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How do you deal with the significant increase in electricity consumption, following the installation of more and more charging stations in shared buildings? Get to know the solution that is gaining momentum in Israel and around the world

Electric vehicle charging station (Photo: ShutterStock)

In recent years, electric vehicles have made a leap forward, with a sales rate that tripled within three years.

Already today, 6% of the electric vehicles in Israel are electric.

In the world, 1 out of every 10 vehicles that hit the road is already driven by electricity. The many advantages of electric vehicles, combined with the desire to care for the environment and green taxation, are expected to put more and more electric vehicles on the road.

What will life look like when many of us will have an electric vehicle? On the one hand, We will be able to charge the vehicle at the home charging station without having to go through the gas station - and save up to 80% in charging costs compared to the corresponding refueling costs. On the other hand, the massive transition to electric vehicles is expected to boost the demand for electricity, and this may have a direct impact on us.

How will the surge in electricity consumption affect us? ?

According to the Electric Company's estimates, electricity consumption is expected to increase by up to 10% in a situation where all vehicles on the road will be electric, while domestic electricity consumption is expected to increase by 40%. The scenario where all vehicles will be electric is closer than we think: a variety of countries around the world, including Israel, announced their intention to stop the sale of gasoline vehicles between 2030-2035. As the deadline approaches, the transition to electric vehicles will increase. If today only a few percent of the vehicles in shared buildings are electric, soon masses of electric vehicles will be added that will increase electricity consumption Will the electric grid be able to withstand the load of tens and hundreds of charging vehicles, which will increase the electricity consumption in the building by tens of percent? How can we continue to charge a large number of electric vehicles at the same time?

The emerging solution: charging management stations

In view of the accelerated increase in the number of charging stations in shared buildings, solutions for managing charging stations are already being deployed in Israel.

These solutions allow the residents of the building to charge several electric vehicles at the same time, with the help of a load management system: the system manages the distribution of electricity according to a number of parameters that vary from system to system, such as the number of users, the hours of use and the extent of electricity consumption in the building. In some systems it is possible to manage the distribution of electricity Also according to parameters such as the state of the battery (for example to give priority to charging vehicles whose battery is empty).

To avoid deviations from the building's electrical capacity, charging management stations can regulate not only the amount of vehicles being charged at any given moment - but also the rate of charging.

How It Works?

Charging station management systems monitor and analyze the data flowing from all the charging stations in the building.

According to the predetermined criteria, the system allocates resources to the various positions.

The advantages of charging management stations are clear: in a situation where it will not be possible to charge all the electric vehicles in the building at the same time, one system will be able to manage the charging automatically, allow the committee to generate reports and monitor the activity of all tenants.

If necessary, it will be possible to fix faults or perform operations remotely.

In addition, the fact that it is an automatic load management system will help prevent neighbor disputes around charging times.

In this way, connecting the vehicle to the charging station when returning home will allow it to be charged in a managed and automatic manner.

Even if the charging time is slightly longer for most drivers, it won't matter, because the charging is done in the evening anyway - until the morning hours a full battery is expected to be waiting for them.

How do you calculate the electricity expenses of each tenant?

One of the headaches that accompanies the house committees in the current situation, is the need to calculate the electricity consumption of each charging station.

This is in cases where the position is not connected to the apartment electrical panel.

Charge management stations help to solve this headache as well, with the help of a system that calculates the electricity consumption of each station and produces reports, which allow the board to make calculations in an easy way.

In addition, some of the companies that install the stations to manage charging stations provide a comprehensive solution: from installing charging stations and connecting them to the apartment electrical panel - to increasing the volume of electricity for the building and billing according to consumption directly from the tenants.

How much should it cost?

The cost of installing charging management stations starts at 30,000 NIS and can reach 400,000 NIS, depending on the type of system and its characteristics.

This is an average cost of several thousand shekels per tenant, not including the cost of installing the charging station and connecting it to electricity.

The cost of ongoing use is added to the one-time installation cost, which includes the monthly usage fees and the cost of each tenant's electricity consumption.

The ongoing cost of managing the charging stations is reminiscent of the cost charged by the management companies for building maintenance: just as the building's tenants outsource the management and maintenance of the building, so it is possible to entrust the management of the charging stations to an external body that will take care of the various aspects of charging.

Some of the managed positions include the option of adding energy storage facilities, which will allow electricity to be stored and used during peak hours.

Along with the ability to increase the building's electrical capacity for vehicle charging, energy storage with the help of solar panels will also help reduce electricity consumption costs.

Buying an electric car?

This is how you will adapt yourself to the new world.

Buying an electric vehicle has many advantages, both environmental and economic.

But like any new and significant technology that enters our lives, electric vehicle technology also needs adaptation.

Along with solutions for installing and managing charging stations in condominiums, it is also important to consider the ever-changing insurance needs.

For this reason, it is important to take care of getting electric vehicle insurance, which is designed to provide an answer to the unique characteristics of the electric vehicle.

For example, Phoenix's electric vehicle insurance includes towing services adapted to the characteristics of the electric vehicle, towing to a nearby charging station in case the battery is depleted, coverage for the charging equipment in the vehicle, in case of accidental damage, and more.

Have you installed a private charging station in the building?

It is important to protect your pocket in the event that damage such as a flare-up or fire originating from the station causes damage to nearby property and vehicles: in addition to insurance for electric vehicles, Phoenix provides you with a dedicated solution for insuring charging stations.

Phoenix's charging station insurance covers both damages caused to the charging station itself and damages caused to third party property (such as nearby vehicles).

The coverage ceiling for third-party damages reaches NIS 10 million, and allows you to keep your pocket even in the event that the charging station caused extensive damage.

The combination between insurance for electric vehicles and insurance for charging stations provides a broad insurance envelope, which will provide comprehensive protection at the moment of truth.

The electric vehicle revolution continues to gain momentum.

With the help of proper preparation, you can maximize its benefits.

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