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It takes a lot of malice to abuse Guy like Sapir did in "Survival". This is simply cruelty - voila! culture


Sapir talks about Guy behind his back, complains about him, laughs at him, bullies him, and pushes him away

"Survival" task: how long does it take to solve four cubes?

(Network 13)

Despite Doreen's well-publicized fight with Sahar, it seems that this is the first episode that deals with someone other than her, and I'm sure she appreciates the break, because she seems to be suffering from all this attention.

After all, she cried in the story.

Who cries and doesn't immediately turn on a camera and take a video in slow motion of flowing tears?

This is exactly what the completely authentic suffering of a robot that learned from the "Human Behavior on Earth" training book looks like.

There is also an online course, by the way, which is taught by the oldest cyborg in show business - Miri Bohdana.

Think about it for a moment and you will see that I am right.

Sapphire, on the other hand, is ultra human.

She came to the program so that they would get to know her and not confuse her with her predatory cousin and her elderly cousin.

And she is right, she should not be judged by their actions, even though, like them, she also suffers from an inability to calculate in advance the results of actions, what's more, her behavior is completely sufficient.

I'm not one of those guy liars, but sister, it takes a lot of malice to abuse a human being just for your entertainment, and it's the low kind of malice that characterizes school bullies, those whose insecurities are masked by focusing on someone weaker, and drawing all the attention negative to him.

She talks about him behind his back, complains about him, laughs at him, bullies him, and pushes him away.

It's not enough that because she doesn't want to cuddle with him at night, he sleeps on the side, in the cold, and breathes sand - the next morning she also wakes him up with a branch in his ear, which is the most disrespectful, and also really cruel, especially because they sleep so badly on the island.

Jordan, survival (photo: screenshot, Network 13)

Kudos to Shikar, who didn't lose it at that moment - and as a reward I crown him the least aggressive man in the universe.

Anyone else would have at least entered her, and I would undoubtedly have hit her with a larger branch, tied to several other branches, to the ends of which I would have attached a few frustrated crabs, just to be safe.

Who wakes someone up like that???

Did you know that in Judaism it is forbidden to wake a person unnecessarily?

This is called stealing sleep, and it is such a serious offense that even studying the Torah out loud during rest hours is considered stealing sleep, and a person who wakes up his friend in this way violates a mitzvot and love for your neighbor like you.

The punishment is a fine, by the way - which will be determined by the one who woke him up: "If a person was obliged for any reason to get up in the middle of the night, what amount of money would he be willing to pay to complete his sleep, and this amount must be paid."

She also managed to throw Maya Sapir off balance, after Doreen revealed to everyone that Sapir ranks her last in importance in the alliance.

Sapir, with the minimal investment that is characteristic of all her actions on the island (except for admiring Sahar very actively), tries to ignore Maya's insult, but the model is much more intelligent than she was given credit for, and understands straight away that she is a victim of mixing, and not just mixing, but lazy mixing, on a level Elementary School.

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"They humiliated me, they crossed every human border": Doreen from "Survival" reveals the humiliation she went through

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Maya and Casey (photo: screenshot, network 13)

Casey sees the opportunity.

She goes to lie and explains to him that she is working on a move to oust Sapir, who will try to "bring hearts together" and not interfere.

As part of this command, he gives life to Maya with the Boomerian phrase: "Your inner beauty surpasses the outer, and this is very difficult because your outer beauty is very great."

As usual good intentions, but lame execution.

That's not how you close the hearts of someone who could be your daughter, Guy lied.

Still, there's something silly and endearing about this innocent attempt, suggesting some underlying innocence.

Casey is right in her diagnosis that although he is her mother's age, he acts like a six-year-old, and as such he should be manipulated from now on.

The situation worsens on the carpet, when Sapir and Jordan carry out the "move" they decided on at the decision summit, and continue to tell the tribes that the choice of the animals and pictures was blind.

This lie could have worked if it was done better, but Sapphire is so lazy, she doesn't bother to lie well enough, and actually helps Casey prove her point to Maya, that she must be the next to be eliminated, not Tanya, despite her connection to the Tagalog tribe.

The Tagalog tribe wins the immunity task where you have to weave hoops on hooks and balls out of rockets, and Baybayin somewhat blames Alit for this loss.

Rogatka's rubber was a little too big for her, and instead of finishing quickly and moving aside, she insists that she also wants to participate in the game, even though Sahar, the sniper who didn't shoot a ball himself, shouts at her that "there's no time for management".

Although they don't have too much patience with her, if she was smart she would admit her weakness and step aside instead of insisting and whining that they didn't give her a chance.

What does she think to herself, that survival is like toddler basketball, and you get a trophy for participating?

Atonement, you didn't come to the yoga retreat of wealth, rest for a moment instead of being busy proving that despite your age you can do everything "just like the young people".

It's also not true, also a little pathetic, and above all - it's not your private journey from the book to pray for love to Gjader.

let go

Is that how you comment?

Sapir (photo: screenshot, Network 13)

Guy and Tanya meet for a duel of the bracelet of life and death, because somehow he always finds the bracelet of life, this obsessed boy, and also this time the victory allows him to choose someone from the other tribe and influence the council using one of the chains, which, by the way, I didn't fully understand what their power was.

One chain is a disadvantage, the other gives an advantage - could it be that someone from the Kashti family also planned the narrative of the season?

Tanya verifies with Guy that they are indeed still in the alliance, he promises to protect her as much as possible.

And after making Tagalov immune with his shooting, he also wins the duel, and right now his power in the tribe is not in doubt.

So who will go home on Saturday?

The weak elitist?

Tanya the Tagalog?

Or will Casey be able to convince Maya to overcome the feeling of unpleasantness and put on a sapphire?

I'm counting on Casey, who is the more intelligent person of the two tribes, to continue to use her ability to appear non-threatening, and tell everyone exactly what he or she needs to hear.

This is a superpower that, if you use it well, can bring her not only to the union, but also to the final.

Finally, I summarized for you the summary of the chapter of the cyborg book "How to create network storms" that Doreen uses:


1. Be innocent and pretend to be a victim: "All my sin is that I said that we don't keep in touch with the ex???"

2. Adopt an addiction, a chronic illness, or an exciting personal story: "I am a compulsive whistler/I have fibromyalgia,

I came from a home where they never prepared stuffed animals.

3. Combine one of the following words in every sentence - racism, boycott, ageism, misogyny, shemanophobia 4.

Cry in a story while wearing white.

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