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"I had a normal youth, not that of a movie star. I also suffered from bad partners and bad class queens" - voila! culture


Elle Fanning stars in the movie "No Way Out" and on the occasion of its release in Israel tells why it was important for her to star in "Katrina" and "The Girl from Plainville" and also to produce them. an interview

The trailer for the movie "Without a way out" (Shoovel Films)

Elle Fanning first appeared on the big screen at the age of three, when she played the younger version of her older sister Dakota Fanning in "My Name Is Sam".

Although it was a small role, nine years later, at the age of 12, she starred in the film that won the Golden Lion at the Venice Film Festival - "Somewhere" by Sofia Coppola.

Many child prodigies fade as quickly as they shine, but not Fanning's.

She continued to lead a rich and successful career, and in the last two years she reached new heights when she won Emmy and Golden Globe nominations for her role in the black and wild comedy "Katrina" ("The Great"), in which she plays the Empress of Russia.

In addition to that, you can also see her in another spoken word series, "The Girl from Plainville", and this coming weekend you can also see her on the big screen in the movie "The Roads Not Taken".

The film was first screened at the Berlin Film Festival in February 2020, and comes to us slightly late by almost three years due to the Corona virus.

Fanning stars in it alongside Havair Bardem, who plays a man suffering from dementia, and dives into fragments of memories and daydreams about what was and what could have been.

The young actress plays his daughter, who tries to stand by his side during his chaotic journey, and while he clings to the past, to worry about the future that is still open to her.

The film was directed by the veteran and respected British filmmaker Sally Potter, inspired by her brother's story.

Fanning, however, has no personal affinity for the subject.

"My family is my life, and it hurts me to even imagine something like this happening to them," says the actress in an interview with Walla!

Culture on the occasion of the exodus "without an outlet" in Israel.

"The film forced me to think about what I would do if something like this happened to my relatives. It's scary to think about the choices I would have to make. The mother of a close friend of mine suffers from Alzheimer's, and my friend had to sacrifice so much for her."

Actress, producer, star.

Elle Fanning at the Cannes Film Festival (Photo: GettyImages, Pool)

What did you know about dementia before making the film?

"What did I know? Nobody really knows anything. It's not something you can understand, and the film confronts us with that. Usually, when people can't understand something, they sweep it under the rug, but the film forces us to look dementia in the face and deal with our feelings about it ".

This is the first time you play on the Havair Bardem side.

How was the collaboration?

"I had to be on my toes, because I didn't know where Xavier was going to lead the character and the film. For me, it was an exercise in being vulnerable and being open. Sally constantly pushed me to challenge myself and reach places I didn't know existed in me."

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summit meeting.

Al Fanning and Javier Bardem in "Without a Way Out" (Photo: Shuval Films)

"Sally", meaning the director Sally Potter, knows Fanning well at different stages of her life.

She directed her for the first time about a decade ago, when the actress was 13 years old, in "Ginger and Rose", and now she has cast her again.

"If someone came and said to me, 'From now on, you can only work with Sally, I would happily agree,'" says the actress.

"I worked with her as a child and I worked with her as a woman, and time after time she changed me and changed my life. Regardless of the characters I played or the films we made, she simply redefined my boundaries in every possible sense."

The film was shot by Robbie Ryan, one of the best photographers of his day.

Can you talk about working with him?

"He is constantly standing with the camera close to the characters, and I constantly felt that the camera was seeing me. In general, I am aware of the camera, and I know that in order to tell the story, you need to know where the camera is, because if the camera does not capture something that is happening, then what is the point of doing it ?"

We have seen you closely for many years, but do we really see you?

What do you think is the biggest difference between your public image and who you really are?

"Oh man. I don't think any of us really know anything about anyone else, unless they really know her. Anyway, what is my public image anyway? 'Blonde'? 'The Nemesis Beauty'?".

The beauty of the nemesis?

Elle Fanning (Photo: GettyImages, Rodin Eckenroth)

Fanning is not only the star of "Katrina" and "The Girl from Plainville" - but also one of the producers of these series.

"One of the reasons I wanted to start producing things is so that I can bring interesting materials to the screen in regards to the representation of women," she says.

"In my short time in the industry, I got to see how things are changing - today there are more female characters and they are more interesting and rich, and there are also more producers. And yet, as someone who recently went out often to enter the rooms where things are managed, I can say that sometimes only men sit there I can also testify that there are different energies if there are only men in the room or if there are also many women."

"'Katrina' is a feminist series in my eyes, precisely because the heroine I play is not perfect, and she does not always enter the room with the right answer. She is also not always brave. She can be weak and can break, and sometimes she looks for the answers in others."

Back to the cinema: Fanning's resume includes "Babel", "Women of the 20th Century" and some rather forgettable films, for example "Just Want to Sing" from 2018, the highlight of which was her performance of some contemporary pop hits, for example Robin's.

I would like to compliment her on that and also ask what music she has been listening to recently.

"The last time I listened to music was on a flight, and on flights I listen to depressing music - Sigur Rós, for example," says Fanning.

Flights put me in a storm of emotions.

It's called 'Plane Brain'.

Something happens to me in the air and makes me pensive.

Anyway, I had fun singing in the movie and I would always love to sing more.

I was in the choir at school."

If you already mentioned school, what was it like to be a high school student who is also a movie star?

"Really, my high school experience was completely normal.

I went to parties, I went to prom, and I suffered along the way from the cruelty of the queens of the class and bad spouses."

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"I try to be super-temporary."

Elle Fanning (Photo: GettyImages)

Before I finish, may I compliment you on your style?

"Thank you! I love fashion and I love dressing up for red carpets. I have posters of models in my room and that's something I've always been aware of. I love Hollywood glamour, and I try to be up-to-date. People say I have a 'period movie face', which I'm not says".

We will finish with another question about "no way out".

The film talks about love that does not depend on anything.

do you believe it

"Oh man. Yes, I think I have unconditional love. I hope we all have it. Your love for your family must be unconditional love. Whatever happens to my mother, nothing will harm my love for her."

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