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The secrets behind the crash of an El Al plane in the Netherlands are revealed. It's even worse than it seems - voila! culture


The docu-series "Dark Skies", which unfolds the sad story of the Balmer disaster that happened in 1992, reveals a Pandora's box from which particularly terrible demons come out

From the movie "Dark Sky" (Photo: Hot8)

Beilmer is a gray and poor neighborhood in the south-east of Amsterdam.

A significant part of its residents are immigrants who came to the Netherlands from around the world in search of a better life.

It is not easy to start over in a foreign country, but they did not give up.

Save coin for coin, and start building the future of their children.

In October 1992, hope was dashed in an instant and turned into a nightmare: an El Al company Boeing plane, carrying mostly cargo, crashed into a residential building in the neighborhood.

In the disaster of the crash, 43 people were killed, of which four were Israelis - the crew members and a lone female passenger who was on the plane - and the rest were local residents.

About half of them are children.

Many people were injured and others lost all their meager possessions.

The troubles did not end there: many residents began to develop serious illnesses without having a satisfactory explanation, and the investigation of the incident itself was delayed, when several parties, each for their own reasons, texted, delayed, hid and hindered the ability to reach the truth.

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From the movie "Dark Sky" (Photo: Hot8)

This is the story told by director Noam Pinchas ("The Wonderful Kingdom of Papa Alive") in a three-part series called "Dark Skies", which aired last night on HOT8.

Through conversations with key people in the case - politicians, journalists, the families of the victims, people from El Al and the Boeing company, and more - he raises difficult questions about the conduct of the authorities and the giant companies before, during and after the event, and identifies time and time again how the culture of cronyism combined with capitalism and international pressures led to a terrible disaster , followed by the abandonment of the victims.

On the face of it, it looks like a gray, technical and complicated story, about cargo and components and bureaucracy and corrosion and political power plays - not exactly the most exciting material in the world - but behind the curtain of concepts Pinchas presents a shocking picture, a terrible story that is beyond tragedy - but real lawlessness, abandonment of weak people who paid with their lives while the powerful forces act according to their own interests.

For example, the big companies do everything to avoid taking responsibility for the accident.

Boeing settles for paltry compensation.

The series repeats criticism of El-Al, which delayed and apparently did not tell the whole truth regarding the information about the cargo that was on the plane and what it included - security equipment, including material for preparing nerve gas, among other things.

The lack of cooperation with the Dutch investigative committee was then justified by the company with the words "anti-Semitic atmosphere".

The Dutch parliament refused to accept the conclusions of that committee, and it was claimed that this was done in order not to collapse the coalition.

more and more.

The whole affair seems like a Pandora's box from which the ugliest demons come out.

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From the movie "Dark Sky" (Photo: Hot8)

Above all, the feeling is jarring that if it was not a neighborhood of immigrants, but a prestigious building in another location in Amsterdam, the authorities would have reacted differently, and the companies would have had to react differently.

Pinchas' series does a good job of unfolding all these stories, with fascinating interviewees and comprehensive documentation - and a bit of a load of technical details - in an effort to do justice to the forgotten victims.

At the same time, it lacks a more extensive reference to those victims themselves - who they were, what their names were, and what their actions were.

The director focuses more on the causes of the accident and its investigation for logical reasons, but in a series of three episodes it could have been devoted to a more extensive occupation.

Above all, the series leaves the viewer with a feeling of deep sorrow and anxiety: when the world is going like this, what is supposed to prevent such a disaster from happening again?

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