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Yesterday we finally understood: if it weren't for "Khatunmi", Ben would have thrown Maayan in a WhatsApp message - Walla! culture


Moshe's surprising sentence against May, Guy's game of giving, Rafael's tiredness testifying - and Ben's escape from Maayan. Ophir Sagersky closes another episode of Wedding at First Sight

Yesterday we finally understood: Had it not been for "Khatunmi", Ben would have thrown Maayan in a WhatsApp message

Moshe's surprising sentence against May, Guy's game of giving, Rafael's tiredness testifying - and Ben's escape from Maayan.

Ophir Sagersky closes another episode of Wedding at First Sight

Ofir Sagarsky


Sunday, 03 July 2022, 09:58 Updated: 09:59

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We signed with Mano Cohen and Liron Paz (Sheee system)

At least 30 redundant groups have the average person on WhatsApp, but the most redundant of them is undoubtedly "hamsa signers".

This opened following the couples' weekend, an event after which no one wants to keep in touch with the other, including the couple. That is precisely why I am dying to be there - who do you think participates in it? And most importantly, who came out of it demonstratively first? So to the destination, they both returned after everyone was called to encourage them in private.

Yoo right sorry.

Liad and Limor (Photo: screenshot, from "Wedding at First Sight")

Limor and Liad

On the way home, Lily finally talks about the toilet in the room. I mean, Liad speaks, and Limor apologizes with laughter that makes the apology more insulting than the insult itself

. Of steadfastness in the face of her fit of laughter, but enough for Limor to open the sun visor for him in the car for him to spill, "Wow, thank you, I really appreciate it, wow." And also, sorry I made you apologize.

NCO Experience. Matan and Guy (Photo: screenshot, Keshet 12)

Guy and Matan

If you were wondering who opened the nightmare group on WhatsApp - then this is Matan, our experienced NCO for this evening, who admittedly feels particularly close to others (sort of) but a thousand light-years away from his partner Guy, despite the advanced flirtation he displayed for the cameras.

And maybe "cameras" is the key word.

Between the prison walls of the passenger vehicle, catches a gym class to confront Guy once and for all with the question of attraction.

But Guy, a great deceiver, buys time with with repeating the things of giving.

The method is simple, and goes like this: If Matan says, for that matter, "I'm starting to get a little scared, because I'm asking myself where it's going," Guy will answer, "Actually, it's the fear."

But this time Matan does not give up, and Guy defends himself, "But it's clear that I have attraction and fun and I enjoy it."

In this chapter we find many similarities between Guy and Matan, all of which are the result of the fear of harming Master Dosh.

One of her symptoms, is to say "clear that" about really unclear things.

for example,

According to Guy, the vision for attraction is his willingness to touch giving, because if he had not been attracted at all he would have made him a myrtle, season 4. But there is no situation that Guy was able to behave like that, public visibility is too important to him and the truth is probably somewhere in the middle. What, as it is possible can be drawn to everything to some extent, even to a chair, if one really makes an effort.

But not enough.

Add to that the longing for a relationship that Guy feels, no matter how sour faces Danny makes with his hands clasped - and you've got a full turn-off for Guy.

With these shining energies they return home, on the face of it order is restored and Guy measures the beret of Matan in what develops into a rookie scene from the yellow recordings section.

But here comes a Skype call with Ora, Guy's mother, and everything is floating again.

Laughter aside, Guy’s openness with his mom is pretty amazing, and also pretty amazing that he didn’t copy her into other relationships in his life.

Already released Mom Ora and talking to your partner, she just wanted to order a khomin on Saturday.

Kicks from life.

Lior and Katia (Photo: screenshot, from "Wedding at First Sight")

Edith and Raphael

Still drunk from their status among the oppressed and the oppressed, Edith and Raphael are proud of themselves that they do not need silly gestures like the other couples.

For example, upload photos to Instagram or express feelings or say whole sentences to each other in sequence.

Yael is already tired of them, after all she has been watching loops in the opening scene of a traditional patriotic porn movie for a month without progressing to the hot part.

In the private conversations, Idit says that she "does not feel enough."

Did you catch on?

What a theft they did to us at the couples meeting.

They sold us simplicity, authenticity, stability and everything that smells of Shabbat challah, but below the surface - the house falls apart.

Sometimes women develop emotions through the body, and hence the bitter end of many of the heterogeneous frenzy relationships.

Idit Maga can do quite well, and in her delicate way she tells Yael that she was happy for sexy time with Rafael, but is waiting for him to take the initiative.

Raphael is waiting like her, both because he is the cutest in men, and also because I feel he needs exactly the opposite process.

To open up physically he needs an emotional connection, and Idit doesn’t really allow them to go deep with her drying machine.

Does not allow.

Edith and Raphael (Photo: screenshot, from "Wedding at First Sight")

In turn, Raphael says he also got tired.

In my opinion, after winning applause for his rowing at the couples meeting it cost him a bit, and he realizes that there are more options out there, some will even touch him voluntarily.

But more than Raphael, tired of Idit

, he is tired of Yael, so, in the end, a weak agreement is released from him to continue looking for access to this IDF bunker. Until now, she has not really been interested in why no one in his family came and what


knocked him out so much, but finally something catches her attention, and what is it if not Raphael's exemption from the army.

