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Massey Cohen to Netflix: the big confrontations of December 2022 - voila! culture


Ron Huldai vs. Assi Cohen, Doreen Atias vs. Guy Pines, Natalie Dadon vs. Netflix, Limor Levant and Dan Meridor vs. "Carthage" and more - the big confrontations of the past month

On video: Ron Huldai is interviewed by Almog Booker (Network 13)

Network thugs against the performance of Amir Zard Kapil Hamud

Throughout the history of the gaming world, many actors have made a sharp transition and experimented with completely different roles than what was identified with them.

Vin Diesel appeared in comedies for the whole family, Adam Sandler and Jim Carrey started appearing in dramas and the like, and sometimes the audience has a hard time dealing with the switch.

The young and talented Israeli actor Amir Zard also experienced this firsthand - and of course ran to tell about it on Instagram.

The young star, who broke out thanks to his rough appearance in the series "Bnei Or", entered the skin of a cute elephant in the children's show "Noah Box".

One of the fathers who watched the show mocked him for it on TikTok, and other surfers responded with their own mocking responses.

Zard, he said, bothered to read "each and every one", and then wrote to his loyal followers "I thought a lot about whether it was right to share my feelings with you, whether to tell you that I was hurt by the bad and humiliating reactions, whether to tell you that I didn't sleep all night. In the end, I decided yes!".

For those wondering - the show is still running.

Today, for example, it will be staged in Tel Mond and on Sunday in Lod, so you are invited to purchase tickets and support his righteous struggle.

If Vin Diesel and Hulk Hogan can play a nanny, then surely he can play an elephant.

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Haim Levinson vs Assaf Lieberman

Haim Levinson shoots everything that moves - from hi-tech to a human spring.

That's how it is, when you are a perfect person, who received a divine command to reveal to us all the injustices of the imperfect, it would be a sin not to fulfill the mission.

Levinson is not only a perfectionist, but a collegial person.

And so, he attacked his colleague Assaf Lieberman after he claimed that he did

not challenge MK David Bitan enough in a radio interview, blaming the many activities of the sought-after media star that may have distracted him.

obliged and responded to his friend, who has since left to look for the next victims.

More in Walla!

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Collegiality at its peak.

The Twitter correspondence between Lieberman and Levinson (photo: screenshot, screenshot from Twitter)

Mikiyagi and marginalized youth are no more

At a time when countless bands are reuniting, in the world and in Israel, there are also bands that will probably never take the stage with the original and full line-up, even if the members are still alive.

The Smiths are of course one example, and with us - fringe youth, who, although they reunited recently, did so without Mikiyagi, the band's lead singer and the figure who was most identified with her.

"We are like divorced parents with successful children," Dodi Levy, a member of the band who actually participated in the union, said in an interview with Sagia Ben Nun in Vala.

Mikiyagi, who refused to even watch him as a simple spectator, said this: "What they do is none of my business, I don't care. But if it's nice to them, let them do it. I don't care if they do or not, if they succeed or not . My energy is elsewhere."

You decide for yourself if it is a confrontation, divorce or passive-aggressive.

Michael Ben David stepped into Mikiyagi's shoes at the Union of Marginal Youth (Photo: Yotam and Noam Yarkoni)

Members of the families of the Etzel and Lahi fighters against "Carthage"

The tension between fiction and reality always causes conflicts, especially when a series that is "based on real events" is successful.

This happened in the United Kingdom with the "Crown", and in contrast - it happened here with the "Carthage" of Khan 11, which is called by the name of the detention camp to which the British exiled Etzal and Lehi fighters.

Most of these fighters are no longer with us, but their family members are, and there are people with a high public profile - for example Dan Meridor and Limor Livnet.

These demanded from here 11 to change the opening subtitles before the series, and the corporation responded to the request and now clarifies that it is a "fictional drama".

At least no one demanded and received the Genizat of the series - by our standards, that's also something.

"Bulletin drama".

From "Carthage" (photo: courtesy of here 11)

Nadav Zanzifar vs. Eyal Berkovich

The Israeli sports bog is of course a despicable underworld in itself, which can support this section every month and actually every week, and the stars of the genre have returned from the World Cup break with renewed strength.

At the center of things this month was the move of the rather unsuccessful coach Nir Berkowitz, who moved from one team to another in the middle of the season.

His brother, Eyal Berkovich, who can be said to protect his family with touching ferocity (no sarcasm), came to his defense.

The journalist Nadav Zanzifar attacked both of them - and then, you won't believe what happened (just, believe me, something expected happened).


Giovanni Russo vs. Guy Hochman

Guy Hochman, on the weight of what Morrissey once sang, can drive Buddhist monks out of their minds, and he still thinks it's a compliment.

Unfortunately for Giovanni Russo, he had to take a photo with him for the new season of "Golstar", an unbearable program in itself - and of course it ended in an explosion.

