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"Great Country" went on the attack for Shaoli, and was a huge disappointment - voila! culture


"Wonderful Country" missed the opening skit that compared Messi and Netanyahu, missed big with an unnecessary response to the "maybe" case, but at least the imitation of Miki Samu saved the situation. Three comments

Sahara, "Wonderful Land" (Arch 12)

1. The opening sketch of "Wonderful Country" last night compared Messi at the World Cup in Qatar and Netanyahu trying to form a government.

The former, who reached a huge sporting achievement, was clouded by the host Qatari regime, who dressed him in an abaya at the moment of the wave and forbade players to express support for the LGBT community. Messi is shown as helpless in the face of Qatari business, which runs the show.

On the parallel screen, who if not Netanyahu, also portrayed of Mariano, goes through an identical scene - only in his case there is no Qatari but Goldknopf, who imposes on him the rules, the clothing and also opposition to the LGBT, as the one on whom the government depends - a joke that in a wonderful country will be repeated again and again throughout the evening.

It's a lame skit, one that inexorably unsubtlely conflates the main events of the week into a weak comparison.

After all, Messi came out of the World Cup final as a world hero, it is doubtful if he invested more than an iota of thought in the clothes he wore.

Netanyahu, with a much more mediocre record, had to wait until the last minute to form a government with extreme partners.

There is not much between Torah Judaism and the Qatari government, apart from religious conservatism.

So if Netanyahu is not Messi, and Goldknopf is not the Qataris, then what have we done about it?

Not exactly the same.

Messi of "Wonderful Country" (Photo: screenshot, Keshet 12)

A much better, simple and blunt comparison between the events of the World Cup and Israeli politics came a few minutes later, almost by the way.

Aryeh Deri-Yaniv Biton, upon entering the panel, presented his commitment to retire from political life in the binder, which he waved as an obscene gesture, like the Argentinian goalkeeper Emiliano Martinez, who did so with the award for the best goalkeeper in the tournament.

It's the winners' blatant disdain for the losers and the rules of the ceremony - a much more striking similarity.

2. It was hard not to wonder if "Wonderful Land" would respond to Asi Cohen-Shaoli's storm, and his exit from the stage during a Tel Aviv municipality event shortly after his performance began.

This event was discussed extensively, also here on this website, and it seemed that Cohen's television family would not hold back from commenting.

Cohen himself did not participate in the program this week, and neither were Shauli's friends in parliament injured, but there was a small sting, and oh, how disappointing it was.

In a conversation with Netanyahu-Mariano, Kitzis told him that he was "a member of the most extreme elements of Israeli society", and he replied something like "except for the vegans" - a wink on his face referring to the reports that jokes about veganism were the ones that upset the viewers of Shaoli's show, and she has no Another topical connection that jumps out.

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It would have been better to keep quiet.

From "Wonderful Land" (Photo: screenshot, Keshet 12)

It's a stupid joke, which misses the whole point: instead of saying something about the freedom that should be on stage, or let's say make a required tribute to a huge figure - a great country preferred to go small and sting smugly, as if it was a battle between sectors and not a matter of principle.

Unlike the political figures she attacks, here too there was no one to answer.

In Netanyahu's case, by the way, this joke isn't even true, since he hired a strong spokeswoman for the movement as an adviser.

Is this the best it's ever been?

It would have been better to keep quiet.

More in Walla!

It's time for Assi Cohen to take off Shaoli's wig, and start fighting for his art

To the full article

Come every holiday.

Mickey is the name of "Wonderful Land" (photo: screenshot, Keshet 12)

3. In the middle of all this, a moment of pure pleasure also appeared: the reappearance of Mickey Shmo-Tom Yaer with all the special donuts in honor of the holiday.

The impersonation is restrained - uncharacteristic of a comedian who is used to exaggerated characters - and all of it is a subtle enjoyment of disturbed ideas, which managed to make people laugh even long minutes into the sketch, and of course part of the secret of the magic is also the refusal to end.

And if so, we would be happy if we got to meet him not only once a year.

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