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The speed camera that produced the most reports was destroyed in an accident - voila! vehicle


MK Uri Maklev revealed in the Knesset that the speed camera on the way down to the Ramot neighborhood in Jerusalem was destroyed in a car accident, and since then there has been no increase in the number of accidents in the section

MK Uri Maklev, Deputy Minister of Transportation, on the speed camera at Ramot Jerusalem intersection (Knesset Channel)

The speed camera in the police A3 system that produced the most reports in Israel was itself damaged in a car accident and has not been active for several months.

This is what the Deputy Minister of Transportation, MK Uri Makalev (Torah Judaism) revealed yesterday in the Knesset plenum. Makalev responded to a query regarding the accidents on Golda Meir Avenue in the north of Jerusalem, leading from the Mount Hotzavim area to the Ramot neighborhood. Two weeks ago, two buses and a taxi collided at the Ramot intersection, in an incident in which they were injured 10 people, including a 17-year-old boy who was moderately injured.

McCleb talked about the infrastructure works on the road, where the blue line of the light rail in the capital will pass in the future, and also referred to a solution tried in the section in the past.

"After serious accidents that happened there, a speed camera was installed. A few months ago, the camera was damaged in a car accident and since then it has not been working. Not only did it fail to prevent accidents, but it was damaged itself. And here, during the time that it was not active, sources in the know tell me that it was not on the rise in accidents . And this, it should be mentioned, was the camera that won first place in the number of reports. There are other ways to fight accidents, and God willing, we will do and succeed in this field."

The traffic division of the police does not usually reveal how many reports each camera produces, but in 2018 an officer in the traffic division revealed in a Knesset debate that the camera that is placed on the descent towards Ramot alone produced more than 13 thousand reports in 2017, a number that was equal to about 4% of the total speed reports that the police registered in the same year, more than 100 stationary cameras, dozens of radar cameras of the Deborah model installed in mobiles, and dozens of mobile laser cameras.

It should be noted that the speed limit on the descent from Mount Hatzim to Ramat was set at 70 km/h, but because of the descent, many drivers exceed it. The same camera is placed near the intersection, so it also issued reports of crossing the red line. The police refused to disclose at the hearing what the division of that camera was between speed reports and traffic lights , but the police statistics show that the A3 system mainly produces speed reports.

A3 camera.

The police will extend its operation despite difficult revelations about its credibility (Photo: Ronan Topelberg)

The police: "The cameras are very reliable"

This week it was revealed in Vala that the Accountant General responded to the request of the police and extended the operation of the controversial A3 system by a year.

Currently, the system will continue to be used until the summer of 2024, provided that the speed enforcement system that replaces it will be ready by then.

The Israel Police refused to comment on MK Makleb's comments. The police stated that "A3 cameras are an additional enforcement tool for enforcing speeding offenses, alongside the use of additional measures employed by the police.

In November 2022, a judicial decision was made before a special panel of three judges, the most senior panel to discuss the issue so far and which determined that the cameras are very reliable.

Driving at excessive speed is a serious traffic offense that is a fundamental factor in causing traffic accidents and in the severity of the injury and damage caused by an accident."

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