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Funny, sad and humane: "The Reserve Dogs" returns with an even more successful second season - voila! culture


All the characters of "Reserve Dogs" carry lack and loss in their souls, but despite the seemingly depressing starting point, this is a very entertaining series, rich and full of warmth, humanity, hope and absurdity

Trailer for the second season of "Kalbi Shomura" (FX)

The broadcasters in Israel - or the local representatives of international bodies - have a chronic disease: they die for the news. Series whose names originally do not have The in their names are for some reason given this addition in Hebrew. Thus in the original broadcast of "Vikings" Biss it became "Vikings" " (Netflix later changed it, thank goodness), "Crazy Ex" became "The Crazy Ex," "Entourage" became "The Entourage," and so on. Even the miniseries "A Teacher," with the very intentional generality of the original title , evolved into "the teacher" in Hebrew. Similarly, when "new girl" became "the new girl", the Hebrew name stripped the idea of ​​renewal from its source.

This is also what is happening with "Reservation Dogs", the name given by Disney Plus in Israel to "Reservation Dogs", whose second season premieres today (Wednesday) in its entirety in Israel.

Beyond the reference embedded in it to Tarantino's "Reservation Dogs", "Reservation Dogs" is the name that the protagonists of the series, boys who grow up in a distressed area in Oklahoma and dream of California, gave themselves.

The one unnecessary letter added in Hebrew misses a critical element of the essence of the series.

the lost, lost, battered sense.

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Just let them roam the streets.

"Reserve dogs" (Photo: FX)

In the sixth episode of the first season, "Hunting", Willie Jack (Polina Alexis) goes hunting with her aunt Leon, something she has done since she was a child with him and her late son, her cousin, Daniel, whose spirit hovers over this day and over the entire series.

Willie Jack tells Leon that she and her friends are planning to leave the abandoned and neglected reservation where they have lived all their lives for California.

Leon doesn't understand why she would want to leave the place and she explains that in California she can choose to be whatever she wants: MMA fighter, chef, dog rescuer.

"There are a lot of dogs here that need rescuing," Leon tells her.

"Yes, guard dogs," she says.

"Nobody cares about guard dogs, not here. They just let them roam the streets."

On this seam, between the dreams and the cool name and the neglected lives and souls of these boys, "Shemura Dogs" moves, and between the community and the tradition of which they are a part and she is a part of them.

Bear (D'Faro Won-A-Tai) lives with his mother after his irresponsible father abandoned them in favor of a rap career.

Elora (Dabi Jacobs) - named after the character from "Willow and the Princess", everyone knows - lives with her elderly grandmother after her mother died at a young age.

The mature and calm Cheese (Lane Factor) lives with his "uncle" Charlie, and when they are forced to break up in the new season, he is forced to find an alternative.

Willie Jack is the only one who lives with both of her parents and is even very close to them, but her cousin's death affected her deeply.

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Everyone knows who she is named after.

Devari Jacobs in the role of Elora, "Shepherd Dogs" (Photo: Ryan Redcorn/FX)

Dadi Ishioz.

D'Faro and Won-A-Tai as Bar, "Reservation Dogs" (Photo: Ryan Redcorn/FX)

Mature and calm.

Lane Factor in the role of Cheese, "Shepherd Dogs" (Photo: Ryan Redcorn/FX)

The way she says "Fuck" is a work of art.

Polina Alexis in the role of Willy Jack, "Guardian Dogs" (Photo: Ryan Redcorn/FX)

These four young actors are superb, discoveries one by one, and they are surrounded by a large gallery of great characters in their own right.

Therefore, it is no wonder that the second season does not hold back and expands its point of view to them as well, a spotlight that illuminates a different corner with someone else every time.

This is also the reason that marathon viewing does the series a favor, it allows you to experience the connected parts in a more uniform and complete way.

What is so beautiful and enlightening throughout, is that in the very dealing with these characters - the unsuccessful cop Big (Zach McClarnon, "Westworld"), the amusing uncles who are content with little, the quiet father of the late Daniel, Bar's mother and her childhood friends, who also lost a friend and a sister At a very young age, she is Alora's mother - "Kalvi Shomura" clarifies the circularity of life in this place.

All the details in this community are affected by a scarred loss, and each new one, even one that comes in its time, is an echo of old losses.

They all testify to both the constant, very present lack that is inherent in these people, and the wealth that fills this void.

The adults were also lost boys, they too were looking for their way before settling for what looked like little but was actually home.

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Zach McLernan in the role of Policeman Big, "Guardian Dogs" (Photo: Ryan Redcorn/FX)

The wonderful thing about "Kelvi Shomura" is that it transcends the seemingly depressing starting point, and although it may take four or five episodes to get into it properly - it is a very entertaining series, rich and full of warmth, humanity, hope and absurdity.

The reserve becomes a whole universe, a character in itself, and the people who inhabit it may carry with them a constant sadness, but they are mostly funny and captivating in a way that makes it hard not to fall in love with each and every one of them.

Similar to the protagonists, it is the view of "Kelbi Shomura" from the inside to the outside, and also from the inside to the inside, that claims it with a unique vigor and humor that create its world and support some of its most successful moments.

For example, the series explains to us in one of the first episodes that it is bad luck to see an owl, even in a picture or statue, therefore every time an owl figure flashes in the frame is censored and pixelated.

When two elderly people are required to sing an old hymn for a ceremony they are performing, they choose Tom Petty's classic (and beat the words because they are not closed to them).

Even the way Willy Jack says "puck" is a work of art in itself.

And of course, everything related to the ancient Indian warrior (comedian Dallas Goldtooth, who is also one of the writers of the two opening episodes of the second season) whose spirit regularly haunts Barr and sometimes others in the community.

His character is both a very funny parody of such characters in popular culture, and also full of wisdom as a bride.

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A parody and the real thing at the same time.

Dallas Goldtooth in the role of the Spirit, "Guardian Dogs" (Photo: Shane Brown/FX)

"Kelvi Shomura" presents such a delicate and beautiful sketch of a population that you don't really see on television.

Taika Waititi, himself a half-native, half-Jewish New Zealander, created the series with Sterling Harjo, a native who also serves as showrunner.

Harjo conducts a team of writers who are all indigenous, some of whom - like Goldtooth - are Harjo's partners in the comedy troupe 1491s.

Everyone brings their personal experiences as part of a community whose roots do go deep into the soil, but much of what grows in it is pruned or trampled too often.

And despite the difficulty, or maybe because of it, this community is full of spirit and soul that gives it a different perspective on the world.

"Kelvi Shomura" demonstrates from the first moment and in every step of its freshness and strength, which helps it to be one of the best series on television right now.

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