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From Ben El to Groenich, from Omer Adam to Ofira Assig: the embarrassing moments of the year 2015 - Voila! Culture


The meaningless screams of Hadar Mokhtar, the outrageous behavior of Asi Ezer, the violence at screenings and performances and the normalization of Itamar Ben Gabir - a summary of a violent, vulgar and frustrating year

From Ben El to Groenich, from Omer Adam to Ofira Assig: the embarrassing moments of 2015

The meaningless screams of Hadar Mokhtar, the outrageous behavior of Asi Ezer, the violence at screenings and performances and the normalization of Itamar Ben Gabir - a summary of a particularly violent, vulgar and frustrating year




Wednesday, September 21, 2022, 12:24 p.m. Updated: Saturday, September 24, 2022, 11:26 p.m.

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Hail the year and its curses.

After 11 monthly sections, it's time to summarize the embarrassing moments of the entire year 2017 - a dubious parade that is not fun to do, full of moments that are not fun to remember.

Each year always seems worse than the previous ones. It's a matter of perspective. Still, you can say that About the year 2005 in Israeli culture: not only was it unhappy in its own way, but it was more unhappy than others.

The frustration, violence and hatred that had accumulated here in recent years erupted in an ugly way.

It was a vulgar and aggressive year, in a way that really took away the desire to leave the house.

True, Andy Warhol already coined the term "15 seconds of fame" many years ago, and there is nothing new about it.

And yet: this year, more than ever, most of the noise will be generated by transient phenomena, which are hard to believe will have any long-term effect.

In fact, it is hard to even believe that we will remember them until next year.

Either way, before PFG enters our lives and we begin the countdown - here are the 22 most embarrassing moments of the past year, and a heartfelt apology to anyone who was left out.

Only a few months after leaving her position, one of the most important and sensitive trusted servants in the region, Shmarit Meir washes all the dirty laundry outside, in an unprecedented and strange way that also has a hint of megalomania

dirty laundry.

Shamrit Meir (photo: screenshot, screenshot)

Only a few months after she finished her work at "Haaretz" due to abuse of her employees and facts, "Globes" hires the services of Lisa Peretz.

The result is a slightly awkward culture supplement


Menachem Horvitz interviews a random woman live in the market, introduces her as Aviva Avidan, asks her questions as Aviva Avidan and receives answers from her as if she were Aviva Avidan - but she is not Aviva Avidan

More in Walla!

The embarrassing moments of Tashfa

To the full article


Essi Ezer was sent to interview one of the most important musicians of our generation, who wrote the theme song for one of the biggest movie series in the history of commercial cinema and wastes it on an awkward interview that makes her yawn and us cringe in embarrassment (wait, we'll get back to Essi Ezer unfortunately)

is not that a loss?

Esi Ezer in front of Billie Eilish (photo: screenshot, News 12)

Eldad Koblenz ends his controversial term at the head of the Public Broadcasting Corporation, being ousted in disgrace by the council.

Will he fulfill his dream of becoming the Minister of Culture in the future?


Eldad Koblenz (Photo: Finney)

Michal Aharoni, Shlomi Elder's partner, claims that Ila Hasson verbally attacked her in the newsroom of News 13. Amnon Levy, Hasson's colleague, tweets the response "We saw. A beast", then deletes the tweet and claims that he meant something else altogether.

Anyway: sounds like a fun news system to be on

The change server.

Yifat Shasha Biton (photo: screenshot, Twitter)

Israel embarks on a military operation, and the IDF spokesman proves to be ready for the task with his amazing rhetorical skills


Gil Tamri, the foreign editor of News 13, uses his American passport to enter Mecca even though entry is forbidden to non-Muslims (and he is not a Muslim).

Pulitzer will not get out of this, risking the future of the locals who helped him - indeed yes

Peek and hit.

Gil Tamri (Photo: Reuven Castro)

Avery Gilad is trying something new with a puzzling evening show called "Medd Israel".

