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The new tenant of "Big Brother" Dror Rockenstein: "12 years ago I already tried to be accepted into a reality show" - voila! culture


Does not believe in a long-term relationship, does not compromise on the amount of cigarettes and plans to stay until the end. Just before he entered the "big brother" house at the second entrance of the tenants, Dror Rockenstein in an interview

The new tenant of "Big Brother" Dror Rockenstein: "12 years ago I already tried to be accepted into a reality show"

Does not believe in a long-term relationship, does not compromise on the amount of cigarettes he smokes and plans to stay until the end.

Just before entering the "big brother" house at the second entrance of the tenants, Dror Rockenstein declares in an interview: "The sky is the limit"

Miki Levin, Maariv


Wednesday, August 10, 2022, 4:01 p.m. Updated: 4:07 p.m.

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Dror Rockenstein, "Big Brother" contestant (Photo: Ran Yehezkel)

Dror Rockenstein is the last tenant to enter the "Big Brother" house (Sundays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays on network 13).

His entry into the house was met with quite a few difficulties, when it was discovered that he contracted the corona virus while staying at the Neve Ilan Hotel, which delayed his entry into the house for a week.

Even when he entered, he did not walk through the royal entrance amid cheers from the crowd and up the stairs of the house like all the other tenants, but in the revolving carousel, when the tenants did not greet him with a nice welcome because they expected to welcome Diane Schwartz who was evicted.

Just before he entered the house and while he was in isolation at the hotel, we met Rockenstein.

"I am not disappointed with the timing of the entry," he said.

"All the best and the most important thing is health."

"Big Brother" is employment

Rockenstein (45) lives in Gan Yavne, divorced with a 20-year-old daughter and eternally single, he had time to audition for every possible reality show, because he claims he was born to be famous.

"Everyone who knows me knows how much I waited to get my foot into this industry. I waited for them to know who I am," he explains.

"I know I wasn't born to be anonymous. Even outside, when you talk to me, everyone says I have to enter reality. They tell me: 'You have to make a character in a great country.' bodyguard, and when I went with my daughter to the movie I told her: 'As soon as you see me there, say out loud - Dad, there you are.' And we are sitting next to two girls, and they say: 'He really looks like you.' Lee. I previously tried to be accepted for 'Survival', 12 years ago, and I had a leg and a half inside. I had already had vaccinations and in the end they went without me. I also tried to be accepted for

Amazons', and two seasons of 'Big Brother' and again for 'Survival', and it didn't work.

Now it's finally happening.

I'm fulfilling a dream, if you can call it that.

I entered a reality show."

You dream of a reality refugee degree.

What will you do with this coveted title?

"I was born to be famous. Until a week and a half ago I was 13 years in the nightlife, a bartender and a bar manager, but recently things fell apart and I am currently without employment. 'Big Brother' is my employment, hoping to stay in the industry. Acting is something I do not rule out. I I believe that once I enter consciousness, I will be able to realize it in one way or another, I need an initial foothold and then the sky is the limit."

Do you need the winnings?

"Look, I'm not fine. I live in my father's house. A year ago I bought a car for the first time in my life and took out a full financing loan. Yes, I need the money, everyone needs the money. I have loans, I have a minus - like everyone Another in the country. The money in reality TV is an important factor. I would be happy to win."

But the statistics are not in your favor.

No tenant from the second entry has yet won.

"I'm here to break the statistics of not reaching the finals in a second entry. I'm not going to please anyone or do anything special. If I win, it will be by virtue and not by grace. The second entry doesn't scare me, those who don't take risks don't win. I'm a person who likes to take risks . It's possible that if I'm not protected, I'll be knocked out in the first week. But I made my dream come true, and now I dream of being a finalist. I'm sure I can get there."

Is there a chance of an affair at home?

Do you like any of the tenants?

"There is no specific tape cast that I am attracted to, it is a combination of many things such as connection, of course visuals, communication, attraction. I would go out with Talia without a problem. She looks good, no doubt, but it is a very complex situation, because there is a kind of triangle there Romantic and I don't want to undermine other people. There is the seagull and the thing with Ofek, and I will never fight with a man over a woman. But when you are in a closed place 24 hours a day, you never know how things will develop."

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Dror Rockenstein, "Big Brother" contestant (Photo: Ran Yehezkel)

Would you try to win the heart of a 21-year-old lodger?

"If there is an attraction, then yes. For me, age is just a number, my ex from two years ago was 21. We were together for three months and she started with me on Instagram."

So you have no problem dating girls your daughter's age?

