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UWANT B100 cleaning and washing machine for dirt and stains - voila! technology


Although its official definition is a "cleaning and washing machine for dirt and stains" and it can also vacuum the floor and carpets, what I saw before my eyes was - a device for cleaning the sofa

Cleaning a sofa with UWANT B100 (Yeron Zilberstein)

There is one place in the house where most of us spend many hours (sometimes even a whole day) but we never bothered to clean properly - the sofa.

In many homes it is the center on which they lie when watching TV, cuddling with the children, sometimes even eating.

We lie on it when we are sick, play on it with our pets and of course also sometimes enjoy sexual moments on it.

So with all this it is reasonable to assume that we will clean it well every day - but the reality is completely opposite.

In the best case, when a drinking glass is spilled on it, we clean it with a cloth and detergent, and if we see a lot of dog hair, we vacuum it.

And that's it.

This is what the cleaning maintenance of the average sofa usually boils down to.


We have heard that there is such a thing as a "professional sofa cleaner", but most of us would rather buy a new sofa than invite a professional to our home to clean it properly.

That's why I was excited when I received the UWANT B100 device for testing, because even though its official definition is a "cleaning and washing machine for dirt and stains" and it can also vacuum the floor and carpets, what I saw before my eyes was - a device for cleaning the sofa.

I didn't make that up of course.

Although the device promises that it is able to easily remove any stain and dirt anywhere and from any surface, the line that stood out to me in its specifications was - unique for cleaning sofas, carpets and mattresses.


When the device arrived, I hurried to take it out of the box and examine it carefully: it is a rather small device (about 30 cm in each direction and weighs less than 5 kg) and its assembly is very simple.

According to the promises, it should perform 4 actions at once: high-pressure spraying that includes washing, scrubbing and suction - and all with one easy-to-use cleaning brush.

He does it according to the instruction booklet "with the help of powerful water pressure that with the precisely measured cleaning agents is applied to the surface and breaks down all types of dirt, while the brush scrubs and separates stains, before everything is sucked back into the tank."

The device has two water tanks on each side - a 1800 ml clean water tank and a 1600 ml dirty water tank which should reduce the need to add and change water frequently during cleaning and allow for uninterrupted cleaning.

Indeed, the device looks promising and the vacuuming with the brush is comfortable and easy and even visible with a transparent window on top of the brush that shows the dirt that is being sucked up and washed away (and on the one hand it is insanely satisfying to see the dirt being sucked up and on the other hand it is stressful to discover the amount of dirt I sat on to watch the World Cup).

It actually works like a portable washing machine - if the main purpose of a washing machine is to clean clothes by removing unwanted stains then that's exactly what this product does only it's portable and very easy to carry.

In a hidden drawer I even found three small vials of cleaning agents: a solution for deep cleaning, a solution for cleaning fabrics and a solution for removing dust mites.

So I approached the task of vacuuming the sofa itself.

First of all, spray the water with the detergent on the sofa and then go over the entire sofa with the suction brush.

It was indeed satisfactory and the result was a sofa that looks almost like new - without stains that I had already gotten used to living with - but the work was really not easy.

Although the device comes with a fairly long suction tube, and it moves easily on wheels, the cleaning itself required me to bend down for several minutes (in fact, it took me almost an hour to reach the desired result, which included not only vacuuming but also scrubbing the harder stains).

I ended up with a clean sofa but also with a backache.

UWANT B100 (Photo: Public Relations)

The results were similar when I cleaned the beds at home - great results but a sore back.

Both times I also had to equip myself with a floor rag because while moving around with the two water containers, one of them started to drip and created a small puddle on the floor.

Even at the end of the cleaning, I was faced with a problem - despite the promise that "the strong suction power 12000Pa shortens the drying time" the sofa was damp and it took several more hours until it was completely dry and I could lie on it again.

But these are petty complaints with regard to the result (and the fact that after the initial deep cleaning there will be no need for another one for a long period of time and the device will only be used for quick cleaning of stains in real time).

According to the promises, the device should also be suitable for cleaning all types of fabrics (including hanging curtains), and it can also be used to clean stairs, upholstery, the interior of the vehicle and more.

When all this comes in a device that hardly takes up any space at home and its price is absolutely reasonable (NIS 899 at the official importer, Ronlight) it's hard not to recommend it - and jump on the couch to take a nap.

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