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"Big Brother": OK Sherin, we understand your pathology - you only want the unattainable - voila! culture


No one believes in Moshe's crush on Sharin, but I remain open to the possibility that it is real. If only because if he plays - he is the best Israeli player of all time

"Big Brother": OK Sherin, we understand your pathology - you only want the unattainable

No one believes in Moshe's crush on Sharin, but I remain open to the possibility that it is real.

If only because if he plays - he is the best Israeli player of all time.

Sherin's point is clear.

Be a cool Tel Avivian single for two years and free us from these boring conversations

Karin Arad


Monday, 08 August 2022, 10:24 Updated: 10:29

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The big brother, Margie (Photo: Network 13)

So who is more handsome?

Amos Tamm, Aviv Elosh, Margi or Idan Amadi?

This was the most interesting conversation that took place in the "Big Brother" house in the eviction episode, which promised greatness and sieges and in the end freed us from Dana, which is actually not considered an eviction at all, because who cares?

In fact, this elimination left the house exactly as it was when she was in it, because come on - Dana, whose episode was the first time I saw her do something that proved she was human, was nobody's business.

Poor thing, got into a fight over the line in the showers, and everyone who stood up for her was Barr, one of my favorite characters, if only because her Hursting Beach face is the best thing I've seen in years.

So Dana spoke logically - because between us, running to the shower is really stupid and childish, and it's better to make a list.

But try to tell Riva something she doesn't want to hear, we'll see you don't cry later.

The problem is that when Dana cries, her tears wash over her upper lip, which is a small terrace (truly, whoever did her lips needs to recalculate her career path).

devoid of social intelligence.

David Mebashel, "The Big Brother" (Photo: screenshot, Network 13)

And if we're talking about the postponements that won't feel like they happened, almost all of the second entry - David, Lia, Dror and Dana, as far as I'm concerned, can turn around and leave as they entered, and it won't add to the narrative, won't take away from the narrative, or change anything in the house, except for budget interest that will deduct eight tons of flour from them .

Come on, this uncle.

What a dull man with no social intelligence, and how obsessed with these strange stews he makes.

On the one hand, he uses any product at hand indiscriminately and throws it into water mixed with soup powder, and on the other hand, he uses anything he finds, including chicken bones, which are known to not be rich in flavor or bone marrow, as if we are in the period of austerity.

It's a good thing the laundry room was closed when Hela prepared the appetizing stew "red water with pieces of chick floating on it like scales", otherwise he would have accidentally put Talia's thong in there, and on her birthday.

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"I ride the wave of success with joy. If I get tired, I will surely find another beach"

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The house remains as it was.

Dana, "The Big Brother" (Photo: screenshot, Network 13)

Resting Beach Pace.

Bar on the left, "The Big Brother" (Photo: screenshot, Network 13)

For Talia and Sheaf, who are celebrating adjacent birthdays now, there was a wave of soul-searching.

It turns out that Shefah is too old to fight over meatballs in the "Big Brother" house, as Marina bothered to point out without anyone asking her.

The statement reminded the seagull that he is not perfect even though he tries his best to be, because it turns out that Marina is wary of him now, after realizing that he can get angry.

This unnecessary conversation brought us a wave of classic seagull digs.

The mere fact that it came out of Marina's mouth, who doesn't say anything useful with a gun to a softie, and that she has no problem being friends with the other nerve bulbs in the house - Kazem, Bar and Riva - did not change his need to take advantage of the opportunity to occupy himself a little more.

Instead of realizing that he was talking to a resurrected cartoon character, for some reason he decided to listen to her, take offense at her, and play polo with Sharin - his wife at home.

I love Shaf - he's a good guy, full of potential, if only he would drop this self-righteousness like a hot potato that makes him judge himself so harshly - I don't fully believe him when he gets worse with himself - every time like this there is a scent of over-preoccupation with himself , one that I see in many men at these ages.

They think that if they don't get their head out of their own ass it will make them more complex and interesting.

Well, it's not, and I'd like to see Seagull loosen up a bit and take himself a little less seriously.

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Diane in her first reaction: "I never intended to hurt anyone"

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moments of yes.

Moshe and Talia, "The Big Brother" (photo: screenshot, Network 13)

Speaking of complexity, the tenant I like the most from the second entrance is actually Moshe.

Listen, I know no one believes this crush of his on Sherin, but I remain open to the possibility that it is real.

If only because if he plays - he is the best Israeli actor of all time, and in this case someone will cast him as "Maniac", or alternatively tell him that he has an amazing future career in prime time with Haim Etgar.

I don't know what to tell you, he convinced me a little.

If he is to be believed, right now he is a bit disappointed because Sherin told him she wanted friendship, but respects her decision even though it makes him sad.

Sherin, on the other hand, is still under the illusion that if she continues to play her game with Moshe, it will make the seagull realize that she is the woman of his life (it is not, because amidst all the self-absorption there is no place for a woman in the life of a seagull), but the rumor reached her, according to which Moshe is no longer interested, rekindled her interest in him.

Now she tells anyone who will listen that sometimes she has "

Really, Sherin?

Do you have moments of yes?

We understand your pathology - you only want the unattainable, so come on, be a cool single Tel Avivian for two years, maybe even a single Tel Avivian with money, and free us from these boring conversations, because it's getting tiring.

Although nothing is more disastrous than fights over flour and queues for the shower, but if Moshe and Sarin don't happen, then let's give a little more screen time to the relationship that really has a chance in this house - Talia and Sheaf.

The ages match, the zodiac signs are the same, there is an attraction and both are trying with all their might to be noble and holy - why isn't it progressing anywhere?

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The alarms also reached "Big Brother" - that's what the production did

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Chills in the lower abdomen.

Talia, "The Big Brother" (Photo: screenshot, Network 13)

How about some joint secret mission that will bring them closer together?

You knew how to do it really well with Diane and Nathaniel, for Sherin you especially brought someone into the house - what reason do you have to stop now?

Come on, quickly, because in the meantime Talia seems to have distanced herself from Seagull, and even got mad at him a few times.

He probably reminds her too much of herself.

In addition, it turns out that it is Margie that gives her chills in her lower stomach.

Liran does not agree with her - she thinks that Idan Amadi is the best because he looks "like someone who would stick me to the wall".

I learned from this that while Liran needs a man to take the burden off her of always having to be the dominant one, Talia needs someone to excite her, which probably means that he needs to be adored by lots of other women to make his conquest more prestigious (and that might happen when she leaves the house - there was a look between them) and regarding their argument - it is clear that Amos was innocent.

There is no question at all.

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