we get a series of shortcomings and glitches, and the feeling that they are doing us a favor that they have come.

On the other hand, everything is better than the new Netflix series

Disney minus.

Disney Plus app (Photo: ShutterStock)

The Supreme Court justices appointed by Trump retaliate when they implement the ideology of abusing his women and rule against the right to abortion.

The Republicans in Israel are in a hurry to celebrate on Twitter

The Vanabiz in Israel celebrated.

Trump and protesters oppose the ruling (Photo: Reuters)

Eyal Golan celebrates with huge performances at Bloomfield Stadium as if nothing had happened.

The prices at the VIP buffet (a bottle for NIS 1.5,000) are the last of the worries about these shows.

Laughs on the way to the bank.

Eyal Golan (Photo: Aloni Moore)

And in a similar context: the President, the Minister of Defense and the Chief of Staff participate in an event in honor of Itzik Mordechai; Moshe Katsav publishes an autobiography published by Sefri Tzameret without any shame or remorse

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