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After five years of absence, Adele burned London in a perfect show - Walla! culture


The beloved diva returned to the stage in front of tens of thousands of avid fans in Hyde Park. Between moments of mass euphoria and a streak of perfect highs, we were convinced: the world needs more Adele performances

After five years of absence, Adele burned London in a perfect show

You could hear the excitement in the voice of the beloved diva, who returned to the stage in front of tens of thousands of avid fans in Hyde Park.

Between moments of mass euphoria and a streak of perfect highs, we were convinced: the world needs more Adele performances

Ben Byron Braude, London


Sunday, 03 July 2022, 09:46 Updated: 10:11

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Adele performs at Hyde Park London (Photo: Ben Byron)

About 24 hours before she was expected to go up for her planned show at BST Hyde Park in London - the first of two pre-sold shows more than half a year ago - Adele posted photos from her rehearsal room alongside the caption "Who's ready for tomorrow?" On her Instagram account.

If it was any other artist it could be summed up as a simple, perhaps even simplistic, teaser for a spoken word performance.

When it comes to Adele, the answer to the question was much more complex, and if you try to simplify - at that moment tens of thousands of fans said to themselves in their hearts: "I wish you were ready."

It wasn't long before I found out, along with about 65,000 fans who came to her first show in the park, that Adele had arrived ready.

Ooh, how ready.

The show held on Friday night marked almost exactly five years since the last time Adele appeared in front of an audience of ticket buyers.

This happened as part of the tour of the previous and third album in the number, "25", which became known as one of the most successful albums of all time and spawned mega hits like "Hello", "When We Were Young" and more.

That show that took place at Wembley Stadium was not supposed to be the last of the column, but subsequent performances were canceled at the last minute on the grounds of damage to the vocal cords, leaving nearly 200,000 fans disappointed.

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Served on behalf of Shahal

The world needs more of her performances.

Adele (Photo: GettyImages)

And here, the year is 2022, Adele is promoting her fourth and relatively new album, “30,” and the word cancellation is once again hovering like a grand piano over the heads of the unfortunate fans.

If in her previous tour it was possible to understand that Adele had simply exhausted herself physically and possibly even mentally until she was unable to perform, this time the case is completely different.

Although the album was released in November 2021, the performance at Hyde Park is the first time Adele has performed the album's songs in front of an audience that has bought a ticket.

Not that God forbid there were missing interested.

As mentioned, the two shows in the park are sold out from last year and there were also three months of performances in Las Vegas - an event that was canceled at the last minute with a video of Adel the Weeping and when thousands of spectators who came to the first show from all over the world are already there.

There we actually met her for the last time.

Promotion of the new album was stopped, with which the interviews with the media and even the push of more songs from it to the radio stations were stopped.

Who returned to our lives after five years of almost complete silence, in a huge media blitz that included an interview with Oprah Winfrey and two TV appearances to friends and family, back to where she hides between albums.

Much earlier than we expected.

Therefore, the performance in London was not "another" performance by Adele, but a real event in the world of pop, and anyone who visited London last weekend could feel the atmosphere of a holiday.

Hyde Park, which used to host huge artists as part of the BST festival, was filled to capacity, and in the Golden Circle area where tickets sold for around £ 300, people waited from early afternoon to grab a good seat for a show that only started in the evening.

Locations debates here and there seemed as if Justin Bieber and not the most popular singer among white women over the age of 50 would soon take the stage. Rhymes, and immediately after it were heard the words that almost 70,000 people were waiting to hear: "Hello, it's me".

A flood of confetti.

Adele in Hyde Park (Photo: GettyImages)

The roar of the crowd was chilling.

It turns out that even the person responsible for all this rush was excited, because she just stopped singing and announced "I'm so excited to be here", and the marble in her throat sounded good in her voice.

This moment, which might have been a worrying sign to those whose vocal cords had already failed in the past, emphasized that more than the audience was hungry to hear Adele, she was hungry to hear him.

Adele's show is the most grandiose show you will ever see (or vice versa).

In the end this is a live band: guitar, bass, drums, keyboards and backing singers, all talented and appallingly talented.

The video art has been updated since the previous column - but not something you have not seen before.

It has only one element that no one else has and that is its star, the one on whose endless charisma the whole event is based.

If you've seen Adele perform you already know that her warm, rough and powerful voice is only 50% of the business.

Everything else is charisma.

And this charisma has set fire to Hyde Park at such a high intensity that it is fortunate that the British summer is gray with light showers.

Adele, who has undergone an external change in recent years that has drawn no less discourse from her music, has taken over the huge stage of Hyde Park and although dancing is not yet on the agenda, it is moving and more vital than ever.

Peaks also have a hierarchy

Fans of Adele's first and most charming album, "19", were disappointed to find that none of his songs went into the stylist (no, not even "Chasing Pavements").

But the show nonetheless came to promote a new album, and with such a large amount of hits, there was not a moment of silence for an hour and fifty minutes.

Although most of her catalog consists of silent songs ("As you may know I do not have that many bangers"), the performance for more uplifting songs such as "Rumor Has It", "Water Under The Bridge" and later "Send My Love", " "Set Fire to the Rain," and "Oh My God" (which included the closest thing Adele has done to Entz to date), were some of the highlights of the evening.

Her voice has never been as accurate as that of other divas (Celine Dion for example), but the warmth and power brought to the audience without sounding like a shout was no less perfect.

What to do, peaks also have a hierarchy, and Adele has even surpassed these songs.

At one point she reached for the grand piano that suddenly popped up in the center of the catwalk and performed one after the other "Easy On Me", "All I Ask", "Make You Feel My Love" (which would have made Bob Dylan feel proud) and "Someone Like You "(which she rightly described as a life-changing character).

This stage was perfect not only thanks to the sequence of modern classics, but mainly because she seemed to have done what awaited him most of all - talked to the audience.

"Anyone here celebrating anything?", She asked in what might have seemed like a mock curiosity, and immediately moved on to look deep into the audience and look for interesting answers.

A young woman who said she had just turned 18 was cheated on by Adele, who told the audience that although she failed in most professions she "came out quite a spin".

Drift the park into a magical world of banks.

Adele Blonoden (Photo: GettyImages)

There was also a likable gimmick in which she fired signed shirts with banknotes at the audience.

The rest of the time she showed off the football socks (Tottenham, of course) she wore under the dramatic black and silver evening gown, drank tea, chatted about the last season of "Strange Things" and Billy Aylish's show she went to with her son last week ("I'm so glad she His model ").

There was also a shutout to her best friend from Los Angeles, April, to whom she dedicated "Hold On," one of the standout songs from the last album under proper management would surely have become a single.

Time passed very quickly and Adele did not get off the stage for a moment, stopping mainly to move the security guards towards the audience when she saw cases of fainting.

After an equally perfect performance of "Rolling in the Deep" and "When We Were Young", the evening closes with the last song on "30" - "Love is a Losing Game", which swept the entire park to a magical world of fairy tales with the orchestral sound His rich.

When will we see her again?

There is no knowing.

The Las Vegas show that promised to be rescheduled is still in unclear status and no further dates for the column have been released.

In her closing remarks, just before stinging the residents of the sleazy neighborhoods around Hyde Park because of which she had to finish before 11pm so as not to make a fuss, Adele said she always very much enjoys performing, but forgets it between shows and creates performance anxiety for herself.

It's hard to argue with feelings like anxiety but the world needs more of Adele's performances.

Such moments of mass euphoria are a rare commodity these days, and like the names of her albums we too are not getting younger.

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