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A glimpse into the future: what will Instagram look like in 2023? - Walla! technology


We have analyzed the many changes that have taken place in the platform in the past year, in an attempt to conclude in which direction the social network that most influences our lives is heading

Zuckerberg presents the new developments of Meta

There are two good things that can be said about 2022. The first is that this is the year when most of the world puts the corona virus behind it.

The second is that it is finally over, because this year was clearly not easy either, with war in Ukraine, tensions in Taiwan, rising inflation, severe declines in the stock market, corrupt crypto scandals and more.

The main thing is that you came back.

J. Lo and Ben Affleck (Photo: Reuters, Mario Anzuoni)

However, if we put the cynicism aside for a moment, of course there were also positive phenomena this year: humanity is returning to the moon, 5G technology is gaining momentum, progress has been made in several aspects of the climate crisis and Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez are back.

We know that reality is always complex, and you can always choose the details when we tell the story.

And speaking of story (which is a story in English. Did you see what we did here?) Even on Instagram, the most influential social network, quite a few things happened this year and now it's time to summarize them, and try to see what can be taken from them for next year on the platform as well.

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Instagram will search for its voice again

The last year on the Internet in general and Instagram in particular, was characterized by the fact that Tiktok became the light before the camp.

Each and every one of them took different characteristics from the Chinese network, trying to trace its success.

The great growth of TikTok only sharpened the perception that social networks are much less social than before.

If you will, the social media networks are now putting the emphasis on the media and not on the social: Tiktok is basically a Netflix-style entertainment platform;

We do not consume content that our friends have created, but mainly content that is intended to reach a wide distribution, even if the creator of the content is not always successful in this.

Instagram, in turn, also implements this concept, when it significantly increased the exposure it gives to Reels, making them to some extent the focus of its platform, and also increased the exposure to content from creators we don't follow directly.

While Tiktok is probably the hegemon among Generation Z, on the face of it Instagram still dominates most age groups.

However, it hasn't been innovating anything for a long time: at most, it takes features that have been successful elsewhere, and assimilates them.

Can this strategy of "stealing everything good" (and not just from Tiktok by the way) continue forever?

Be attentive to reviews (Photo: ShutterStock)

However, it must be said that Instagram is receptive to criticism.

In July, a protest led by the Kardashians ran online with the hashtag #makeinstagramistagramagain.

Using a sort of pun on Trump's well-known campaign slogan, this little protest is meant to make it clear that Instagram has changed so much since its early days, to the point where it's become a boring place to be honest.

In response to user complaints, Instagram announced that it would reduce the amount of content recommended by artificial intelligence, and also removed advertisements from the feed (although not from the Stories feed).

But in the coming year, we can expect Instagram to continue to look for more original ways for users to express themselves: using NFTs (as already hinted by Zuckerberg), and perhaps even tools that will enable augmented reality and 3D creations, by using Meta's Meta Spark platform .

Less use of external tools

Those of us who invest in social media management know that one of the most annoying things about Instagram is that there is no possibility to schedule posts, and in order to do this, it was necessary to turn to all kinds of external tools designed for this.

But very soon it will happen: Instagram will allow us to schedule posts without the use of external tools, and listen to us when we tell you, it's a piece of cake.

Right now the feature is still experimental and not open to everyone, but soon it will be available on all platforms.

Also in the field of creating reels, Instagram has added more and more tools in the hands of creators such as editing, merging, cutting, adding music, using templates, effects, stickers, etc., so that there is no need to use external aids for creating reels.

Instagram has put considerable effort into making creating Reels an intuitive operation, so we don't have to leave the platform (and Instagram doesn't risk us running away from it).

Advertising as content (we couldn't find a better translation for Advertisement)

Facebook (Meta) invests heavily in the development of the e-commerce sector on its platforms (Facebook Market for example), and on Instagram this is reflected in Instagram Shops.

Instagram Shops allows businesses on Instagram to catalog products so that surfers can browse them and make purchases directly through Instagram.

Now it is also possible to display ads for products within the shopping area, thus adding more tools to advertisers and marketers on the platform.

Instagram is becoming a sales arena, and businesses big and small must be there.

More tools for advertisers.

Instagram CEO Adam Mosari (Photo: GettyImages)

But what is expected to come in stronger in the next year or so is taking Instagram ads to the next level, making them more interactive and more engaging.

The ads themselves must be more interesting, and there is no doubt that one way or another, Instagram will put more and more tools in the hands of advertisers to do this.

Tal Navro's website Tal Navro

's business website

The other networks: the one that goes up, the one that goes down, and the one that is not closed on itself

As we mentioned above, TikTok is no longer a social network, but a force that threatens to swallow the entire Internet: YouTube, Instagram, Amazon, and even Google have all taken features from TikTok, but currently, TikTok is the one that sets the tone, with many teenagers preferring to do even the Their searches are on Tik Tok and not on Google.

It's just a shame for us that the competition between the different networks is not about who will give us the best product, but about who will become a more efficient information extraction machine than its surfers.

But while Tiktok is the one going up, Facebook is completely going down.

The company Meta has lost 65% of its value this year, despite the fact that it has Instagram, so the real damage is probably to the parent platform.

This was the first year in its history that the number of Facebook users was in decline.

Mark Zuckerberg seems to have gone all in on the Metaverse, and for now he's pretty much alone there (yes, even he added "legs").


Tal Nebro (Photo: Yehats)

And where is there no point in trying to estimate what will happen to the platform?

On Twitter, of course, after the Blue Hoi fiasco, the widespread layoffs, the abandonment of advertisers, and the return of Kanye West in days when even Trump wants nothing to do with him, Musk has scattered in so many possible directions, and it's hard to know what will happen in the end.

Will Twitter really be the app of everything?

Will you integrate payments into the app?

Will the platform adopt Dogecoin as its currency?

Your guesses are as good as Musk's, because it's not clear if anyone is actually steering this ship.

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