, And Idit admires. Between us, there is nothing that makes women hornier than a closed man with a painful life story, especially if it includes a criminal rehab. In one person.

Maayan and Ben

Ben's spoken flight is approaching.

Maayan convinces herself that the longing will bring them closer, but everyone who went out with a confused Tel Avivian knows that the exact opposite is true: a flight abroad is a refuge for those who are afraid of commitment, and a perfect catalyst for WhatsApp. That's how the relationship would end, but unfortunately for Ben he must continue to meet Maayan face - to - face

to prepare the ground. Packs the fears alongside the chorus on the way to New York. 'His Ross mentions oblivion from employment fairs at the Kibbutzim Seminary.

The way there he documents more of his relationship with Maayan, including moving pictures of a conveyor belt.

Occasionally he also calls to update on touching insights such as "I ate too much sugar," because he really hasn't contributed his body image for a long time, and "I'm really in love, you know. In love with New York."

But Maayan is so obscured by the love and character she built for her about a son that she manages to miss it all.

Chances are she would not have noticed even if he had been separated from her, because Ben comes out of the conversation with a completely different conclusion: "I'm fine alone."

Sorry, son, but this is not wisdom when you're in New York.

Give me a vacation in New York and it's good for me alone, together or on a class trip with Hamas youth.

He says he misses a bit, but also enjoys being alone - a situation that sounds like the ideal to me, but the wheels of anxiety are already sparks in his mind.

More on Walla!

It's time to keep a little inside: Ben's unnecessary question in "Hatonami"

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Enjoying alone.

Ben (Photo: Screenshot, from "Wedding at First Sight")

"I know that a son also has feelings - but it's hard for him to say that," Maayan tells herself and her cousin.

Throughout the season, Maayan consistently chose not to refer to Ben's words - but only to deeds.

In my opinion she is wrong, because words are important, and the very gap between them and reality alone should light a red light.

But a kind of champion in the embellishment of reality, and able to see even in the nickname "coupe" evidence of true love.

Next - "he told me to fly out of his life, but meant to say 'I fly over you, life'".

Beneath the surface her confidence erodes, and in their last conversation she approaches the target: "Do you miss?".

"Once again you want to hear the obese," Ben does to her.

This time Maayan wants answers, because with all due respect to the support calls every night, this is not ARN's support line.

"There's something that makes me happy to be back, and that's me coming back to see you," Ben finally admits.

To the cameras he grumbles, "Why put me in this corner?", But my dear son, there are corner moments in a relationship.

Especially at a time when one is still wondering about the very existence of the relationship.

Ben is disappointed that Maayan does not support him, as if she did not stand there by his side for a series of empty conversations and supported him on the very flight alone during the filming, a support that is also not self-evident.

A kind of unaware of the movies that go through his mind, because despite the sincerity they boast about, Ben does not tell her the whole truth.

The truth is, he has anger towards her.

According to his point of view, "takes him time", and his right.

But that does not mean she has to sit and wait, and her right to demand answers.

Even if those answers hurt her.

What to do, relationships are not choruses, and they too are bursting with calories.

A relationship is not a chorus.

Maayan and Ben (Photo: screenshot, from "Wedding at First Sight")

May and Moses

During the couples meeting, Moshe managed to turn Edith and Rafael into his role models, and now, on the way home, he uses comparisons to them to express his frustration with May.

Has anyone sprayed here against cockroaches?

Because something smells toxic.

In the corresponding car, as is well known, our conversation between Edith and Rafael is exactly where, but Moshe was only exposed to the image of the winning team that they presented to the shores of the Sea of ​​Galilee.

How easy it is to envy the façade of a couple you have known for two days.

This is exactly Moshe's problem with May as well, by the way: he flew over it as long as he did not really know it, and could have painted it in his imagination as some sublime muse, singing a hymn to her character about every carton of soy she went to buy at the supermarket.

From the moment he discovered that she was a human being, and therefore also contained flaws and shortcomings, he went on to lose it.

Moshe does not understand what May wants from him and so do many of the viewers, because he feels that he compliments her all the time.

But if you notice, he says most of the compliments about her behind her back, not in her face.

In practice, she does not receive much evidence from him of love for her, what is more, Moses does not excel in the field of physical affection.

Something in him might feel so creepy.

Double conflict.

Moshe and Mai (Photo: screenshot, from "Wedding at First Sight")

The conflict between them is the classic marital conflict between the need for freedom and the need for security.

This is seen in both Guy and Matan and Ben and Maayan, and neither of them will be able to overcome the gap until the two sides respect each other's needs.

This means that everyone is required to come towards the other, but it takes time to stabilize in the status quo.

Until the unwritten legislation between spouses is established, what I call the "battle for home" takes place, and May and Moses are at this point.

The ideal is to get to the estate, where you put up with the socks he leaves in the living room, and he, in return, is willing to pick them up after you wake him up for the third time;

He agrees with your dispersal, and agrees to start working with a diary;

You reconcile with his nomads, and he agrees to warn before they are distributed, and so on.

On the goat's couch, Moshe is seen when he first manages to grasp this complexity, in the simple words, "I see that you too are facing difficulties."

This may sound marginal, but for Moshe - to be able to see May even in his frustration, it's a huge step.

They just need a couple escort at any given moment, and everything will be fine.

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