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The AI ​​startup of Mobilai's founder will help you be more persuasive Israel today


After upgrading your emails with artificial intelligence (AI), the company AI21Labs Amnon Shashua launched a new feature that will upgrade any document you write in English for work or school

Want to upgrade your English document writing?

After breaking into consciousness with a plugin that corrects and improves wording, a new free feature of the Wordtune software will provide you with not only improvements to existing arguments, but also new arguments.

Wordtune was developed by the Israeli startup AI21 Labs, whose founders include the founder of Mobilai, Prof. Amnon Shashua.

The original free plugin offers the writer how to improve his sentence to deepen the text or make it more understandable.

That is, the writer formulates a sentence for his document and the software offers him a series of sentences that say the same thing, only more precisely or elegantly.

The new feature, named Spices, does much more and is designed to help everyone who writes long texts: from students writing academic articles, through marketing professionals who write blogs or upload posts on social networks to business people working hard on writing reports.

The plugin promises to help any writer who encounters barriers in drafting and needs inspiration in the writing process.

Unlike other language generative modeling platforms, Spices does not replace the writer in the writing process.

It serves as a kind of writing partner, working alongside the writer and offering the addition of complete sentences that improve the written text.

Spices allows not only a choice between several sentences that upgrade the original sentence of the writer, but allows to add to expand or substantiate his words.

For example by examples, citing the sources, and even opposing claims.

In total, the new feature offers 15 ways to expand documents in English.

The service allows ten rewrites per day for free and the premium version is offered for a fee, but at the moment you can try it without limit.

One of the unique features of Spices is that when he presents a factual argument, or a quote, he also shows the location of these arguments or quotes and allows the writer to link to them.

In this way, the new feature solves one of the main problems today of generative textual AI models, which, although they relied on diverse sources of information, did not allow the user access to them.

Currently, Spices provides the user with three different ways to produce the text:

Substantial writing: helps the user shape the message and the main arguments in his text.

For example, through explanations and counterarguments.

Supplemental writing: helps the writer to enrich his main ideas with additional information and informative phrases.

For example, using analogies and statistical data.

Experiential writing: allows you to spice up the text with humor, for example by adding anecdotes, jokes and inspirational quotes.

Screenshot from the Spices service, photo: AI21 Labs

You stay at the surface level

We tried to use the new feature to write a document dealing with a large oil company, which allegedly hid information about the connection between the burning of fossil fuels and global warming.

We chose a very complex topic that relates to a specific company whose information was only recently revealed, so there is not much information about it on the net.

We wrote a sentence describing the study in which it was revealed that the oil company knew there was a connection between the burning of fossil fuels and global warming and that the company's scientists were even more accurate in their estimates than NASA scientists. At this point, we asked Spices to come up with another sentence that would strengthen the claim made in the study.

After that, we asked the plugin to come up with a sentence that would contradict the first thesis and try to contradict it.

It should be noted that in both cases, many suggestions and sentences were brought by Spices that helped to expand the claims in the document, and he brought significant counter-claims to the main thesis when we asked him to.

However, the writer of these lines had the feeling that the software remains at the surface level of the subject and does not really help deepen the document in an academic way.

As mentioned, the Spices add-on did bring sentences that upgraded the document and made it possible to write an entire article in a relatively short time.

This is a real advantage for a writer who is more or less familiar with the content he wants to bring and only lacks the expansion of things in the English language.

In this way, the plugin will add to the original Wordtune software, which only offers different options for drafting sentences for the writer.

Screenshot from the Spices service, photo: AI21 Labs

How not to write a recipe for a cake

We also tried the plugin by writing another document - this time about a cake recipe.

We wrote a reasoned response to a friend that refers to a cake recipe he sent us.

We mentioned that this is a good recipe, but too complex for a beginner baker.

We explained that the recipe has many steps, that the types of flour are complex, the spices are rare, and that in general, the processes require many hours of work.

We let the plugin refer to our writing, but it disappointed when it repeated our original sentence, only in different words, and actually failed to expand or deepen the writing.

We also asked the plugin to add a joke that would refer to the difficulty of the recipe.

In this case he was more successful in producing examples of jokes that would explain why it is not good to use this recipe.

Bottom line, the plugin does allow the writer to expand the text, and more than once the suggested sentences will nicely upgrade the document.

However, it still seems that in some cases the artificial intelligence will mainly repeat in other words the initial information of the writer himself.

This repetition will increase the document, but will not really update much.

were we wrong

We will fix it!

If you found an error in the article, we would appreciate it if you shared it with us

Source: israelhayom

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