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Ophir Awards 2022: "Valeria Gets Married" and "Karaoke" lead in the number of nominations - voila! culture


Also nominated for the best film award are "The Road to Eilat", "Sabaya Cinema" and "Where's Anne Frank" - the only one of them that has been distributed so far. Sasson Gabbay and Dana Ivegi may make history

Ophir Awards 2022: "Valeria Gets Married" and "Karaoke" lead in the number of nominations

Also nominated for the best film award are "The Road to Eilat", "Sabaya Cinema" and "Where's Anne Frank" - the only one of them that has been distributed so far.

Maor Zagori is nominated for the directing award for his autobiographical film, and Shashon Gabbay and Dana Ivegi may make history and become the most decorated actors since the award was founded




Wednesday, August 10, 2022, 3:00 p.m. Updated: 3:04 p.m.

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The trailer for the movie "Where is Anne Frank?"

(Cannes Film Festival)

"Karaoke" and "Valeria Gets Married" are the leading films in the number of nominations at the Ophir Awards - this is what the Israel Film and Television Academy announced today (Wednesday).

"Karaoke" by Moshe Rosenthal deals with an aging couple whose lives are shaken by the appearance of a neighbor who enjoys singing in public, while "Valeria Gets Married" by Michal Vinik - one of the few films in this year's competition directed by women - deals with Ukrainian women who marry Israeli men.

Both films received 14 nominations each, and will compete head-to-head for both the Best Picture Award and the Director category.

The five nominees for the best film award - and for the opportunity to represent Israel at the Oscars - are completed by Yona Rosenkiar's "The Road to Eilat", about a father and son's journey from the north of the country to the southern city after which it is named;

"Sabaya Cinema" by Orit Fox-Rotem, which describes a videography workshop with the participation of Jewish and Arab women;

And "Where's Anne Frank" by Ari Pullman - the only film in the competition that was distributed commercially.

In an unprecedented way, this is the second time in a row that an Israeli animated film competes for the best film award, after last year "Legend of Destruction" won the honor.

The directing category is almost the same, but instead of Pullman, Maor Zagori is nominated for "Virgins", his autobiographical and first full-length film.

This is the first nomination for the directing award for all five nominees.

Will sweep the ceremony?

From "Karaoke" (Photo: Daniel Miller)

And maybe he is?

From "Valeria Gets Married" (Photo: Guy Raz)

The acting categories may provide history: if Sasson Gabbay, who is nominated for the best leading actor award for "Karaoke", wins it - he will overtake Asi Dayan, Moshe Ivgi and Lior Ashkenazi and become the first Israeli actor with four Ophir awards.

For this he will have to overcome Yoel Rosenkiar ("The Road to Eilat"), Yaakov Zeda Daniel ("Valeria Gets Married"), Maor Levy ("Virgins") and Maurice Cohen ("The Silence").

In a similar situation is Dana Ivegi, who is nominated for the best leading actress award for two different films - "Sabaya Cinema" and the docu-drama "Savoy".

If she wins over Livna Finkelstein ("Silence"), Lena Freifeld ("Valeria Gets Married") and Rita Shukron ("Karaoke") - she will overtake Ronit Alkavetz and become the most decorated actress in the history of the ceremony with four different wins.

The docu category marks the dominance of Hot8, which is responsible for three of the five nominees in the longest documentary category - "Tantura" in question, "Anat Gov, about life and death", and "Eshte Hail".

The top five is completed by "Dr. Morris's Camera" (Yes Docu) and Shlomi Alkabetz's film about his sister, the actress Ronit Alkabetz, "Black Notebooks" (here 11). The short film category consists mostly of films about artists and art: "The Artist's Daughter" About the painter Vladimir Lensky; "Grossman" about the acclaimed writer; "Zoya Cheraksky, Soviet Life" which deals with the artist of the same name; "Zvi Omer" which tells the story of the friendship of Eric Einstein and Zvi Shissel; as well as "The Seven Years of Avshalom" about the Israeli artist He died in the blood of his days.

A journey from the north to the south.

From "The Road to Eilat" (Photo: Oded Ashkenazi)

Will Dana Ivegi make history?

From "Sabaya Cinema" (Photo: Ella Barak and Green Productions)

The Ophir Awards ceremony will be held on September 18 at Zappa Midtown in Tel Aviv, and will be broadcast a few hours later on Beshet 12, at 11:00 p.m.

The academy promises that this year the ceremony will undergo a format refresh, and will become rhythmic, festive and shorter."

