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The end of boring chores? Tesla unveiled its human robot - voila! technology


At Tesla's annual artificial intelligence event, Elon Musk unveiled the company's rumored robot called Optimus. The estimated price according to Musk is about 20,000 dollars

The end of boring chores?

Tesla unveiled its humanoid robot

At Tesla's annual artificial intelligence event, Elon Musk unveiled the company's rumored robot called Optimus.

The estimated price according to Musk is about $20,000 and Optimus will do "boring tasks" for you and will be available for purchase in 2027

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Saturday, 01 October 2022, 22:00 Updated: Sunday, 02 October 2022, 09:53

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Tesla's "Artificial Intelligence Day" event, where the robot (Tesla) was revealed

Last year at Tesla's AI Day, Elon Musk serenaded reporters and attendees and brought the "prototype" of Tesla's robot to the stage.

But it turned out to be an actor in a bodysuit and a mask who was just pretending to be a robot.

But last weekend the real thing happened - and Tesla unveiled the prototype for its much-anticipated robot, named Optimus.

Optimus (the name is no accident, Elon who is known to be a big popular culture geek, of course chose the name of the leader of the Transformers...), for now appears mainly as a robotic skeleton, with all of his motor structure exposed.

He waved to the crowd and the fish also did a dance step - this time at a much slower pace than last year's actor.

The movements of the Optimus models presented on stage were slow, but their possible potential is evident, especially in lifting heavy loads, thanks to the powerful engines.

It will be available on the market in 2027 according to the company founder's prediction, and will cost about $20,000 according to his estimation.

"Optimus", Tesla's robot (Photo: Tesla)

Optimus does look a bit disappointing compared to Tesla's other products, and certainly when you put it next to polished robots and dance wizards and tasks like Atlas or Boston Dynamics' Spot, for example.

But Tesla's people argued in their defense that Optimus was built in only eight months, and that's why at the moment its capabilities and appearance are still limited.

For movement, Optimus is equipped with the same orientation and artificial intelligence system that serves the company's electric and autonomous vehicles.

But the contribution should be mutual: Tesla hopes to take the AI ​​developments for Optimus and use them in its cars as well.

The plan is to eventually produce them in millions, and for use in a variety of industries.

Most likely the first Optimus models will start to be used as production workers in Tesla's own factories as they come into the limelight.

However, as Tesla discovered in the automotive world - it is not so easy to produce robots, and the world of advanced robotics is a challenging world, in which progress is slow and frustrating, not at all the style of Musk - who likes to move quickly: "The number of scenarios in which Optimus will be useful will increase exponentially, literally Really fast," Musk promised.

He also predicted that the widespread use of robots would lead to an era of prosperity and the elimination of poverty.

He may discover that reality is more complex than that.

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