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Detachment, Trust Sol, The White Lotus, Derry Girls: Series Parade 2022 - The Big Ten - Voila! culture


The series parade of Walla! Tarbut comes to an end with the series that recorded the sharpest jump in quality, the excellent comedy and the masterful drama that finished their paths in perfection, a series of mini-series

Trailer "The White Lotus" Season 2 (HBO)

Additional raters:

Ofri Atrechi, Ben Biron, Nadav Menuhin, Amit Salonim and Naama Rak.

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The top ten, here it comes (Photo: Walla! NEWS system, public relations)

10. The industry

Original name:


Broadcasting body:

HBO (in Israel Bis, Hot and Cellcom TV)

Throughout the first season, saturated with twists, "Ha-Isai" did not really excel, but in retrospect it becomes clear that it only paved the way for an emotional, gripping, refined and complex second season, during which it became one of the series The best on TV.

One of the most striking elements of the series, which follows a group of rookie stockbrokers in the London branch of an investment bank, is the blatant way it depicts sex and drug use.

They are young people who want to have fun, aren't they?

But what was already clear then and is made even more clear in the second season is that these are attempts to relieve pain.

That is why what is so exciting in the second season is the attempt of some of the characters to sober up, to be better.

How good can you be when you work in a place that seeks to cultivate your worst qualities, and when the reminders of all the crap you've done are standing in front of you in human figures?

Nevertheless, they try, creating a small struggle between light and darkness that goes beyond their own boundaries and manages to touch others as well.

What increases the power and beauty of this cleansing is the restraint that "the industry" uses.

The purposefulness with which she describes the purchase and sale of shares, she applies to these moments as well.

In a place like the trading floor, cynicism is necessary armor, honesty means showing weakness.

So these processes necessarily take place and are crowded mainly among the characters, while they try not to allow it to slide out and expose them.

But of course, they have no choice but to look directly at the things they are trying to suppress, and the result is often choking in the throat.

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Restraint that increases power and beauty.

"The Industry" (Photo: HBO, BBC)

9. Reserve dogs

Original name:

Reservation Dogs


FX (in Israel on Disney Plus, the second season will arrive later)

One of the most prominent phenomena of recent years in television in general, and in particular in the American one, is the entry into small and intimate niches.

"Atlanta", "Rami" and "Expert in Nothing" are all series whose focus revolves around a small cell: a neighborhood, a family, a community.

What used to be the classic tendency of country mice going out to get a taste of the big city has been reversed.

Their stories, the small and seemingly minor pieces of life, turn thanks to sensitive writing and smart focus into an exciting and touching shell, and illuminate large social and cultural issues far beyond the totality of the existing story.

"Reservation Dogs" fits this genre like a glove, with the story of four teenagers from a native reservation in Oklahoma, whose big dream is to collect enough money to leave the "hole" where they grew up and move to California.

However, as the plot develops, "Reservation Dogs" also undergoes a change.

She expands the focus beyond her four protagonists, who are united but also separated by a great tragedy.

In the second part of the first season and more extensively in the second season, she exposes us to the character of the others in the reserve.

Those who were once young and full of dreams like their younger counterparts, and a series of events and turns led them to a seemingly "small" life in a remote and distant place.

This ability to connect the mosaic of stories and moments, the beautiful, the ugly, the strange and the stupid, makes "Reservation Dogs" a journey that the longer it goes on, the more addictive it becomes.

Characters that seem bizarre or marginal at first glance, gradually occupy a wider space thanks to excellent writing and acting, and all together push the young group to examine their dreams.

A process that culminates in an exciting and particularly beautiful final episode of a wonderful season.

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A mosaic of stories of the beautiful, the ugly, the strange and the stupid.

"Reservation Dogs" (Photo: Shane Brown/FX)

8. This city is ours

Original name:

We Own This City

Broadcasting body:

HBO (in Israel Biss, Hot and Cellcom TV) In

essence "This city is ours", David Simon's mini-series about the real exploits of corrupt police officers in an elite unit in Baltimore, is a direct plot continuation of the creator's magnum opus , "the hidden".

It also illustrates that nothing has changed since what we saw twenty years ago.

And why would it change?

If there's one thing that series taught us, it's that the players may change, but the game goes on.

More than that, this very knowledge makes it clear that even "this city of ours" will not change anything.