"No, I don't have a problem, I'm single and I look very young. No one gives me my age. I'm not a typical 45-year-old, not in speech, not in nonsense, not in behavior, not in appearance. Maybe because I worked in nightlife, maybe because I A young father. And yes, my daughter is 20 years old, so beautiful. Even more beautiful than her father."

So you prove yourself to be beautiful?

"I am aware of my visual appearance and presence. It is of course a matter of taste, some will say that I look good and some will say that I am just cute. What is certain is that I know that I am not ugly. You can also see me at home as little dressed as possible, I am not a stripper, but I like to be seen My tattoos. I like to show off."

Who will you connect with at home?

"From what I have seen, I am less connected to Ofek's way of speaking and conduct. For me, he speaks too highly, and there is a lack of respect towards people who are older than him. I will never speak disrespectfully of people who are older than me. There is Bar, who has a short fuse Very much and can be expressed in a different way, but it's hard for me to judge. There are a number of other people that I think the connection will not be maximal, but I don't want to judge anyone. I go in clean and don't judge from what I saw on the screen."

Who did you connect with besides Matalia?

"I really connected with Seagull. He is a very nice person, sympathetic, intelligent and understands situations. He is on the standard of the responsible adult at home. He doesn't allow himself to get angry about things he doesn't need to, he is a person I connect with. Marina is not my tape cast in terms of attraction, but she A very sympathetic and nice girl. I feel like she's an outsider."

Talia Ovadia, "The Big Brother" (Photo: Ran Yehezkel)

do not fight

"I'm coming, someone new who has experience and I have visibility and presence, and it's possible that the tenants will feel threatened by me," he says.

"It's fine and it wouldn't surprise me, even in real life people feel threatened by me. I always keep my head up, and sometimes people shy away from that. I'm going to bring who I am. I don't play games, I know who I am. I tell the truth inside, Not with the aim of offending. In the most direct way - but with tact. I will not embarrass people to put myself in the front. I do not come with papers, I come to be exposed. If people connect with it or connect less with it, I will know later. It is too early to know if they will like it or hate it Me, for sure - I'm not fur."

What will you fight about in the house budget?

"The goal is not to fight, but to reach a state of equality between everyone in everything. Cigarettes are the main thing for me, I smoke two packs a day. I'm less problematic with food, so there are situations where I don't eat three meals a day. Cigarettes are the most important thing in my budget."

Everyone comes with a difficult story from life, from childhood.

What weight do you carry with you?

"I'm not the type of person who likes to be pitied, but there's something that's been with me for years. I lost my mother at the age of 21, she died of the damn disease. It's something that's repressed in me, I try not to think about it. To this day, I have feelings of guilt because of how I was So. It's true that I was only a child, but to this day I still don't forgive myself, because I wasn't enough with her in the last moments. I was only thinking about myself then, and all I wanted was to go out and spend time instead of coming and telling her how much I love her and spending more time with her. I acted like Someone who deserves everything, I was rude and I had no patience. I beat a sin. As soon as I allow myself to think about it, tears immediately come. It is something that is uncontrollable and I suppress it so that it does not affect me. Sometimes when I sit with myself it jumps, and I allow myself to fall apart."

How did your mother's death affect you?

"He turned me into a tough and rough person. I would come home from the base, sit and shut myself in the room. I would not talk about it with my father. I entered my own niche and had to deal with it differently. My father did not want to be alone and entered into a relationship of 20 years , until his partner's daughter passed away. My father, 89 years old, may he be healthy, is currently in assisted living and this is the best thing he could do for himself."

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Ofek Levy, "The Big Brother" (Photo: Ran Yehezkel)

what were you like as a child

"I grew up in Bat Yam. I was a shy child until I enlisted in the army, I went through a boycott in high school because they boycotted the queen of the class and I went with her, so everyone was against me. I was considered gifted but then I became a basketball player. Basketball was my top priority."

You declare yourself eternally single.

Were there no serious relationships in your life?

"I got married at the age of 24, divorced at the age of 28 and we gave birth to Ad, my beloved girl. Since then I have not had a long and serious relationship, but relationships of two or three months. My last relationship was two years ago, for three months, before that I was alone for seven years . I'm used to being alone, because I still haven't found the one that didn't disappoint me in the end. My first girlfriend cheated on me, the second didn't accept me the way I am, I divorced the third, so I became skeptical about relationships."

Could it be that because of the feelings of guilt gnawing at you since you lost your mother, you don't allow yourself to fall in love?

"I've lost faith in true love, you can call it that unfortunately. My heart has already been broken because of my mother, why do I need my heart to be broken every time? It's hard to break through the walls I've built over the years."

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