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"Sorry, I realized where I was wrong": The singer of "White Screen" refers for the first time to the claim that he was sexually harassed - Walla! culture


After the "White Screen" performance at the Indingev Festival was canceled yesterday after allegations were made that the singer allegedly sexually harassed a woman in a bar, he wrote a post in which he explained that he had undergone a correction process

"I apologize, I realized where I was wrong": The White Screen singer refers for the first time to a claim that he sexually harassed

After the "white screen" performance at the Indingev Festival was canceled yesterday after allegations were made that the singer, Gabriel Broyd, allegedly sexually harassed a woman in a bar in Jerusalem, Broyd wrote a long post in which he said he underwent a correction process in which he met the woman and closed a circle with her.

"The culture of cancellation leads to fear"




Monday, 04 July 2022, 13:50 Updated: 14:09

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Following a protest by surfers, the performances of musician Atar Meiner and the band "The White Screen" at the Indingev Festival were canceled last night.

This is after allegations were made about two years ago that Meiner allegedly abused a woman with whom he had an affair, and that the members of the "white screen" allegedly sexually harassed another woman in Jerusalem.

Today (Monday), the lead singer of the "White Screen" band, Gabriel Broyd, addressed the allegations for the first time.

In a long post he posted on Facebook, he said that he met with the same woman who raised the allegations against him, closed a circle with her - and that he apologizes to any other person who was harmed by him.

"I want to address the things that have been written about me and the white screen in recent days," Broyd wrote.

"Two years ago, a response was published to a post linking my name and the name of the band to an incident that happened several years ago at a bar in Jerusalem.

That night I spoke in a disgusting way and behaved inappropriately towards someone sitting in the place.

Behavior that I regret and that I am ashamed of.

I admit that at first I was in shock, I was not aware that I could hurt another person so much.

I have always been close to many women, and it has always been important to me that women be a part of my work and events I have curated.

"It sent me to a long period of learning, convergence, thoughts and an in-depth examination of where I went wrong, where I did not see the other side and where I hurt. I tried to think about the culture we grew up in, the super problematic norms we were raised in, and the environment I live in today. , Which is still far from being a safe place for women. I do not throw responsibility for that period, culture or norms. In the end a man is responsible for his actions.

This significant process led me to write a message to the person who wrote the things, to apologize to her, take responsibility and try to correct.

"To my delight she generously agreed to meet me and after a meaningful conversation, in which I also learned and understood things about myself, we managed to reach reconciliation and closing the circle. I received her blessing to share these things. So why have I not said anything to date? I did not post it on Facebook And I felt that. And I never asked her to publish anything on her behalf. I thought it was the right thing for everyone involved, and would allow us all to move on. Even when friends turned and wanted to write something on their behalf I asked quietly. Normal - and maybe I was wrong there too.


After the post was published, I left the city where I lived for a long time.

The band, the enterprise of my life, and the life of my brother Gilbert who was not present at all at that place that evening, stopped its activities for a long time, and since then has not actually returned to full activity.

The names of girlfriends and band members have been tarnished.

Friends of years turned their backs and ran away from the story and from us.

Occasionally, ugly, insulting, offensive words pop up on the net that largely erase my right to exist and charge me an endless price.

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The white screen (Photo: Walla! NEWS system, Gaia Saadon)

"God forbid I do not want to be approached but on the contrary - I want to take advantage of this place first of all to apologize and forgive anyone who has ever been hurt by me, in any way or way," Broyd added and wrote.

"In the end, I'm just a person who tries and wants to do only good. And like everyone else - sometimes wrong and big. But I'm also always willing to accept criticism and get better. Hear if I was wrong and do everything but really all I can to improve and correct as much as possible. Never just songs, music and love that will bring people together.From a huge respect and appreciation for women, men and every man wherever he is.I have no doubt that writing this exposed post goes against the advice of people smarter than me, but it is still important for me to make my voice heard.

"I wish for the days when we will be able to develop a more complex discourse, we will know how to differentiate between actions in different severity and levels, there is also room for healing and correction so that we can all live in a slightly healthier, safer society." It's hard to be brave and rewarding to take risks, grow and develop. "

About two years ago, a Facebook surfer named "Rio de Lush" claimed that members of the "white screen", and especially the singer Gabriel Broyd, had sexually harassed her at the "Caste" bar in Jerusalem.

"At first there were just 'a glass of' come here 'sentences, laughs at my name of course that went on to' what feet 'and remarks about my appearance. 'Prove not', 'Let's lie down', 'Why don't we go up for sex now.' Yes ​​Yes shouting in front of everyone Of the boys in front of everyone in the bar square. I ignored. From there it deteriorated and continued to a situation where one of the guys pulled the chair I was sitting on and "placed"

Me in front of all his zero friends who grinned at how I look and don't flow to go up with him for sex at my house (because I lived above).

There was extensive talk about my legs and ass because I was wearing shorts (in August alas).

"I felt humiliated and mostly in the market. I did not know how to react and did not want to ruin the 'atmosphere' but it got to an awkward and really unpleasant situation that one of the bar owners at one point awkwardly asked the 'leader' of the group Mr Jingilla Broyd to get off me nicely and the evening went on. They laughed and streamed to another thing as a nonchalant. Everyone ignored, I did not expect not because it was a known thing and their constant repression. "Sex in public as part of his endless repression with his bandmates."

His appearance was also canceled.

Atar Meiner (Photo: Meirav Ben Lulu)

Indingev people posted a message on their Facebook page last night that read: "We took a moment to answer to examine the facts and respond to things in a considered manner. A very important discussion has taken place here and we have no interest in silencing it, on the contrary. To the table and ignore on the one hand but also with accuracy in details and truth as it is.However, it is also important to say that there were a lot of inaccuracies in the way things are presented, this discourse degenerates too quickly into resolute and vociferous discourse, where things quickly get out of context This is not the way we think.

"We update that in recent days we have had conversations with the artists and decided that the performances in question will not take place at this year's festival. "We have never had a drop of tolerance for violence of any kind, as evidenced by the tens of thousands of people who have spent time in Indingev over the past 15 years. We are actively working to allow audiences a safe space to dive into music all these years."

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