Because despite the sunlight that tans the actions for all to see, and despite the good will of quite a few people, most of them from federal authorities but some even from Baltimore itself - the system within which they operate and the processes that are dictated to them right from the top, are such that they will never allow them more than small, one-off victories .

And just like "The Hidden", "This City of Ours" also operates in the range between the hands raised in surrender and the simple arms beside the body in helplessness.

She combines dry correctness with human lyricism and breathes life into frustrating, heart-wrenching, purposeful indictments and in the relevant legal language, describing a city whose residents have lost all faith in the system that is supposed to protect them.

The gap between "the hidden" and "this city of ours" is not only a change in Simon's inclination of the heart, not only disillusionment, but a kind of eagle-proof that a degenerate system is doomed to continue to degenerate, stepping in place is walking backwards.

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Exhales a frustrating, heart-wrenching life.

"This City of Ours" (Photo: Paul Schiraldi/HBO)

7. The patient

Original name:

The Patient


FX on Hulu (in Israel on Disney Plus)

The concept of psychological therapy is a plot goldmine that the television genre has been mining from for years.

"The Sopranos" and "In Treatment" are the more successful examples of loot.

Apparently this is an easy script job - a character who is asked questions and talks about herself is a very simple way to convey to the viewers who she is and what she wants, assuming that she is telling the truth and denying a hidden motive, because the most basic key in this mechanism is trust.

"Successful treatment requires a safe environment for both the therapist and the patient," says Dr. Alan Strauss (Steve Carell) to Sam Portner (Donal Gleason), a serial killer who has imprisoned him in his home in order to help him stop his killing spree, but nothing is safe in " the patient". On the contrary. The psychological treatment at its core fuels a visceral drama that does not give anyone involved a single moment of peace, certainly not the viewers. Such writing is not an easy job at all, but a goldsmith's work of thought in the hands of an artist (in this case artists, Joel Fields and and Weisberg, "

In an age of satiated viewers and television viewers, it is very difficult to create a feeling of constant alertness, that anything can happen at any given moment, and it is almost impossible to build an effective suspense plot that manages to avoid eye rolls during viewing.

"The Patient" does its best to navigate the hurdles of unreliability, but even the weakest points in its script are bolstered by powerful performances from Carle and Gleeson, who have no praise in the world they don't deserve.

Karl is no stranger to heavy and heart-touching drama ("Beautiful Boy"), but it seems that "The Patient" is an amazing vessel for him that expresses a step up in the demonstration of his abilities, and the nuances he manages to reach are simply astonishing and respectful.

There was no special talk in her television book about "The Patient" before she went up, which is perhaps what made her landing so shocking and surprising.

It is a short series, small and not very visually interesting, but precisely because of this it constitutes the ultimate proof that even in an era of countless hours of content, viewing platforms and huge budgets, all that is needed to create masterful television is simply two actors and a script.

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A goldsmith's thought craft by the hand of a master.

"The Patient" (Photo: Suzanne Tenner/FX)

6. The bear

Original name:

The Bear

Broadcasting body:

FX on Hulu (in Israel on Disney Plus)

"The Bear" takes all the myths about sparkling kitchens and dismantles them almost from the first scene.

The kitchen is a battleground in a war of survival, but also a war for world view.

The protagonist, Carmi (Jeremy Allen White), came from a world of execution perfection, a prestigious chef's restaurant in New York.

His employees belong to the world of "mom and dad stores", small, neighborhood places where the neighborhood, the combine and respect rule - and fancy kids from luxury restaurants have to earn their value like everyone else.

With eight episodes, seven of which do not exceed half an hour, "The Bear" moves with explosive power from conflict to conflict, from argument to argument, a dizzying pace that leaves no moment of rest.

Externally, Karmi ranges from disaster to disaster - incorrect supplies, disaffected and disgruntled staff, instruments and equipment that fall apart almost automatically - but his real war is on the inside.

A constant anxiety attack threatens to take over him and make him stop and acknowledge the power of the tragedy he experienced, his brother's suicide, and against him the need to keep moving, shouting and cooking in order not to fall apart.

To hold on to the fantasy a little longer, to the great love for an adored big brother, to the gluttony that rocked his family again and again, to the legacy of a small and fragile place in a mighty ocean that could swallow it.

