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How to choose the best portable charger for batteries and what models are available in Argentina


Power banks are ideal for charging your cell phone or laptop away from home. Here, a guide with the most popular ones.

As more powerful cell phones with better screen resolution arrive on the market, portable batteries or


banks ensure many more hours of autonomy when you are away from home and, at the same time, eliminate the dependence on carrying a charger.

Although there are more and more mobile devices with batteries ranging from 4,000 to 5,000 milliamps per hour (mAh), the value that indicates their capacity, multitasking users or those who are used to creating content on the networks often run out of energy. before finishing the day.

Most portable batteries

are very similar

in theory.

Basically, its main function is to supply energy to another device once charged.

But with so many different features, prices, and brands, it can be confusing when choosing for an

Android or iPhone device.

SECRETS of HOW to make the BATTERY of your cell PHONE LAST LONGER

What you need to know to choose the right portable battery 

The differences between each product, including battery capacity, power ports and physical size, are usually the main items to consider when choosing.

The theoretical mAh provided by the manufacturer does not correspond to reality due to the contribution of factors such as the efficiency of the device itself or the operating temperature.

In addition, as also happens with cell phones, portable batteries have a finite life cycle.

In other words, it will gradually lose capacity.

A good estimate of its actual capacity is to approximate it to

60-70% of its theoretical capacity.

Regardless of the phone connector, the Power Bank is charged via the USB port at one end.

It is important to know that this cable is not included in many models.

In addition, this class of batteries is usually powered through a micro-USB or

USB-C port


This cable is included when you buy them, but not your charger. 

Another option in this segment allows you to charge your cell phone wirelessly, simply by placing the phone on its surface, if it has this feature. 

It is not only important to look for a model that has the right ports, but also to know the number of ports in case of charging several devices simultaneously, and its specifications: 

5W (5V, 1A) is slow and 10W (5V, 2A) is fast


We must also keep in mind the models that allow charging several devices at the same time, since they have multiple cables for all types of connectors: from micro USB to Lightning.

Although the electrical charge is not distributed evenly, with a tendency to have a fast port and a slow one, these types of

batteries implement

an intelligent system that distributes it.

The charging speed is another important piece of information, but not only when it comes to charging a phone, but also for the battery itself.

If you choose a portable battery with fast charging, you will have to use a

charger that allows it.

Anker Portable Battery (20000 mAh)

Portable batteries in Argentina.

In terms of charging speed, connectivity and price, Anker PowerCore 20100 brings out its main virtues.

With a large battery capacity of 20,100 mAh, the phones can receive more than two

full charges during the day.

Slim and sharp in design, the Anker PowerCore 20100 battery can charge two devices simultaneously through its pair of 2.4-amp USB ports, and if those devices use PowerIQ or VoltageBoost fast charging, it will do so faster.

The Anker Powercore Select

20,000 mAh

portable battery is available in Mercado Libre starting at 16,000 pesos. 

Xiaomi Power Bank 3 (10000 mAh)

Portable batteries in Argentina.

The portable battery of the Chinese brand for your Xiaomi Mi or Redmi cell phones is made of aluminum alloy and with great resistance to sudden changes in temperature, short circuits, hardware overheating and other problems that you may have when using it.

In its design, there are four LEDs located under a button that indicates the energy parameters and the current maximum capacity.

This indicator allows you to see the amount of energy available to the portable battery.

In this way, 1 LED on would represent 25%

and 4 at the same time 100%.

Depending on the charger used, the charging time for the 10000 mAh battery will be approximately: 6 hours with a 5V/2A charger and 10 hours with a 5V/1A charger, all from the micro USB port.

A fact to keep in mind: Xiaomi guarantees that its 10,000 mAh external battery provides the devices to be recharged with a minimum capacity of 6,250 mAh at 5.1V.

The Xiaomi Power Bank 3

costs 13,499

and is available on the official site of the Chinese brand in the country. 

Spica portable charger (20000 mAh)

Portable batteries in Argentina.

The brand of portable radios with more than 60 years of history, Spica, sells its SW-400 portable charger with a percentage indicator that allows you to view the amount of energy. 

This power bank has the ability to charge almost any device (smartphone, tablet, smartBand) through its four USB, USB-C, micro USB and Lightning (iPhone) connectors.

With a capacity of 20,000 mAh, Spica ensures that up to six mobile devices, tablets, cameras, and smartwatches can be charged simultaneously.

The Spica SW-400 model can be purchased at

17,999 pesos in Mercado Libre. 

Mini-UPS DC 

Portable batteries in Argentina.

Forza Power Technologies, a manufacturer of reliable power solutions, markets a special portable battery: it is a Direct Current (DC) Mini-UPS system.

The mini UPS was primarily designed as power backup for modems or routers, while providing protection for all connected loads.

It can also be used as a portable battery to power mobile devices, whether cell phones or tablets.

The 14w DC-140 model has practical LED lights that indicate the UPS level and when it is time to recharge the battery and three simultaneous 5/9/12VDC outputs.

As for safety, the Forza Portable Battery has overcharge, overvoltage, discharge, and short circuit protection.

Its price: 9500 pesos. 

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