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Can we throw away the rags? We tested a vacuum cleaner for you - voila! technology


Comparing a Tinco vacuum cleaner to a Xiaomi vacuum cleaner - which should you buy? Can we throw away the rags? We tested a vacuum cleaner for you No one likes to clean the house, and it's really time to find a device that reduces the effort to a minimum and along the way also shortens the process to a quarter of the time. Karin Arad tried two vacuum cleaners, and came to a clear conclusion Karin Arad 09/23/2022 Friday, September 23, 2022, 12:00 Updated: 12:17 Share on Faceb

Can we throw away the rags?

We tested a vacuum cleaner for you

No one likes to clean the house, and it's really time to find a device that reduces the effort to a minimum and along the way also shortens the process to a quarter of the time.

Karin Arad tried two vacuum cleaners, and came to a clear conclusion

Karin Arad


Friday, September 23, 2022, 12:00 Updated: 12:17

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Most people's most hated housework is washing it, except for the people who use bleach as Ciprolax.

We're used to it, but come on - it's a sweaty nightmare.

Before washing, you have to sweep or vacuum the house, pick up and move everything that sits on the floor, including very heavy objects, and only then, after dusting and sweeping, does the washing itself begin, which is no less disgusting.

Let's start with the embarrassing tools - a mop - surely in 2022 we still use a stick with a rubber band to scoop up dirty water, a bucket, the same one from the Middle Ages, only colored, and worst of all - a rag.

Soon you will also put me back in a cloth diaper and it will seem reasonable to you to wash on a board by the river.

What is this here - Gilead from the story of a slave girl?

And after you've already finished the thing itself, which took at least an hour, you also have to clean these illusory tools, wallow in the Jeep, and also store this abomination that doesn't fit in any room or closet, enough so that we can look at it every time we pass by.

What's new?

And as if it wasn't terrible and terrible, now we also have to shower, and half a day is over, and all this for one more day of satisfaction from cleaning.


I don't know about you, but I think this is one of the relatively low returns for investment - let's let your cat run the company and that's it.

Floor one S5, Tineco (photo: floor one)

What is a vacuum cleaner?

This is a device that looks like a vacuum cleaner, and it is indeed a vacuum cleaner, but upgraded, with two water tanks - one for the clean water that the device sprays on the floor as it moves over it, and the other for the dirty water that it vacuums up at the same time, along with all the dirt on the floor.

When you want to clean, all you have to do is pull it out of the charging station, fill the tank with water and a small cap of a special solution that comes with some devices (you can't add any regular floor soap to it because the foam wears out the piping) press one button, and just start walking around the house .

Forget the fact that you don't have to sweep or vacuum beforehand, even walking around the house is not strenuous, because the vacuum cleaners travel by themselves, by rotating the cylindrical brush that scrubs the floor - all you have to do is aim.

The vacuum cleaner vacuums the crumbs and the dust, the cylindrical brush also drives the vacuum cleaner while it scrubs the floor.

When you finish the job, all you have to do is put it on charge, and press the button that makes it clean itself.

When he's done, just empty the water and dirt, check that hairs haven't gotten tangled in the brush itself, and that's it.

XIAOMI Truclean W10 Ultra Wet Dry Vacuum (photo: xiaomi)

Aesthetics and operation

We tested two vacuum cleaners - the Floor one S5 by Tinco, and the Truclean W10 Ultra Wet Dry Vacuum by Xiaomi.

There is a lot of similarity between the two devices - the buttons are almost identical, as is the weight, size, and feel while working.

There are also some differences - Tinco comes with an additional replaceable brush and filter, and a special cleaning solution.

His brush is a roller that resembles a well-made paint roller.

The Xiaomi, on the other hand, comes without spare parts, without a separate filter, and the brush is a roll of thick, hollow fabric, which is "dressed" on a plastic roll, which makes it, on the one hand, quick to dry, and, on the other hand, thinner, and possibly less durable.

Tinco's washer is designed in a more old-fashioned way, in silver and gray tones than Xiaomi's which is completely white, and has a more appalistic look.

On the other hand, the Xiaomi's materials feel and look a bit cheaper and prone to disasters (Chinese, no) compared to the Tinko, which looks and feels very durable.

The washers are quite similar, except for the application that Tinco has, for some reason (and we will return to it later), and the flexible joint of the Xiaomi, which allows the washer to be completely flattened, which also allows washing under furniture.

In addition, both have a display panel that shows you the current status of the device, the battery indication, the power, and even the level of dirt in the treated area. .

As for battery life, each one provides 35 minutes of work time - which is quite enough.

Results - the white sock test

Look, look - there's really no substitute for the level of cleanliness we're used to in the third world where we live - it's quite clear that kneeling down on all fours with scotch tape and bleach wins.

But how many times a week can you do such a thorough cleaning?

I don't know about you, but most of the "cleanings" that my friends and I do at home are mainly cleans for appearance, moving a minimum of furniture, vacuuming, and going through with a rag for the smell, and sometimes - thorough, which takes hours, and lasts half a day.

With a vacuum cleaner, I clean the house almost every day, because it's so easy, I do it just for the smell, before guests arrive.

If normal cleaning gets the score white in the white sock test (this is when you walk around the house with white socks and check their color after an hour, already on the second day you get a light gray that slowly darkens, and we put up with it because who has the strength to clean again so quickly?

With a regular vacuum cleaner, moving the house takes so little time, that you can do it every day before going to bed without suffering for a moment - although in the white sock test your floor gets a slightly less white grade, but because of the lightness the house never reaches a state of gray.

Tinco vacuum cleaner (photo: floor one)

So this or that?

The ease of working and operating the device is the same for both, and the differences are relatively minor - the Tinco is more luxurious and comes with spare parts and solution (the app is not relevant in my opinion for a regular vacuum cleaner that cannot be operated remotely), and the Xiaomi comes with the advantage that I find more significant - the flexible joint that enables cleaning under objects.

If I'm already reducing the level of effort and work, and I've already saved vacuuming, then why not also save myself the lifting and moving of a large part of the furniture?

And one more thing - the tincture that comes with the tinko is not cheap, and its availability is limited - you have to order from the brand's store (until the end of September there is a sale on tinctures for the whole year, if you are interested).

In a Xiaomi vacuum cleaner, on the other hand, you can use any non-foaming detergent or scent essence - for example, concentrated fabric softener, which smells amazing at home, and you can find it in any grocery store.

The only advantage of the old method of cleaning the house is that a mop and a rag can't really go bad, and an appliance certainly can.

On the other hand, Tinco has 24 collection stations in Israel and a central service station - collection from the customer's home for a fee of NIS 50 each way, with an official importer's warranty for two full years.

Xiaomi has a one-year warranty for the battery and the docking station of Hamilton, the official importer, and 15 service stations.

If it's worth the pleasure of throwing the mop, broom, broom and bucket out of the house - that's your decision.

After trying both for a while, I have to say that the differences are not big, but if I am faced with the panels, I will probably choose the Xiaomi vacuum cleaner, because of the joint and the price.

Floor One S5 TINECO, price NIS 3,190

XIAOMI Truclean W10 Ultra Wet Dry Vacuum, price NIS 2,690

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