Along with the sweeping pace, the most impressive achievement of creator Christopher Storer ("Rami"), who also directed five of the eight episodes, is the way in which the series manages to characterize and diagnose each and every one of its protagonists in a relatively short screen time, and turn them into people who warm the heart like comfort food.

Everything drains into a last couple of episodes that are amazing in their effectiveness, in the booms that they send to every organ in the body.

moving with bursting power from conflict to conflict.

"The Bear" (Photo: FX, Hulu)

5. Eleventh station

Original name:

Station Eleven

Broadcasting body:

HBO Max (not yet reached Israel)

The post-apocalyptic drama based on the book by Emily St. John Mandel follows several characters whose lives were intertwined before a disease that killed most of the world's population, as well as during and after the outbreak of the plague The names she left behind.

Kirsten, who was a child actress when the epidemic broke out, is also an actress in her adulthood (Mackenzie Davis, "Code Burn", "Black Mirror") as part of the "Wandering Symphony", a group of actors and musicians who travel from community to community around Lake Michigan and put on Shakespeare plays.

Both the book and the series are a puzzle that comes together as the work progresses.

The difference is in the sizes of the pieces.

In the book they are larger and more uniform, and in the series over quite a few episodes they are mainly fractions fractions.

The series completely changes a lot of plot details from the literary source, and most of these decisions - on screen only - are smart and necessary.

They give the story a beautiful, lyrical and attractive enigmatic, which undoubtedly requires patience from the viewers in the face of moments that are not very coherent throughout.

But she is so worth it.

Even in the dullest episodes comes an intense scene that crushes the chest.

As she progresses and the picture begins to clear, it suddenly becomes apparent how beautiful and gracious she is.

Suddenly it is clear how complete she is.

How every detail in it, even a tiny one and the edge of an early joint, can casually become a plot line without even connecting the things.

In a broken world full of broken people, "Eleventh Station" neutralizes explosiveness like a saboteur, moving to tears in the pure and refined sense of the word.

As she progresses, it becomes apparent how beautiful and gracious she is.

"Eleventh Station" (Photo: HBO Max)

4. Derry girls

Original name:

Derry Girls

Broadcasting body:

British Channel 4 (in Israel on Netflix) in the

2019 chart:

30th place

The huge success of "Derry Girls" helped her to recruit impressive and joyful guest appearances in its third and final season, but with all due respect to the guests, "Derry Girls" did Its due to its regular players.

The girls themselves are excellent, not hesitating to embody the most extreme characteristics of their characters, such as the elastic faces of Erin (Sersha-Monica Jackson) or the constant over-dramatics of Claire (Nicola Cochlan, "Bridgerton").

Each of the girls brings a different flavor to the captivating connection between them.

For the most part this season is wonderful, including the last episode.

It includes moments that could be instantly sent to the Pantheon, such as the girls' performance of their local version of "Stars in the Eyes" and the competition they received from Jenny Joyce and her minion, who turns out to have an angelic voice;

Or the moment when Uncle Colm (Kevin McAleer) is revealed for the first time in the season.

He has been a kind of secret weapon of "Derry Girls" since its beginning, and what is so great this time is that the girls themselves recognize him as such and help him, in a scene that is one of the most heartbreaking in the entire series.

The annoying lack of Claire (Cochlan, whose scheduling constraints in "Bridgerton" caused her to miss most of the season), allows the older group of the girls' parents to shine. It reaches its peak in the fifth and perfect episode, from which the young cast is almost completely absent. In which the parents go out to their high school class reunion, and the mothers recall their shared and sultry past (which justifies a spin-off in itself). In this way, "Derry Girls" anchors its timelessness. It is not just the Derry girls of the nineties, but all the girls of all times.

Moments that can be instantly sent to the pantheon.

"Derry Girls" (Photo: Channel 4)

3. The white lotus

Original name:

The White Lotus

Broadcasting body:

HBO (in Israel Bis, Hot and Cellcom TV) in the

2021 chart:

7th place In

many ways "The White Lotus" does not change much from the winning formula of the first season.

This time too, the idea of ​​death hovering above without us knowing the identity of the deceased or the murderer, if there is one, exposes the nerves and claims everything with paranoia.

Everything before our eyes just seems to be a witty and satirical relationship drama about rich people's relationships and the politics of sex, but it is more than that.

is a matter of life and death.

Millions gathered to guess who will die in the second season because the characters were drawn so well, because the interfaces between them were woven in such a convincing way.

