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Online help: the digital tools that will improve your studies Israel today


In a world like ours - with a fast pace and an infinite amount of information - students need to absorb and process a maximum of information with a minimum of time and effort. ) offered by the network to upgrade the studies, and possibly the grades as well

ChatGPT |

The search engine that will jump you a step

There is nothing that indicates profound changes in digital consumption habits more than a change on the home page.

Many students testify that after about 20 years of rule, their homepage has become from Google the hottest thing on the net today - ChatGPT of the OpenAI company.

ChatGPT scans huge amounts of information found on the web.

But unlike Google (and the few other search engines that still remain), it does not just present it and leave the processing task to the surfer - but processes and synthesizes the information using advanced artificial intelligence capabilities, in a way that also allows it to answer complex questions.

ChaatGPT, Photography: None

What this actually means is that with ChatGPT, students can "jump a step".

Not just searching for the information on Google, getting a long list of results, trying to subtract from it what is relevant for them and then putting together the information they found into an answer themselves - but entering the task itself into the system, including all the contexts, and getting a preliminary answer that will save them a lot of work.

All that will be left for them is to perform quality control and editing - which will give them extra time for more study and deepening.

The plug- ins that will help you write "perfect"

If in recent years you have received an email in unusually and surprisingly high-quality English, from a writer who... how to say it - didn't exactly do a master's degree at Oxford, the secret to his English may be the Wordtune plug-in.

This is an artificial intelligence-based service for the Chrome browser, which reads the texts you write in English and offers you different wording alternatives, which will help you clarify your intentions - and in general, come out more intelligent.

They will help you write a perfect, photo: without

Wordtune is also an Israeli pride, developed by the start-up AI21 Labs, and among its founders is also the founder of Mobileye, Prof. Amnon Shashua.

The company recently launched a new service called Wordtune Spices - a kind of combination between Wordtune and ChatGPT.

The new service makes it possible to enter texts and expand them with the help of artificial intelligence in different ways - from indicating the sources of information to substantiate the claims in the text, through presenting additional arguments to incorporating humor.

Cut and save - old friends, new features

getting to know Office, or its counterpart Google Docs, as a document editing tool - it's easy.

But in each of them there are hidden whole sections that can help students in completing tasks in different and varied ways.

I, for example, discovered Excel at a very late stage.

It turns out that it can be useful not only for analysts who have to perform all kinds of complicated calculations, but in many other tasks in a wide variety of fields.

New features, photography: none

The idea is to use templates - which are actually pre-prepared tables that help with all kinds of tasks, such as writing resumes, reading lists and to-do lists, managing expense budgets and time schedules, and more.

In Word there is a relatively new function that allows you to transcribe a conversation or lecture, also in Hebrew, with good accuracy and in real time.

In the Hebrew interface, look for the "Write" button in the button bar, and in English, look for the Dictate button.

Please note: Google is free to use, but today many users pay a few shekels a month to increase storage to 100 megabytes.

The use of Microsoft 365 does cost a few tens of shekels per month, but the range of products is much wider, and the paying users get 1 terabyte of storage, which can also be used as an automatic backup for a smartphone.

The transcription software that will bring about the change

Unfortunately, there is still no tool that does this in Hebrew, but if you work with recorded or filmed materials in English and have to process large amounts of material quickly - the free application will change your life.

This amazing transcription app offers 300 minutes of free transcription per month, and manages not only to efficiently transcribe almost any recording - but also to decipher words that sound incomprehensible to the human ear.

Bring the change., Photo: None

If you need to go through many materials, lectures in English or interviews - just enter the sound file into the application, and after a little while (the action is not performed immediately) you will receive a transcription straight to your mobile.

The main disadvantages of the application are that when using it for free it will not bother to organize the text for you in a convenient way, and that in order to export it to a Word file you will have to part with a considerable amount.

The method that will bring you back to the past

is not always the most convenient to open a laptop or use a smartphone.

For example, if you want to draw charts or paint, or when you are in the field or on a long trip.

So what other options are there?

There is a category of devices, not very common, that is very popular with all kinds of startups and entrepreneurs: E Ink Tablet.

The method that will take you back to the past, photo: none

We've mostly heard about the Amazon Kindle in this context, but there are quite a few other brands that offer an experience that focuses not only on comfortable reading on a thin and light screen - but on writing itself, and especially on preserving the feeling of the touch of a pencil on paper.

In Hebrew the category is called "ink tablet" or "ink screen", and in English - E Ink Tablet.

If you write in English, you can automatically convert the handwriting to printed fonts.

Not yet in Hebrew, but you can organize your digital notes neatly in folders and attach them to other documents.

By the way, another advantage of these devices is the fact that you can use them without the usual distractions of a computer or smartphone, such as messages, notifications and advertisements of various kinds.

The application that will make you forget about Excel

Notion offers something that many other startups offer - sheets and tables that help perform tasks in a way that is adapted to their different types - but it does so through a friendly and non-intimidating interface (compared to Excel, for example).

The upgrade of Notion is not in the tables themselves, but in its two main features: one is the wide variety of templates for different tasks - such as gathering information and organizing schedules - many of which are specifically designed for students;

And the second is the ability of the users to change and build these tables themselves, with the help of the "drag and paste" function.

Forget Excel, photo: none

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