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From the moment he shouted at the audition "I missed Michal", it was clear that the season of "The next star" belongs to Eliav - voila! culture


An evening that started in a sea of ​​tears ended in a sea of ​​tears, with the winner being even Mekrit Gat. This is how it is in "The Next Star": even the big winner who takes the million becomes in the end another echo of the legend of Ninet

From the moment he shouted at the audition, "I missed Michal", it was clear that the season of "The Next Star" belongs to Eliav

An evening that started in a sea of ​​tears ended in a sea of ​​tears, with the winner being even Mekrit Gat.

That's how it is in "The Next Star": even the big winner who takes the million becomes in the end another echo of the legend of NineTibe

Nadav Menuhin


Wednesday, September 21, 2022, 08:23 Updated: 08:32

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The next star (Photo: Keshet 12)


In the beginning there was Ninet Tyb, and the earth was chaos and darkness on the face of an abyss.

And Ninet said in Nitzanim Beach: A sea of ​​tears in both my eyes, and so it was.

And it will be born from a national mother like never before or after her, which erupted and rebelled and changed and even moved overseas, but to this day an entire industry is trying to recreate the moment when one pause changed everything.

From this myth the Israeli reality show was born and to which it will return, and we are doomed to return to it again and again and again until we understand, in a kind of social ritual that has no end or beginning.

It is a collective obsession, but the main cult priests and the most obsessed of all are the people of the "next star", the rightful heirs of the "born star".

In the previous season, the reunion between Ninet and Shiri was celebrated, but this season, with the union between her and Ran Denker, they have already gone one step further.

How many reminded us of "our song", how many reminded us that they were exes, how many reminded us of who Denker voted for in the first final, and we even got renewals for "She knows", "When you are here", "The light in my life" and "Hero", and bites every episode .

Last night, in the finals of "The Next Star", with a number shared by the two, a contestant who reminded Ninet of herself, and one winner who dared to choose "Sea of ​​Tears" as his final song - an unfortunate and hopeless decision, almost tantalizing, because you can't really compete with that performance but only to submit to him - the feeling that the star at the center of the plot is sitting at the judges' table at all grew stronger,

A hopeless choice.

Eliav with Esi and Rotam (photo: screenshot, Keshet 12)


It is hard to understand why every year the sound in the final of the flagship program of the successful channel in Israel sounds so bad.

If it is not possible to improve it under the existing conditions - it is better to return to the studio.

How will it be a truly memorable performance if the viewers at home are not so successful in hearing what is happening?

Either way, between another infantile video, sponsorship or advertisements, the final four faced a difficult task.

There was maturity and effectiveness from her, and that's an understatement, but it can be said to the program's credit that this quartet was relatively equal, so the competition was interesting.

All are more or less good, characterized, with clear strengths and clear weaknesses.

The first semi-final brought together the cry in Libby Panker's version of "Fireworks", and the favorite Nofia Yedidia with a particularly weak performance of "Now you are coming back", who somehow still managed to steal a victory.

In the second half, Meitav Sherman justifiably prevailed with "You won everything with me" over Eliav Zohar's aforementioned performance of "Sea of ​​Tears".

As mentioned, this is a particularly bad choice, but it seems that all four choices are battered and lacking in flight, not to mention yawn-inducing.

There were days when "Kohav" rediscovered songs, today she just bores herself.

An original choice but not suitable for the final.

Landscape (photo: screenshot, Keshet 12)

There was no big news in the second stage either, with Meitav's weak adaptation of the song "The Known Ways" that missed the momentum of the original song, Nubia came with an original choice ("Calling You") but one that doesn't quite fit the finale, and Eliav returned to his "Michel" .

Who does not.

The best number of the evening was, we must say, the collaboration between Taib and Denker ("I got up to dance"/"Queen of the Expansion"), which only illustrated the gap between artists at the beginning of their life on the stage who know who they are and what they are.

If we nevertheless examine the seven performances of the evening, we can notice surprising news: an abundance of rock arrangements, electric guitars and kicking energies, relative to the genre of course.

Who knows, maybe rock isn't dead after all, but just stuck in traffic outside Amphi Park in Rishon Lezion.

More in Walla!

Took the million: Eliav Zohar won the final of "The Next Star"

To the full article

An audition that went down in history.

Eliav (photo: screenshot, Keshet 12)


We must still talk a little about Eliav Zohar, the most significant character of the season and therefore also its rightful winner.

Zohar played it with an audition that went down in the history of Israeli reality TV, and a song that went straight into the playlist, although it's hard to say that it lived up to its standards throughout the season.

He has a deep voice, a deep influence from his uncle Tessa, a healthy pathos and a respectable shout, even if his style is rather monotonous, and he does not completely dominate the stage.

Will it end in one hit or the beginning of a long road?

It's too early to tell.

In the meantime, he seems to be more ready for a career than many winners who have come before him in recent years.

In the scoring phase, it seemed that the momentum was leaving Zohar, and that the victory was going to Nupiah Yedidia.

When the full results were announced, the dam broke and the tears started flowing.

And here, an evening that started in a sea of ​​tears ended in a sea of ​​tears, with the winner even from Kiryat Gat.

This is how it is in "The Next Star": even the big winner who takes the million becomes in the end another echo of the legend of Ninet Taib.

But who knows, Eliav, maybe you too will wake up soon, look at the sky and stars will say hello to you.

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