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She dreamed of a pig saving a Jew in the Holocaust.

It became a masterpiece and an award-winning film

To the full article

The full list of candidates:

The best Israeli feature film

Where is Anne Frank

The road to Eilat

Valeria gets married

Cinema Sabaya


The best long documentary (over 60 min.)

The wife

of Dr. Morris

Tantura 's camera crew

from black

friends Anat Gov, about life and death

The best short documentary (up to 60 Min.)

The artist's daughter


Zoya Cheraksky Chaim Soviets

Zvi says

the seven years of Absalom

the best short feature film

Please wait for the representative

It's time for me to die

to love you I don't owe you a

quarry A letter to

Rousseau 's


Best director

Orit Fores Rotem - Cinema Sabaya

Yona Rosenkiar

- The road to Eilat

Maor Zagori - virgins

Michal Vinik - Valeria marries

Moshe Rosenthal - Karaoke

Second time in a row that an animated film is nominated.

"Where's Anne Frank?" (Photo: Bridget Pullman Film Gang)

The best actress in the main role

Dana Ivgi - Savoy

Dana Ivgi - Cinema Sabaya Livna

Finkelstein - The silence

Lena Freifeld - Valeria marries

Rita Shukron - Karaoke

The best actor in the main role

Yoel Rosenkiar - The road to Eilat

Yaakov Zeda Daniel - Valeria marries

Maor Levy - Virgins

Maurice Cohen - The Silence

Sasson Gabbay - Karaoke

The Best Actress in the Role of Mishna

Aviva Ngusa - The Road to Eilat

Esti Zakheim - The Silence

Joanna Said - Cinema Sabaya

Moran Rosenblatt - As if There is No Tomorrow

Tiki Dayan - Nobody's Children

Best Actor in the Role of Mishna

Avraham Shalom Levy - Valeria Gets Married

Doron Tabori - the gospel according to Yehuda

Dean Miroshnikov - as if there is no tomorrow

Lior Ashkenazi - Karaoke

Moni Moshunov - Everything I Can

Shmuel Viluzheni - The Road to Eilat

Best Screenplay Award

Orit Fox Rotem - Sabaya Cinema

Zohar Wagner - Savoy

Yona Rosenkiar - The Road to Eilat

Maor Zagori - Virgins

Michal Vinik - Valeria Gets Married

Moshe Rosenthal - Karaoke

Best Cinematography

Itay Marom - Sabaya Cinema

Boaz Yonatan Yaakov - Virgins

Guy Raz - Valeria Gets Married

Daniel Miller - Karaoke

Oded Ashkenazi - The Road to Eilat

The best original music

Gal Lev, Lior Perla - Karaoke

Dafna Keenan - Valeria Marries

Israel Bright - The Road to Eilat

Frank Chaim Ilfman, Omer Hershman, Shuli Rand - Nobody's Children

Karni Postel - Sabaya Cinema The

Editing The


Or Li-Tal - The way to Eilat

Dafi Perbman - Karaoke

Maya Koenig - Valeria is getting married

Neta Dvorkis - Cinema Sabaya

Nili Feller, who may teach - Savoy

The best artistic design

Eitan Levy - June 0

Yonatan Braskin - The road to Eilat

Ido Dolev - Karaoke

Amir Yaron - Virgins

Shonit Aharoni - Valeria marries

Shaked Naor - Savoy

Nominated for the directing award.

Maor Zagori in the filming of "Virgins" (Photo: Doron Ofer)

Best costume design

Yam Brosilovsky - Karaoke

Maya Leibovitch - Valeria gets married

Maya Leibovitch - Savoy

Inbal Shuki - June 0

Rachel Ben Dahan - Cinema Sabaya

Best makeup

Orly Ronen - Cinema Sabaya

Ingrid Siebert - Karaoke

Karin Geva - Valeria marries

Ronit Dogo Arbiv - Savoy

Rinat Aloni - June 0

The best casting

Orit Azoulai - Valeria is getting married

Hila Yuval - June 0 Hamotel Zem

-Kastel - The Road to Eilat Hamotel Zem

-Kastel - Karaoke

Emmanuel Meir - Sabaya Cinema Best


Aviv Aldame - Where is Anne Frank

Aviv Aldame, Oded Ringel - Savoy

Vitali Greenspan, Avi Mizrahi - karaoke

Ronan Nagel, Ashi Milo - Valeria is getting married

Seagull and Geshal - Sabaya Cinema

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