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Best Video Games to Play This Autumn


How video games evolved over the years is mind-blowing, and they continue to daze players with stunning visuals, challenging tasks, and powerful characters. So, could someone not love video games?

Now that autumn is here, it is understandable that you are looking for some indoor activities; rain and wind are not exactly the most agreeable weather conditions. Or are they? Seeing them from the comfort of your sofa, they surely are! And what is the best way to get into that autumn spirit than to play some video game with an inspiring serotinal aesthetic?

As the hoodies come out of the closet and days grow shorter, playing video games is a good way to spend your free time.

So, here is our top: we promise it will be a marathon of cosiness!

Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver

Is there anyone who does not love Pokemon? We doubt so! While Pokemon Black and White is ideal for playing during any time of the year, including the autumnal season, Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver has the best harvest-like settings. We know it was released more than a decade ago, in 2009, and since then, many other video games have come into existence, but this game is timeless. Launched on the Nintendo DS, Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver has stunning visuals and colours that breathe an autumnal vibe.

In your quest to find the famous Pokemon, Ho-Oh, you will go on the path of Bell Tower Trail, where you will be thrilled to notice a bunch of trees of yellows, oranges, and reds. It is like an autumn paradise! Although you are on a critical mission to find the Pokemon, the little time spent among fallen yellow leaves feels hassle-free and peaceful.

What Remains of Edith Finch

This 2017 video game is available on PC, Xbox One, and PS4. If you are a bookaholic or at least enjoy reading during autumn, this game should be just the right thing for you. What Remains of Edith Finch is set in a ramshackle Victorian-era mansion, where the protagonist has to delve into their family’s distressing past. This game has got it all: adventure, family memoir, pop-up book. For the story-based video game enthusiasts out there, it would be a pleasure to explore the settings of this remarkably created game.

Brothers – A Tale of Two Sons

In this Norse-mythology-inspired video game, reality harmoniously blends with the fantastical. Landscapes in this game have an autumnal, crisp feel with peaceful hues and tones. The windmills and trolls complete the atmosphere, so playing this game will likely feel like an enticing walk through the forest among falling leaves and serotinal trees. Nonetheless, you are on a mission; although looking at all those colourful landscapes is pleasant, you must find the “Water of Life”. This miraculous substance will save the dying father of the two brothers you control. The journey is, without any doubt, luring. This game often makes its players want more, so do not be surprised if there have been three hours since you started playing. 

However, if you are on the street, avoid playing this game or any other video game, as you may hurt yourself. It is easy to plunge into a video game, forgetting everything around, which can result in a serious trip and fall accident. These accidents on the street happen more often than you think, sometimes because of the walker and sometimes because of the owner of a particular property. In the case of the latter, you should not skate by this but take the necessary steps to file a personal injury claim in the UK. You may find it helpful to get in touch with a professional attorney in this sense for adequate guidance along the way.

Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley is one of those all-time favourite games, but this should come as no surprise. It is filled with breathtaking autumn surroundings, delightful characters, and simplistic art. You have the chance to grow a bountiful farm that you have inherited from your grandmother. Stardew Valley involves real-life missions that you will accomplish with the help of hand-me-down tools and coins. It is also an excellent opportunity to get accustomed to country life and begin a new life chapter. The question is, “Can you transform this farm into a thriving home?”

You are going to see the beauty of all seasons via spectacular visuals, but trust us, autumn here is memorable. You will witness everything from autumnal hues such as oranges, browns, and lavenders to harvest traditions and events. Without a doubt, this game catapults you into a beautiful, enticing realm, where planting fruits and vegetables and doing chores will turn into pleasures.

Moreover, it is considered one of the most relaxing and therapeutic games, so if you are struggling with the stress related to changes in seasons, pathologically named Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), you may want to give it a try. It is common for video games, especially VR games, to be used as a treatment for some medical conditions.

Kingdom Hearts II

You are in the midst of the final days of Summer Break and enjoy beautiful moments with your buddies – that is the vibe Kingdom Hearts II manages to convey. This is an RPG (role-playing game), meaning that you will assume the role of a character based on your preferences and then interact with the game’s world accordingly. Playing Kingdom Hearts II is a gratifying experience, as it reminisces about childhood and those good times spent doing (exactly!) nothing. End-of-summer blues characterise a good part of the game, but this is not a minus; in fact, it is great to remember those good old times.

Settings in Kingdom Hearts II remind of Disney classic movies, so for all the Disney fandom out there: this is for you. We do not think there is anything negative to say about this game, as it is simply all fun, nostalgic, and a bit ridiculous, but in a good way. Simply put – a seamless burst of sunshine as the autumn solstice is approaching.

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