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2022 is a wasp year


Drought, high temperatures and busy queens: There are various reasons why wasps are particularly annoying this summer. And the feeling is fact. This year is particularly bad.

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Popular Target: Wasps increasingly prey on human food

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They swarm in flocks, preferably over laid tables outdoors and thereby annoy many people: wasps seem to be booming this year.

"Our data indicate that we will have a wasp year in 2022," biologist Stephan Haertel, wasp expert from Nabu Berlin, told the dpa news agency.

So far, the Nature Conservation Union has had three times as many cases of advice on wasps as in the past year.

"From this it can also be concluded that there are currently a particularly large number of nests and therefore a particularly large number of wasps," said Härtel.

In addition to the dry, hot weather, which wasps, unlike many other animals, do very well, there are other reasons for this.

This spring, a particularly large number of wasp queens were out to found a nest.

Because there was no longer cold spell in the sensitive phase of the start-up around May, the animals got through well, said Härtel.

This has resulted in a sizeable population with large numbers of broods, which is currently at its peak.

Increasingly interested in human food

In addition, wasps are currently particularly noticeable because they are increasingly interested in human food.

This is due to the fact that many smaller insect species are hardly or not at all available as food for wasps in the high summer temperatures in August, said Härtel.

"It is the common wasp and the German wasp in particular that are very present in our perception," says the Nabu expert.

These two species would also often fly to the set table.

They can be distinguished by a different drawing on the head.

The drawing of the common wasp (Vespula vulgaris) looks like an anchor, while the German wasp (Vespula germanica) usually has three dots.

Haertel expects that in a few weeks the number of wasps will seem a little lower again.

In September the number of female workers decreases and there are no new offspring.

Until then, it is important to be careful and alert when dealing with the animals, but to remain calm.

In the vast majority of cases, wasp nests could stay where they are and usually do not necessarily have to be moved if you prepare for it.

The best way to get rid of the animals at the table is to prevent the first wasp from sitting on the food right from the start.

»Once word gets around that there is something delicious, then the situation is more difficult.«


Source: spiegel

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