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UWANT X100: a vacuum cleaner that can quietly replace your mop - voila! technology


Granted, it's not flashy or exciting like a smartphone, but it makes our lives much, much easier. We checked

UWANT X100 washing cordless vacuum cleaner (Yeron Zilberstein)

When people hear the word "technology", they usually imagine shiny and exciting gadgets like smartphones - and that's natural.

Our brains jump straight to things that excite us, and a new smartphone is definitely exciting.

Who doesn't want a better camera, a more durable battery or a more powerful processor?

The same feeling accompanies us regarding new releases of game consoles and laptops.

But sometimes the real innovations come precisely in more "boring" areas and when it comes to routine life, there is nothing more routine and boring than cleaning and washing the floor.

It's just something that needs to be done once in a while - but we've all discovered in recent years with the cordless vacuum cleaner revolution that a good cleaning device can make the job a lot easier.

Instead of scrubbing on your hands and knees, you can stand upright while cleaning and unlike the old brooms, there is a sophisticated motor that does most of the work for you.

It's not flashy or exciting like a smartphone, but it makes our lives much, much easier.

And in the end that's what technology is supposed to be.

It's not flashy or exciting like a smartphone, but it makes our lives much, much easier (Photo: UWANT)

You have never cleaned the floor like this in your life

Floors get dirty very quickly, even people with a daily cleaning routine who wash every few days know that the floor is never really clean as it should be.

Fortunately, the technology of the 21st century has come to help us here as well.

That's why I was excited to receive the UWANT X100 for review - a large and powerful cordless vacuum cleaner and floor scrubber that should be perfect for any type of flooring.

It has a unique dual brush design with 2 rollers, so you should get twice the cleaning power of a standard wet/dry vacuum and 600ml water tanks, which waste less time fiddling with water and detergent refills and more time cleaning itself.

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After its quick assembly, the UWANT X100 sits on its docking station, fully charged, and waiting for you to need it. (Photo: Walla! System, Yaron Zilberstein)

This cordless floor cleaner and scrubber uses water (and a unique detergent) to scrub and wash the floor, not before it vacuums up the dirt.

With the dual brushes and the automatic system for cutting hair tangled in the brushes and a long battery life of 44 minutes - its promise is to become the ideal and ultimate cordless floor cleaner.

is that so?

I approached cautiously, I have never used a vacuum cleaner that also washes the floor and I was worried about the process and the results, but all my fears were quickly dispelled.

When I opened the box, I found the main cleaner and handle, a docking station, a brush for cleaning the parts, a spare roller, a spare filter, a dedicated cleaning agent (it cannot be used with cleaning agents of other brands) and a simple instruction manual in Hebrew.

After its quick assembly, the UWANT X100 sits on its docking station, fully charged, waiting for you to need it.

It is suitable for use on wooden floors, carpets, PVC and many other surfaces - when the surprise is that you don't have to choose the appropriate operating mode for the flooring, because the cleaner has a "smart mode" that adapts itself to the floor automatically.

In addition, it can be used in three modes - the standard mode which is perfect for most fast and agile cleaning jobs, the fast turbo mode which allows you to clean faster and as a result deeper (this is the mode in which you need to use the detergent that comes with the device at a ratio of 30 ml per liter, but a container The water in the UWANT X100 is only 600 ml, so there will be enough left for the next time as well).

The third mode is the smart mode - which detects the type of surface and the level of dirt and automatically adjusts the suction power.

Its advantages are many: it is simple to assemble and does not take up much space in the house despite the docking station, the two water tanks (clean and dirty) are easy to install and remove, while they are securely in place and do not drip at any stage.

It is also worth mentioning the smart voice response of the device - which informs you when it is turned on and when charging is required and at the same time as the lights that warn when the water tanks are empty or full, the vacuum cleaner also informs you of this with a voice command.

The dual rollers have an added effect - especially when used with water, the cordless floor cleaner feels like it's floating (unsurprisingly, this is something that only happens with a hard floor, not carpets).

The wireless floor cleaner feels as if it is floating (photo: Walla! system, Yaron Zilberstein)

Have you finished cleaning?

You just need to empty the dirty water tank and return to charging.

With two brushes and two water tanks the device picks up a lot of dirt, but emptying the dirty water tank is very simple, although often requires the use of the dedicated cleaning brush, especially when hair is sucked in.

Cleaning the brushes is another matter.

How can you clean them and get rid of the inevitable pet and human hair?

If you have used any other type of cordless vacuum, you probably already know how much hair can get tangled in the cleaning brushes and how difficult it is to get rid of.

To make matters easier, the UWANT X100 has a self-cleaning mode.

After you put it to charge in the docking station, you can press the self-cleaning button, and the brushes will clean themselves, rotate against the surface of the docking station and eliminate the slime left on them.

Beyond that - the whole process starts with a cutting blade that slides over the brush from right to left, capturing and cutting every piece of hair wrapped around the brushes.

I set out with this vacuum cleaner/washer to thoroughly clean a three-room apartment where two children live, a dog and a cat who sweep the floor regularly.

In less than ten minutes I was done and left with a shiny house.

I also found it hard to believe, but I discovered a very capable cleaner that easily replaces a tedious washing of the house without tiring work and without the frustrating raking of the dirty water at the end.

In the end, I was also able to find one drawback: since the two rollers are activated separately, the device is indeed able to clean even in corners and the free rotation of the handle facilitates cleaning in the corners of the room and around table legs and chairs - but it does not manage to get deep under tables or beds.

It will actually "pull back" if you try to push it beyond its standard usage angle.

After spending a few days with this floor cleaner I pretty much refuse to part with it.

It is ideal for all types of hard flooring, be it wood, floors, tiles or PVC.

It also cleans carpets quite well, although not perfectly and ideally.

It perfectly cleans any wet or dry dirt that I tried in front of it, is easy to operate and has a durable battery that will be enough to clean the whole house non-stop.

Although it is not ideal for cleaning under tables or low sofas, the UWANT X100 cordless floor cleaner can undoubtedly quietly replace your mop, and even the current cordless vacuum cleaner you already have at home.

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