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Local test for Tesla Model Y: excessive hype or ultimate electric? - Walla! vehicle


The Model Y is the bloated and more useful version of the Tesla Model 3, what is its maximum range from 0-100 and how is the car? Everything is inside

Local test for Tesla Model Y: excessive hype or ultimate electric?

The Model Y arrived in Israel recently with a very clear goal, to transfer all those who wanted a Tesla but the 3 simply wasn't for them to the lap of the brand.

But there are some problems along the way and here they are

Kenan Cohen


Wednesday, September 21, 2022, 07:42 Updated: 08:08

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The front aligns with the family look (photo: Keinan Cohen)

There's a reason Tesla didn't start out with all kinds of crossovers, unlike what most other automakers did when they entered the electric world.

Crossovers sell great, but drive far less great, unless they have a Porsche badge, but that's another story.

Crossovers are also less aerodynamically efficient, weigh more and are serious range enemies.

And so Tesla entered this story with the model x on the basis of the model S and the model y on the basis of the model 3 when it is already polished and sufficiently technologically based.

They are really not "suvs", not "Jeeps" and not really crossovers, you can call them and their ilk like that, but you can also call the Israeli national team a soccer team, it doesn't change the reality.

What is he?

A raised private car with more convenient entry and exit, more head and luggage space.

In the profile, something in the proportions is starting to go wrong, certainly compared to the Model 3 (Photo: Kenan Cohen)

Its exterior design is very reminiscent of and very different from the Model 3. The front is similar with the opaque nose and lighting units, but in order to get the preferred interior space, it gets an inflated body, even a little bulbous with the large window area and the high waistline to the high hatchback tail.

The passenger cabin is exactly the same as the model 3. High quality materials, clean lines, a wooden strip that crosses it from side to side, a plump and comfortable steering wheel with two multi-function buttons.

The quality of the assembly and the finish were very good, except for a mysterious rattle that appeared from the depths of the dashboard at a speed of over 50 km/h and disappeared as soon as it came (perhaps a feature of Teslas that repair themselves?) and of course the huge screen, through which you can control every possible function in the car, Outside the car, the positioning of the planets and its power are also good for the additional uses that have been incorporated into it, from games, watching Netflix to karaoke. The many accessories, and the fact that it comes as standard already at the base level put it in a league of its own against the premium brands, with the exception of the Genesis GV60, which also comes equipped is very.

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I can definitely see people loving this minimalism in the cabin look.

And it really shows that it will work great in a car like the Model 3 which starts at about 100 thousand shekels less than it.

But with a price tag starting at NIS 330,000, there are also people for whom this appearance may seem too poor.

And not only heated electric seats and a panoramic roof (which actually stood up well in the Beit Shean Valley midday test) and other comfort equipment.

The list of safety systems in it is also very long.

Lane deviation correction, automatic braking, vehicle warning in a "dead zone" reverse cameras, it also has a system that shows on the multimedia screen what happens on the side of the car when a signal is activated (also appears in Hyundai, Kia and Genesis and redundant here and there) and the Sentry system that records everything that happens around the car, while driving and parking.

Tesla also has cruise control with extended overtaking capabilities in certain road conditions (which Tesla calls - "autopilot" and the rest - consumer deception),

Excellent interior space and a high driving position (Photo: Keinan Cohen)

During most of the driving time, the screen is used as a huge display of the navigation system, with a sharp resolution and very convenient.

From the concept of "we know what's good for you" Teslas are devoid of the option of mirroring mobile devices.

So if you want to run Wiz at the same time, you will have to place the mobile strategically.

If not, you can put it in one of the two charging cradles in the car or in the other cleverly and usefully scattered storage places in the cabin.

The audio system, even without fancy names, is amazing in its quality.

The screen itself works smoothly, very fast to respond, even when running several tasks at the same time.

I still don't fully understand the need to constantly project what is done near the car on the left part of the screen, that is, I know there is a truck on the right and a scooter on the left - you see it in the windshield.

And yet, there are some problems with this architecture of concentrating all actions on the screen.

If I avoid using a basic pizzazz in the car because it's inconvenient - then something in the design doesn't work there.

This is true for the direction of the air in the air conditioning, it is true for the wipers, the side mirrors, the glove compartment and more.

And getting used to everything is possible, it does not replace the need for basic, accessible and simple planning.

The steering wheel is very comfortable to hold, the buttons on it are used for almost every possible direction operation from the mirrors to the speed (photo: Keinan Cohen)

The driving position is naturally higher than that of the Model 3.

It is very "Corsauber", for those who like to sit low it will be too high even in the lowest position.

The seats themselves are very comfortable, in terms of body support and their adaptation to three different people of completely different sizes who found in them a solution to their dimensions.

The high seating and the generous window area allow excellent visibility outside.

Except for what happens in the back, where there is a rear window reduced to a slit, making the rear view mirror almost useless.

Yes, there is a camera that can be activated - but remember what we said about solving problems that could be saved with good planning in the first place?

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The back seat brings up one of the advantages of this car in its category, lots of legroom and headroom.

It doesn't end with the extra 1.5 cm in the wheelbase compared to the Model 3, the higher seats allow for much more comfortable sitting in the back in terms of bending the knees that the 3 forces. There is also a seat that can actually seat three children, an adjustable backrest, air conditioning ports and USB sockets More

usability? This is the important trick of the Model Y, first of all the front trunk with a volume of 117 liters, it's amazing that the little Tesla cracks this simple story and most manufacturers don't really succeed. And of course there is the trunk itself with 854 liters, a huge, accessible and large opening which would have received 5 stars if it weren't for simple mistakes such as the lack of tie-down points, hooks, 12V socket and of course - no spare wheel. And finally, by adding a tow hook (NIS 8,500 including taxes) the towing capacity of the Y, which is 1,600 kg, is higher than 1,000 kg "C of the 3rd.

