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It was an amazing moment. Thanks to him, we received the first proof that Lior and Katya are human - Walla! culture


Ben must perform in a relationship with a kind of euthanasia she craves; Edith pampers Rafael in a B&B and makes other charming romantic gestures

It was an amazing moment.

Thanks to him, we received the first proof that Lior and Katya are human

Ben must perform in a relationship with a kind of euthanasia she craves;

Edith pampers Rafael in a B&B and makes more charming romantic gestures;

And May loves Moshe too much to notice the hot-cold game he plays.

Ofir Sagersky closes another episode of "Khatunami"

Ofir Sagersky


Thursday, 07 July 2022, 09:09 Updated: 09:27

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We signed with Mano Cohen and Liron Paz (Sheee system)

Otto The finish line, a week for decisions and therefore only about eighty-five more episodes.

This season could not always have been watched without the help of radical stimulants, but in this episode - everything happened.

"The episode where everything happens, but we are not allowed to say anything about it," he called it a lousy marketing tactic.

Too bad for the promo editor, because this is about the only episode where highlights could be found without a magnifying glass.

Ben and Maayan

Some kind of waited for Ben to come home.

Ben had already forgotten her scent, but for her that too, like everything in the world, was a sign that Ben missed her.

She continues to plant this message in his mind in the Illuminati method, and in part it affects.

According to Ben, he gave her a "miss of miss," though I saw here a kindergartener pushing a toddler smeared with ketchup.

To be honest Ben did miss a bit, but not too much, and certainly not more than how much he loves New York or drying up.

He is also right that a kind of puts words in his mouth, but in order for you to stop doing that he has to start working on producing words himself, and ones that have meaning and content.

She deserves answers;

Yes or no answers, and enough with the cowardly intermediate stuttering.

To the bystander, these twists and turns are enough to say "throw it away," but in the words of playwright and actress Oren Dickman, a member of the vibrant WhatsApp group "Wedding Sages": "Falling in love is a psychotic state."

Unfortunately, Ma'ayan is in it and she needs a "no" ringing ring to stop hanging hopes on "yes".

Ben has a responsibility to take the reins, and perform in this relationship the euthanasia she craves as if she were May's patient.

Maayan's blindness to reality can be treated with forgiveness, but Danny - that's the real disappointment.

Until he has a chance to save Maayan from the pit he throws her back inside, encouraging her to continue to settle for the crumbs Ben gives her and they are not even Chorus's.

Miss a hug.

Ben VeMa'ayan (Photo: screenshot, Keshet 12)

"Why do I have to say I missed you?", Ben asks as if sent to think about his actions in the room.

But wait, hence the level of mental maturity only drops in grades.

First of all, he says he did miss sometimes, and did not want to say.

Then, he seriously asks why a spouse can not accept him as his mother.

Is there a red light from this?

I find it hard to believe that a son really does not understand the difference between a spouse and a mother, but to be on the safe side, we will explain here just as the difference between a dog and a child was explained in May: Your mother must accept you for all your shortcomings. You need to fund sheltered housing, and 3.

You share DNA with her.

Her biology wires her to love you just as every person loves Nadio.

Kind of not.

"When were you bent over?" Danny wondered, and from Ben's look in prison, but the shaky answer: he was in a difficult relationship.

To his sense, apparently, he is the only one who has ever had it happen to him.

What Ben does not know is that most of us share the same trauma, and we all came out with the conclusion that they will not bend us anymore.

Most of us have a laid back attitude when it comes to painting a picture about ourselves.

In the joint meeting, Ben asks to express feelings of "basa" without harming Maayan.

In my opinion, Maayan could have contained his wonderful bassa if only he had balanced it even in occasional positive messages, backed by sincere feelings.

But as Ben himself told her during the conversation, he is not in love with her at the intensities she would like.

Somehow, this message is buried under further talk by Ben about himself and his needs and Danny who continues to fiddle about the potential and beauty in the relationship.

After an hour of gaslighting in a surround sound system, kind of squeezed out to say that something deep in her stomach just feels wrong to her.

Through the closed eyes one can see her soul leaving the sky, but somehow they both manage to miss it and sum up over her head another successful encounter.

At this point Ben notices that Maayan is not quite with him, but tonight he learned a thing or two about romance, and he pulls out the magic word: "monkey."


Ben (Photo: Screenshot, Rainbow 12)

May and Moses

Unlike Maayan, May does not even expect to hear that Moshe missed her, it is enough for him to miss Ray.

I mean, really, enough.

I do not know what this dog put in their drink, but people are sucked into it until they lose consciousness.

When Moshe jokes with her about joint custody, the smile is already falling from her face, and she realizes that she was ostracized from the trio that she herself initiated.

"I saw a stunning fox tattoo," May brings a competitor to the dog, and Moshe: "Where do we get with the tattoos?".

To remind you, this is a man who was offended by a cold reaction to his new hair roller.

She replies with a laugh that will tattoo "Moshe" on herself, joke joke laugh laugh, but beneath the plasters of their jokes lies the great rift between them.

She jokes about a relationship, he jokes about a breakup.

So far we have been talking about dehydration, but from now on - a show of chilling narcissism.

During the fox tattoo, Moshe approached the tattoo artist and asked her to tattoo "M&M" on himself, that is, the first letters of their names.


Well, I think to myself, the man married a foreign woman on TV, what is it already an ink scar on the skin versus scars on the psyche.

But then the big joke of the episode is revealed - Moshe worked on them!