Because there was something true, human, real in them.

Bittersweet swings on the spectrum of the sympathetic - from the pathetic to the heartwarming, sometimes simultaneously.

In the end, "The White Lotus" does not hide its murky view of relationships, the one in which there is an end to love and a ransom for karma.

But it also provides cathartic moments.

In a way, the second season is a Rorschach test: one viewer can lose faith in love and another will believe that it confirms its strength.

Cynicism flows in "The White Lotus" like a sewer under the picturesque, romantic streets of Taormina.

In a season that is all about relationships, every revelation of love or promise of it seems tainted, and every happy ending seems like the beginning of something unhealthy.

But the opposite is also true.

Despite all the sinister undertones that sizzle, great beauty regularly grows out of the sakhi.

The way the series demonstrates this, entwining opposites in each other until they are irreconcilable, is part of what makes it so fascinating and brilliant.

Something true, human, real.

"The White Lotus" (Photo: Fabio Lovino/HBO)

1. Trust Sol

Original name:

Better Call Saul

Broadcasting body:

AMC (in Israel Bis, Hot, Cellcom TV and Netflix) in the

2020 parade:

1st place

1. Disconnection

Original name:



Apple TV Plus

for the first time we rank two series in first place - the one that goes out and the one that comes in.

"Trust Sol" is the series that won first place the most times in Walla's annual series parade!

Culture, so it is understood that she will also do this when she says goodbye.

"Detachment" on the other hand has yet to prove its survival and quality over the years, but what it did in its first season was phenomenal.

Accordingly, it is the only series that has appeared in the lists of almost all of the rankings of this chart.

It is not certain that the last season of "Trust Sol" will be remembered as a good one in its history.

Undoubtedly, fewer episodes could have been devoted to the sting operation against Howard, and perhaps also to Gene's heist project with Jeff.

And yet, along the way, she provided record after record after record.

Every V that was required to be marked became a climax, and thus it positioned itself as the season that includes the most unforgettable moments.

With the end of the series came a bunch of almost impossible expectations.

"Trust Sol" was required to close not only its own story, but that of the entire universe, and to do so in the shadow of the beloved, bombastic and satisfying ending of the parent series.

Nevertheless, true to its quiet and organic way, "Trust Sol" succeeded in this.

Even if not every element was perfect, the last episode tended towards perfection.

Brilliant, beautiful, tender and heartbreaking.

In a wonderful way he connected the pursuit of freedom of its protagonists.

They reclaim their identity, redeem their souls and allow themselves to move forward.

Every vee became a climax.

"Trust Saul" (Photo: Greg Lewis/AMC/Sony Pictures Television)

On the face of it, there is not much similarity between "Trust Sol" and "Detachment".

One is a legal crime drama with its feet on the ground, the other comes from a science-fiction point of view: a workplace where the employees go through a disconnection procedure in their minds every day when they enter the office, which in practice completely separates their personal life from their work life.

However, both series present a complete, calculated, meticulous world in such a detailed way that sometimes it is even a little tiring.

However, the greatness of "Detachment" is its ability to provoke thought on all levels.

On a philosophical level, it raises questions about morality, ethics and memory.

Is it okay to throw all the troubles and torments on one half of our personality, knowing full well that he is aware of everything that happens to him?

What is our identity if crossing is not available to us?

On the level of satire, "Disconnect" puts a murky mirror in front of the ridiculous and self-infatuated corporate culture.

Sharpens how, given the opportunity, the corporation will weigh down its hand and harden its heart towards its employees.

These points are embodied in a work that is astonishing in its richness, beauty and ability to balance what is funny with what is so scary and sad in this situation.

Despite the inherent oppression of their situation, her protagonists, led by Mark, are a beating heart implanted in a cold corporate machine - and in this metaphor it is the heart that rejects the body and not the other way around.

It is the complete world she creates that allows "Disconnect" to finally deliver one of the most amazing television experiences of the year.

An exciting last chapter that left us breathless throughout, and at the end we only wished that the second season would come as soon as possible.

A marvelous creation in its richness and an ending that left us breathless.

"Disconnect" (Photo: Apple TV Plus)

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8. This Town of Ours

7. The Patient

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5. Station Eleven

4. Derry Girls

3. The White Lotus

1. Trust Sol

1. Detachment

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