Rousseau wrote as follows: "I must say a few things about Guy Hochman. He put me in a difficult situation. I asked him several times not to talk about Serbia because my friends died there in the war. He simply did not listen, it made me nervous. He also waved a flag Serbia in my face. He should be ashamed that he uses the death of my friends in the war to bring ratings. Shame!"

For the sake of fairness, we will also quote Hochman's reaction - "You see a difficult scene. Not proud but not hiding either... Giovanni is first of all a huge actor, but a small person. Rodan... he is also a liar, says that I am celebrating The death of his friends in Serbia... "I was a fighter and a commander in the IDF, I fought in Gaza, my friends were killed, I am the last one who can belittle this issue."

Well, at least there is something Guy Hochman is not proud of.

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Doreen Attias vs. Guy Pines

Of all the conflicts in this monthly review, here is the only one (so far) that has reached the labor court.

For about two decades, Doreen Atias submitted fashion review columns in "Arab Tov with Guy Pines", and in her lawsuit to the Tel Aviv Regional Court she claimed that she was "fired without prior notice and without a legal hearing" and without receiving the rights she was entitled to.

In Guy Pines' system they responded in their characteristic style - "We are sad both as a system and especially as human beings that Doreen Atias fiercely spits her forehead into the well from which she drank and drank for years."

The lesson, as usual: people who joke about the whole world together, will end up fighting against each other.

The court will decide.

Doreen Atias vs. Guy Pines (photo: photo editing, photo editing)

Ron Huldai and part of the audience of the municipality under his leadership against Assi Cohen

This was of course the big story of the month, and it is likely that we will hear about it in the coming months as well.

It is also likely that we will never truly understand the full picture of what happened.

In any case, a reminder: Assi Cohen appeared in the character of "Shaoli" at a Tel Aviv Municipality event.

The Israeli audience, especially when it comes to Ashkenazim of a certain age who are engaged in liberal professions and tend to populate such events, is known for its rudeness and lack of tolerance and patience.

Unfortunately it erupted at this event.

Some viewers did not like the jokes, and expressed their dissatisfaction in a way that made the beloved entertainer get off the stage in shame, although it is still unclear what exactly was the back that broke the camel's back.

Assi Cohen, as usual, chose not to respond to the media, but his colleagues stood by him, with the blind loyalty that characterizes Celebz in Israel, and the truth is that this also started a rather interesting discussion about the essence of stand-up, the role of the stand-up artist and the responsibility that the audience has.

The mayor himself, for his part, is less concerned with nuances.

"Why this privilege to leave the show, what because you were not comfortable? What are you used to only positive reactions? I think that maybe he did not meet the basic commitment of a person who appears on stage and had to continue despite what they told him," said Huldai, in what is currently the chord The last in this storm.

"To be clear, we will not pay for a performance that was not performed either, that goes without saying. Those who should have provided service on stage and did not provide service on stage, are not paid."

Maybe this story will also end up in a labor court.

Will they pay him or not?

Assi Cohen as "Shaoli" and Ron Huldai (photo: official website, network 13)

Israel vs. "Fareha", Pardes Hana vs. "H2 Labrat HaHatila"

With all due respect to these fights, they are in the end minor compared to the real culture war that has been raging in Israel for years, from the days of the "Queen of the Bath" and "Khirbat Hizah", through the "Foxtrot" and other episodes - the war over the representation of the conflict in the local culture and the freedom of expression in the space the local

In this context, there were two stories this month.

The esoteric in them came when the Pardes Hana Council canceled the screening of "H2 Control Lab", an Israeli docu-film that defines itself as a "microcosm of 55 years of occupation".

Those who live in Pardes Hana and are still eager to watch the film, and there are probably many of them, will be happy to hear that it will be broadcast next month on HOT 8.

The story in question was "Fareha", a Jordanian film in which, in one of its scenes, IDF soldiers kill a one-year-old baby. Netflix, which purchases thousands of content from around the world, also purchased it, which led Natalie Dadon and her ilk to lead a campaign to disconnect from the streaming service, which surprisingly The streaming service did not tickle the tip of the ankle. Even the outgoing minister Hili Trooper, whose difference between him and his predecessor in the position is much thinner than Sandama, came out against the film without seeing it.

And in the end, after all the uproar, it was revealed that "Fareha" was just another negligible film, which did not even succeed Begin the short list of Oscar nominations.

Much fuss over nothing.

From "Fareha" (Photo: TaleBox / Picture Tree International)

Israel Police v. Israel Fry

Against Netflix, Israel can only threaten, but journalists who identify with the left?

It's something else.

You can ambush them as if they were dangerous criminals, and arrest them just because of a tweet they wrote.

This is what happened this month to Israel Fry, who wrote a harsh and even borderline tweet, but certainly not one that warrants a police investigation.

We will soon find out if this was the last unnecessary arrest, or just a trailer for what awaits us in 2023.

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