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Optimal use of air conditioning in the car: You should avoid these mistakes


Air conditioning in the car is a nice thing in summer. But you should make her work a little easier when the outside temperatures are hot. 

Air conditioning in the car is a nice thing in summer.

But you should make her work a little easier when the outside temperatures are hot. 

  • When outside temperatures rise in summer, motorists are particularly pleased to have air conditioning in their vehicle.

  • It doesn't matter whether the cooling function is manual or automatic: Ideally, it ensures pleasant temperatures in the interior. 

  • But what is the best way to use them?

    And what should you avoid?

Use air conditioning in the car correctly: Don't leave your car in the sun

The less the car can be heated up by the sun, the less the air conditioning has to cool it down again.

If you can, park your car in a garage or under a carport so that it is protected from direct sunlight as much as possible.

On the way, it is best to look for a shaded parking space.

If there is none, it helps to protect the windshield and side windows with a film or blinds.

Leather seats, steering wheel and dashboard are best covered with a light-colored towel;

so they don't heat up as quickly. 

Air the car briefly before continuing your journey

If a car is left in the sun for a long time, it quickly reaches 70 degrees and hotter inside.

In order to get the shimmering air out of the car quickly, all windows are rolled down if possible.

The easiest way to do this is if the windows can be lowered simultaneously by pressing and holding the key remote control.

However, this does not work with all cars; if in doubt, a look at the operating instructions will help.

If there is no electric assistance, you wind down the windows.

Alternatively or additionally, you open all doors, the tailgate and, if available, the sunroof.

Then you have to wait a few seconds before continuing.

Air conditioning in the car: What you should consider while driving

Once the heat build-up in the vehicle has escaped, all bulkheads must be sealed again.

If it is still very hot in the interior, this means hard work for the air conditioning system.

To make her work easier, the blower is set to circulating air.

As a rule, there is a special button for this, which shows a stylized car with a rotating arrow inside.

This means that no new heat gets into the vehicle.

After a while, however, it is advisable to switch back to fresh air supply so that the oxygen content does not drop too much.

After driving off, the controls of a manual air conditioning system are set to the minimum temperature.

However, only briefly, so that the interior cools down quickly.

An automatic climate control usually cools down with maximum performance.

The ventilation fan should be directed so that the cool drafts of air do not hit the eyes or the neck directly. 

Warning lights in the car and what they mean

Warning lights in the car and what they mean

Why you shouldn't set the air conditioner too cold

The temperature differences between inside and outside should not be too high.

If you cool your vehicle down to freezer temperature, you risk catching a cold.

Experts recommend a maximum difference of around six degrees between outside and inside.

To compensate, you can set the fan to the highest value.

The draft then cools like a fan.

When it smells

If instead of fresh air there is a musty stench in the interior, it is more likely not due to the failing deodorant of an occupant.

Rather, it is likely due to a lack of maintenance of the air conditioning system.

This should be checked regularly and the cabin filter should be changed.

This prevents the air conditioning system from becoming a slingshot.

An air conditioner should be switched on for at least ten minutes even if the temperature is not summery, so that the cooling system remains operational.

You can find out how else you can keep your car air conditioning fresh by following this link.

(Elfriede Munsch/SP-X)

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