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From the damage of the elections: politicians use SMS for emergencies only - voila! technology


In the 2022 elections, the politicians went a step further and are using special text messages that burst onto the screen and were originally intended for emergency messages only. We set out to get answers on the subject from the parties

From the damage of the elections: Politicians use SMS for emergencies only

Not only is the political spam in text messages flooding our devices and the authority, in the 2022 elections the politicians have stepped up and are using special text messages that burst onto the screen and are originally intended for emergency messages only.

We set out to get answers on the subject from the parties

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Wednesday, September 21, 2022, 08:15 Updated: 08:24

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The message sent on behalf of the Labor Party (photo: screenshot)

When they enacted Section 30 A of the Communications (Bezek and Broadcasting) Law 1982, better known as the "Spam Law", and forbids the sending of advertising messages in text messages to those who are not interested in it, our legislators took care of themselves - and exempted sending political messages from the obligation of the law, and from the compensation The deterrent of 1,000 shekels without proof of damage as punishment for those who improved it. And they knew what they were doing, as experienced by almost every citizen holding a cell phone in our country these days who is bombarded with text messages from the various parties...but now it seems that some of them have outdone themselves.

This week it was published in The Marker that Benny Gantz's party, the state camp, uses a certain type of text messages, text messages that burst onto the screen, and which are not saved on the device.

This type of SMS is called Class 0, or Flash SMS in the professional jargon.

the problem?

They are not intended to promote parties, their explosive nature that is simply "pushed" to your screen, is intended for very specific purposes and for use in emergency cases only, such as emergency announcements by the authorities, flood warnings, etc. - and by no means to promote political messages.

In the United States, the text messages bursting onto the screen are only used by emergency authorities.

in Israel?

As usual, neighborhood and no supervision.

The message sent on behalf of the state camp party (photo: screenshot)

"Walla! Technology" learned that the Labor Party also makes use of explosive text messages, when we received a burst SMS message from the Labor Party, which informs the residents of Rosh Ha'Ain and the surrounding area of ​​a meeting with MK Efrat Raiten. Again, we emphasize that the use of this special type of the text messages, which are not saved on the device, are reserved for messages from emergency and rescue authorities, and should not be used for sending incidental political messages.

The State Camp party responded: "The State Camp is determined to prevent Netanyahu from reaching 61 mandates, returning to power and forming an extremist government.

The state camp campaign uses a variety of platforms for conveying messages and for direct and unmediated dialogue with the electorate."

The Labor Party responded: "An investigation we conducted revealed that this was a malfunction of the external e-mail company that the Labor Party operates. The Labor Party made it clear to the e-mail company that the party is not interested in the use of explosive e-mails, but due to a technical error by the company, an explosive message was sent without the party's approval. We are in the process of an investigation In front of the company - until the end of the investigation of the incident, all party activity has stopped in front of the supplier. We would like to apologize to those who received an explosive message. We also take advantage of this response to invite the public to meet the members and members of the winning team of the Labor Party, both in Rosh Ha'Ain on 09.23, and in circles The house and at the additional gatherings held throughout the country."

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