The experiment fails, the show goes off the air, and Avery is forced to reset the alarm clock and wake up to the nightmarish morning shows

The experiment failed.

Avri Gilad (photo: screenshot, screenshot from "Midd Israel")

The investigation "Pegasus" by the newspaper "Calcalist" appears to be a favorite for the Sokolov Prize, and presents itself with the pomposity of Pulitzer winners, until it turns out that it is apparently one of the biggest journalistic ducks that have been here recently

The duck of the year, if not the decade.

"Calcalist" investigation (photo: official website, Calcalist)

Ofira Essig, the queen of the passive-aggressive, humiliates a young reporter live who cannot afford to confront her.

Only after she whitewashed his face in public, she asks for forgiveness


Omer Adam releases "Cockadilla", a particularly offensive song towards women of Russian descent, and in fact towards anyone with ears.

He is also, of course, proud of it

Omer Adam refers to the Kakadila case in a concert at Menorah Hall (PR)

During what was supposed to be just another boring evening at the Ein Gav festival, Shlomo Gronich takes the sectarian genie out of the bottle, and raises awareness of the damage of dementia


During an innocent discussion on their morning show, Danny Rupp asks Rotem Israel if she wants to "see his tattoos", gets up and makes a gesture like he's about to roll up his pants

The forecast: next year will be more awkward.

Danny Rupp and the tattoo incident (photo: screenshot, Network 13)

The sequel to "The Minions" becomes the scene of unprecedented riots in movie theaters.

Groups of children and teenagers run riot with screenings, threaten with stabbings and threaten with vandalism and throwing popcorn.

It sounds ridiculous, but it was ugly and outrageous

A movie theater somewhere in Israel after polite children visited it during a screening of "The Minions" (Photo: Walla! System, Avner Shavit)

A complex year in the world of concerts.

On the one hand, this is the only area of ​​local culture that has recovered from the corona - and by and large.

On the other hand, this year was full of exorbitant ticket prices, and worse - violent riots at the entrance to festivals and during the performances themselves

A fight at the end of Itai Levy's concert in Caesarea (photo: screenshot)

Moran Ben Assoulin becomes a viral phenomenon following a video from her wedding, in which she takes advantage of a performance by Omar Adam to demonstrate egomania, vulgarity and aggressiveness, which turn her into a cultural heroine for exactly one and a half seconds

The main thing is that Vinson is enjoying life.

Moran Ben Assolin (photo: screenshot, Instagram)

Even though she doesn't even tickle the block percentage, Hadar, a crowned "young woman on fire," is becoming the big story of the 2022 election. It could be refreshing, if her story didn't consist mostly of endless and meaningless screaming, a lot of missing details in her backstory, and zero real impact

Volume: one hundred.

Effect: Zero.

Hadar Mokhtar (Photo: Reuven Castro)

Not only is Moshe Ivegi honored with an early release from prison, but he also gets to make a film and receive funding for it from the heart of the Israeli mainstream.

Who needs Will Smith?

We have worse than ours

as if nothing had happened.

Moshe Ivgi (Photo: Flash 90, David Cohen)

Sagi Ben Nun's investigation in Vala reveals Yehuda Nahari's claim that Asi Ezer sexually harassed him.

Sagittarius, as usual, is in a hurry to protect her treasure and whiten it

took no responsibility.

Assi Ezer (Photo: Reuven Castro)

The partnership between Static and Ben El falls apart, partly due to the revelation of shocking tapes in which Ben El Tabori shouts and threatens his son and his ex-partner Ortal Amr, who later says that this is only the tip of the iceberg

Shocking screams.

Ben El Tabori (photo: screenshot, Instagram)

Itamar Ben Gabir, who for years was marginalized and rightfully so, is undergoing a swift normalization process that turns him into a full-fledged public figure and, moreover, a rock star.

who is to blame?

the media


all of us

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