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Driving roundabouts: how to behave correctly?


Many drivers have trouble with roundabouts. Even driving in raises questions. And driving through and exiting also creates problems.

Many drivers have trouble with roundabouts.

Even driving in raises questions.

And driving through and exiting also creates problems.

The roundabout is omnipresent in Germany, but like so many traffic signs, the round traffic obstacle also puzzles many drivers.

The gyroscope is often used incorrectly.

So what is a roundabout and how do you behave correctly?

The question is less trivial than one might think.

Not all “round” roads are roundabouts.

A true roundabout is indicated by signs 205 (yield) and 215 (roundabout).

They are at every entrance.

If the sign 205 or 215 is missing, it is a circular node.

An important question is: Who has the right of way?

As the sign 205 makes clear: Drivers driving in must give way to road users in the roundabout.

It is best to approach a roundabout at a reduced speed.

If it is free or the vehicle driving inside is far enough away, you can drive in.

Otherwise you have to wait.

At the roundabout, drive to the left until you reach the exit you want.


There are a few rules to follow at the roundabout.

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Driving roundabouts: how to behave correctly?

But when does it flash?

In the case of a classic roundabout, the signal is not given when entering, but when exiting.

Almost every driver makes a mistake here.

Can you park in the roundabout?

No, parking is not permitted on either the roundabout or the center island.

In the event of a breakdown, you should park the vehicle in such a way that it impedes other road users as little as possible.

What do these traffic signs mean?

What do these traffic signs mean?

How do you behave on multi-lane roundabouts?

Basically the same as in a single-lane roundabout.

When you drive in, it is best to line up according to your departure.

If you want to get out at the next exit or the one after that, take the right lane;

the other road users can merge into the inner lanes.

If you want to reach an exit from the inner lanes, you have to make sure that you give way to drivers in the outer lane.

If you want to change lanes within the roundabout, you have to blink.

Roundabout driving: Rules for cyclists and pedestrians

What rules apply to cyclists?

Cyclists must follow the same rules as motorists: give way when entering and drive counter-clockwise around the roundabout.

Hand signals are used when exiting or changing lanes.

If the roundabout has its own bike lane, it is mandatory for cyclists to use it.

If there is no other regulation, cyclists in the bike lane have priority at the entrances and exits of the roundabout.

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And what about pedestrians?

Motorists must pay particular attention to pedestrians crossing in front on the right or left when exiting and stop if necessary.

If a crossing is marked, pedestrians have priority.

For example, if there is a zebra crossing in front of the entrance, drivers must also give pedestrians priority when entering.

Driving on a roundabout: Do not drive over the center of the circle

Can you drive on the traffic island?

This question certainly does not arise for many motorists.

Very few people think of driving through the middle, which is often planted or built on.

It looks a little different if it is a circle center that has not been structurally modified.

Driving over this is not permitted, nor is the marked inner ring.

There are exceptions here for long vehicles that would otherwise not be able to pass the roundabout.

What is a node?

At a circular junction, which is often found in residential areas, there is no right-of-way traffic sign.

The right before left rule applies here.

Motorists must signal when entering and exiting.

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