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With zero sensitivity and a lot of intimidation and distance, Doreen terrorizes the participants of "Survival" - voila! culture


Doreen's ability to connect, evoke empathy and recruit people to her side is her biggest handicap in the game.

Survival (Walla system!)

The tribe under the leadership of Doreen (Babein, I already know what they're called) lost three consecutive missions, was in two tribal councils day after day, and deposed two incredibly physical men - Maor was thrown on toxic masculinity, and Nebo was released on a mental clause.

They are left with seven hungry people, so there is a high probability that the next task will also be hard work for them, at best.

It must be said that even when Maor and Nebo were still in the tribe, Baybain did not win the missions, so it can be assumed that they have some other problems besides a lack of physical strength.

They are also not organized, and above all - not united.

Doreen's "leadership" is not good.

Not good at all - it is based on exclusion, intimidation and separation, and the only content in it is the fact that she is used to taking into account mainly her selfish desires.

I don't buy all her recitations about the tribe and the common good, and especially the moves she made prove that only her personal good was in front of her eyes.

For some reason she is even sure that she is in the finals, and that the only problem she faces is who she will take there with her.

Live in the movie.

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mad at her

Tal and Maya (photo: screenshot, Network 13)

I would not be surprised to find out that Doreen has not experienced real survival difficulties in her life, and this is what allows her to be indifferent to the events happening around her.

Although she is accomplished and obsessively careful to have the last word in every argument, at the same time she is also emotionally distant, unable to empathize with feelings or needs that are contrary to her own.

Even in moments when she is supposedly warm, such as in the conversation with Casey - her inability to treat the people around her at eye level is even more jarring.

The mistake she makes characterizes more young men than women of any age - they tend to think that good leadership is divided into 70 percent using authority/fear, and/or exercising implicit power, while female leaders use their strongest weapon - the ability to connect with people.

Although Doreen testifies to herself that "everyone who knows me outside will say that first of all I am a heart and a sociable person", but this self-confidence is probably one of the side effects of excessive empowerment, because at least from what we see so far, the ability to connect, evoke sympathy and recruit people to her side is the disability Her biggest in the game.

Even when she talks to people she loves or tries to cheer someone up, as in the case of Nebo who had a small nervous breakdown and did a "V" for the first dramatic cry of the season (sorry I'm not referring to Alit's crocodile tears), she sounds insincere, not really caring, and even A bit robotic.

Even when she talks to Casey, whom she "loves" the most in the tribe, she can't be soft.

Her "love" feels like a combination of condescension and righteous-sounding slogans.

"Learn to have a respectful conversation," she tells Elit instead of pitying her, drying her off like a real Min-Girl.

I don't know why Doreen thinks she is a reincarnation of Naama Kesari, because Yarom Hoda would never fail in manipulating beginners.



Doreen (next to Casey) (Photo: screenshot, Network 13)

No Shalit is a tallit that is all light blue, yes?

Also a snooze.

"I'm an adult, I'm an adult, I have a social problem blah blah blah" She will soon join the boycott patrol of the "pipeline".

My sister, if you are a mature woman of fifty and two fucking years old - how come you haven't realized yet that aloofness and whining are the two qualities that cause the most antagonism in the other person?

The more she talks about her situation more victimizingly and more often - the more the need to distance herself from her friend only increases.

No one likes to be constantly reminded of where they are behaving badly, and what Shalit does makes the girls dig even more in their righteousness.

I tried to understand why Doreen is so allergic to Elit, and I came to the conclusion that it is because the differences between them are much smaller than they seem - they both have a big ego that hides the sun, and probably the reflection that Elit provides for Dorin - when she comes in twenty years - stresses her out a bit.

In a more conscious state, Doreen would have managed to take pity on Elit and support her instead of putting her head down at every opportunity, Elit would have stopped crying about the treatment she was not receiving and focused more on the treatment she was giving, and her situation in the tribe would have balanced out soon.

I predict that the tension between the two divas will only increase, and if Alit doesn't fly in the near future, the explosion will come.

Her status in the tribe is also beginning to be shaken - Sahar and Sapir realize that they don't trust Dorin, and although Sahar has the lively personality of a beauty-blender, Sapir for some reason really likes him, and it seems to me that it is possible to build on a warm-up conversation against Dorin at least twice a day, until something dear.

Sahar, in his passivity and uncontrollable need to be okay with everyone, reminds me of Giovanni Russo, but without the European panache and the invisible cuffs that Giovanni always wore in my mind's eye, even when he was rolling in the mud.

Sahar, a conscientious social entrepreneur like him, does not have what it takes to win survival, but he has the ability to bring Sapir to the Union, and I want Sapir in the Union.

She's cute, she's smart, she's honest, and I'm on her side.

More in Walla!

Guy Shikar tried to come out a man and made a mistake again.

There is no greater Lumiel in "Survival" than him

To the full article

a victim

Elit (photo: screenshot, network 13)

Another one on the list is Casey, a task animal like her.

If you haven't seen her carrying a sack of rice like it's a clutch bag with sequins, you haven't seen female power in your life.

Although she does not belong to any alliance, she is educated to do the single most important thing that ensures long-term survival in the game - she is always there in the difficult moments of the clan members, and instead of using them, she provides a service and turns herself into an important resource - a listening ear, encouragement, and the like The most important thing when you are in a difficult place - the feeling that you are seen, that you are not alone.

If Sehar is Giovanni and Sapphire is Simcha Guetta, Casey is this season's Goddess Eyebinder - meaning that if she goes, the tribe will collapse morale, so I hereby mark her as the Dark Horse of the season.

This time too the tribe lost the mission, and not because they lack men.

Two men from Tagalog sat on the sidelines during the mission, but Tagalog has a secret weapon and his name is Natasha.

She has the most awkward personality in the world (have you seen how she celebrates a victory? Turns around and jumps in place like a puppy) but when it comes to solving problems efficiently, she is by far the most intelligent on the island, does not suffer from victims and self-pity, and is a bad animal.

If Tagalog are wise, they will entrust themselves to her sole management in all tasks.

She is nice?


Have fun with her?

Definately not.

But she is the beautiful Ben David of the island - disgusting, but you want her by your side in wartime.

I don't have the energy to talk about Guy Shikar, forgive me.

Alec "If I had done the puzzle we would have won" - a quip - he forgot that the entire delay of the tribe was caused in advance because he was not able to walk two steps on the beam.

It is clear that the members of the tribe do not feel his age - mentally he is even more childish than them.

They lost the mission by a fraction of an action, and did not receive the fruit plate that was so uplifting to them, and at the peak of the decisions, they exchanged a pot of rice for carob and pineapple, and Maya and Tal had a first date.

Poor Tel.

"How can you refuse this beautiful thing".

How disappointed he was when he found out that the pot he was promised was actually a cup and a half, but judging by the present, they must have made up after that first fight.

Anyway right now the Tagalog tribe is mad at Maya, Tal the Viking is mad at Maya, and they decide to tear them apart in the next mission, as if they've been merciful up until now.

But it's less interesting to me.

I saw in the promo that Nir Regev used to be a model in "local boutiques".

Just give me a picture of this thing, and that's it - I don't need anything else.

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