All control of any system or display of information is done through a 15-inch screen (Photo: Keinan Cohen)

The test car in the LR version ie - long range.

It is powered by two engines that produce dual drive and send 514 hp and 50.3 kgm to all four wheels.

And these are electric horses, so they come as soon as you call them and the accelerations are decisive, immediate and decisive.

It's strange to see the ramshackle-looking car suddenly hitting 5 seconds to 100 and surprising intermediate accelerations when going out to overtake.

In fact, you can drive it in its relaxed chill mode and still not feel any lack of power.

Even in its behavior the different character between it and the Model 3 is very evident.

On the one hand for both, a very precise, sharp steering wheel, with excellent weight (perhaps it could have been made lighter, at least in comfort mode).

Outstanding ability to smash into a turn and slide it like a barbell through tissue.

And they both also have that sudden moment where the ease with which she swallows her face ends, and the vehicle goes off on all four wheels without much warning.

The first time I almost stained the seats out of fear, the times that followed it was for fun.

On the other hand, the differences in height, weight and length between it and the Model 3 create a kind of strange calibration of a car with a lot of motivation when entering in front of it, much less the ability to translate this motivation into movement after turning at the level that its sedan sister does.

Excellent space, air conditioning outlets and electrical outlets.

The roof did not hit the passenger compartment as we feared (photo: Keinan Cohen)

The Y's suspension calibration is its weak point.

The combination of a higher weight, a higher center of gravity, a 19" rim and a 45" section with the car's general stiffness lead to a result that makes you ask - what did you actually want to achieve here?

If the stated goal is a sporty crossover, then it needs to work on that part of the grip management and communication, if not, then what are the tires, cut and stiffness for?

Build it as a very comfortable crossover for long distances and that's it.

With the exception of the matter of comfort from the brakes, handling the Model Y in day-to-day driving is very pleasant.

You can take it for long drives and get excellent driving comfort when the road is smooth and fast.

Its regenerative braking is probably the best I've come across, you get used to it so easily and it becomes second nature when driving.

Those who will actually use it will benefit twice, I will also recover energy in braking and he will also become a better driver due to the need to look ahead and plan the driving.

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A huge warehouse, but where is the thinking about the small solutions of hanging hooks and anchor points? (Photo: Keinan Cohen)

Tesla declares a maximum range of 533 km that can be extracted from the 75 kWh battery.

That sounds like a lot, but like all official range statements - a completely fictional figure.

During the test, several power consumption tests were performed in several driving modes, according to our data, we can talk about a realistic driving range of between 430 and 450 km per charge. A figure that is naturally less good than the Model 3 Long Range, but in driving concepts of The State of Israel - certainly enough on the assumption that the maximum range is not reached every day, and that the car is charged every night - so in no case is range not its problem. Filling up at Tesla's ultra-fast charging station brought it from 15 to 95 percent in 45-50 minutes of a stop for shopping and coffee.

Just to see how much it can be stretched, I also went for a hyper economical drive, in the afternoon, the fuel broke, without air conditioning and in chill mode and in a leisurely intercity drive that in no way delayed the traffic, for a distance of 65 km we achieved a consumption of 110 watt hours per hour m, or in simple words, if we had continued like this the range could have reached 696 km. Assuming I would not have lost my sanity along the way.

From 15 to 95 percent in a little less than an hour (Photo: Keinan Cohen)

Tesla was throughout 2021 the buzz word of the local car market.

It arrived at perfect timing, people stuck at home, with money, an urge to innovate and is carried on top of a high-tech image and even a kind of vibe of doing precisely to the old institutions of importing cars to Israel.

Buy on the website, receive at the port, without frills and decorations, with transparency in pricing - and it was a pricing that shocked the heads of the siffs in Israel.

So yes, since then a lot of electricity has flowed in the charging stations.

The price is no longer as sensational as it was and owning a Tesla is no longer the exclusivity it was initially reserved for.

The Model Y seeks to continue where the Model 3 left off when it offers more usability and without giving up the features that made it what it is, from performance to technology.

And here is a problem, because he doesn't do it to the end.

It does not bring together with the usability aimed at a different audience a package that matches these different uses in terms of driving comfort and refinement on the one hand, and if its emphasis is on dynamism, then it is not tight and precise enough.

A high tail that eliminates rearward visibility (Photo: Keinan Cohen)

At a price of NIS 331,000, it is about NIS 60,000 more expensive than the 3 LR model, which is a very large gap for more space in the back seat and trunk.

And at that price, it's also starting to rub shoulders with cars like the Genesis GV that offers similar performance, faster charging times and a shorter range.

On the other hand, if the performance and very long range is not what brings you to this car, Hyundai also has the all-wheel drive Ioniq 5 for much less money.

And maybe, just maybe, naming her real or imagined competitors is not relevant at all.

Because whoever buys a Tesla Model Y does not do it because of the advantages and will not avoid it because of the disadvantages, he does it because it is the Tesla that suits the family needs for which the 3 is less suitable.

It is purchased because it is a Tesla and from then on stories like driving comfort - no one is interested anymore.

At the moment this is the basic version, above it is the performance (photo: Keinan Cohen)

On the technical side: Tesla Model Y Long Range

Engine, drive:

electric, two engines, double


75 kWh

Power (hp):


Torque (kgm):



automatic single ratio


Length (cm):


Width ( cm):


Height (cm):


Wheelbase (cm):


Trunk (liters):

117 (front), 854 (rear)


Acceleration 0-100:

5 seconds

Maximum speed:


Range (test):

430-450 km


Genesis GV60


NIS 331,000

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