Man, what a letz.

Did you think I really loved you that much?

No way!

Joint custody.

Moshe and Mai (Photo: screenshot, Keshet 12)

But what's really troubling is that at the end of this cruel trolling, May spared the tattoo more than herself.

The tattooist does not really care, she's going to get rid of this walking dad's joke in just a moment, but May is the one to come home with him.

And like the kind of blinded son, May also loves Moshe too much to notice the hot-cold game he plays, playing with the anxieties he sows in her mind like a cat playing with a cockroach.

Sometimes he talks about love so much that an appraiser mistakenly thinks he means it personally, but in my opinion, he mostly enjoys hearing himself in Shakespearean reflections on love in the mirror of hot dogs with sauerkraut.

Similar and get along.

Edith and Raphael (Photo: screenshot, Keshet 12)

Edith and Raphael

Yael's inapplicable advice to Idit and Rafael, to be less light-hearted than they are, continues to resonate in a conversation with friends at home.

Not only is there no point in messing with it - it's not the point either.

Idit and Raphael's problem is the lack of sexual or romantic chemistry, and that's it.

They are really similar and get along, which is great material for good friends or do you know what?


If you were wondering what to do with "shared values", this is exactly it - and they will surely do it great.

Maayan and Matan should also let go of the format and start focusing on the real potential that this program has given them.

But Edith does not give up.

She decides to take it upon herself to warm up the atmosphere on a hot evening that begins with cleanliness, continues with a shared viewing of sports and can only end in Wanzi.

To Raphael's credit it must be said that he must keep his strength, for tomorrow is a "half iron man" competition, and this is his first time.

We had never seen him get so excited before, including at his own wedding.

Edith is also excited, doubtful of the class, doubtful of the pompous hotel, and under the vapor of alcohol she feels that they have progressed, but I hear here only in Tisha in Prindson.

And yet there is something cute about them, like eighties jokes shared about women handcuffing their husbands.

This is tragic, because they are meant to share together three pilot children named Yuval, Peleg and Yam and maybe also a house in Modiin, but a bed, not sure.

More on Walla!

Yesterday we finally understood: had it not been for "Khatunmi", Ben would have thrown Maayan in a WhatsApp message

To the full article

get excited.

Rafael (Photo: screenshot, Keshet 12)

Morning Raphael's big day arrives, or rather early in the morning.

Too early to get up, certainly for sports, certainly and certainly to encourage those who perform it - but Edith, a woman of valor, does.

Maybe it’s not as romantic as a hot dog with sauerkraut, but adorable.

And she does not just arrive, but flutters between the points on the track, cheering, shouting.

I do not know why, but Superman came up with it much earlier - men in tights do something for us.

After the finish line they are only asked to fly to take these tights back to the hotel, but instead they sit down to talk about Rafael Haska's hardships.

This is Idit's moment to make a move, and she is indeed on her way, with the "Champion" medal she prepared ahead of time, three exclamation marks.

Terribly cute, mother to die for.

"Edith," I want to shout to the screen, "it's time to concentrate, we have no time for Shoshana Garden gestures."

But Idit is more sophisticated than I am and she prepared a surprise for Rafael in the form of a B&B, "to be pampered."

And what is there in the pampering B&B?

Wine and Jacuzzi, a sure recipe for a hot night or to be realistic, in the case of Edith and Raphael, a clumsy lip flick.

But no and no, not even that fell on our part, because they end the night with Edith's hoodie trick, which protects her from direct contact with a pillow.

They will never lie down.

Baby carriage.

Katya and Lior (Photo: Screenshot, Keshet 12)

Katya and Lior

At the end of an eternal night shift, Lior is sure it's the right time to wish to see Katya "with a baby stroller, shed but a lioness."

Thank you Mami, chronic fatigue for you too.

It seems to me that their relationship is working because Katya is always too tired or drunk for a fight, but here, this episode happens for the first time.

Meanwhile, they still enjoy the sweetness of the bubble, playing card games, which are used in a "wedding" universe more than in any possible reality.

Either Lior and Katya are sticky enough to make it rewarding for the fun, or even the production realized that the season is over and urgently needs to promote drama here.

Either way it also comes down to idyllic boredom, aside from Katya, and mine too, wondering why she's the only one answering questions here.

The answer is, of course, that if Lior starts answering questions he may reveal his true identity.

This is the 34th day of their Sims relationship, and Lior, Mary Toppins' tireless bag of romantic gestures, pulls out sushi this time by surprise.

Katya is excited because she still does not know that everything is a gift from her bank account, but here it comes - a first crack in the relationship.

It all starts around a conversation about the famous wedding nida tradition, in which Katya and Lior will be forced to separate for almost three days in order to think and make a decision - to stay or go.

Katya is not happy, Lior actually thinks it's cool and we all including Katya are shocked to find out that he has an independent opinion.

Katya's familiar laughter turns into a nervous tractor situation, and she says she's the last to tell Lior what to choose or feel, but that's exactly what she does.

This moment is no less amazing, and through it we discover how unaccustomed Lior and Katya are to a couple reality that is slightly more complex than clouds of cotton candy and flying unicorns.

Here for the first time one of them expresses a need for separateness - sorry, not even a need, but coming to terms with the situation - and boom.

All the walls we built around them are collapsing at once.

It's good that it happened to them, because more than surviving three days apart, it's important to survive a first fight together.

I actually calmed down: the episode got my first proof that Lior and Katya are human.

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