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If Jordan avenges a void through lies, she will be just as bad as him - voila! culture


As in Big Brother, you can no longer see fights over the budget - in survival, you are tired of hearing people explain how reliable people are "in the house"

Survival: Jordan Zohar does not waste time and tries to make a revolution (Network 13)

In the previous episode, Jordan found out that Tal Mord, who promised her unlimited loyalty, sold her for a shekel and a half to her biggest rival on the island - Gal.

The sly Gal managed to convince Tal that Jordan should be deposed, and he said "Okay, but Guy first."

The man is not a great strategist, nothing to say.

Although they are all better at strategy than Sahar.

The tarp is more strategic than a crescent.

Sahar is an amazing performer who knows his weaknesses, so he is the chief executive of the tribe with a high hand. He listens to everyone's suggestions, and then takes what he thinks is the least bad. This is Sahar's weakness, that anyone can convince him to do anything, and he He will know if it was a good idea only in retrospect. He and Sapir could have been a great duo in the game if the division of roles was correct - Sahar executes, and Sapir is scheming and scheming. If he fully recognized his weakness and did everything she said, they would skip a Yemeni step until the union , and Sapir could have continued to appear on television at her best - with the posture of a dancer and a face of "I came to the launch, where's my bag?".

Jordan is also of this type, physically and missionally strong, but who needs inspiration from somewhere else to come up with ideas.

Tal is also like that, so their partnership is not strong enough - because Tal doesn't need someone with him who doesn't contribute qualities and abilities that he doesn't have himself.

This role is played by Gal Rubin, and she does it excellently.

She knows how to talk to him to get him off guard.

She has ideas, she has intuition - everything Tal doesn't have, and everything Sapir and Gal have.

That's why it's called a social game - maybe at the beginning of the game the physical strength and performance are the stronger features, but after the union it slowly becomes a game of "weak".

Jordan is like Sahar and Tal - physically, uber sensitive, and not to us also innocent, and as a result - not really sophisticated.

The fit of surprise she experienced after realizing that the holy dew would not protect her until death proves it best.

CEO. Sahar (photo: screenshot, network 13)

Basically, you have to be naive to believe something someone says on a show like survival.

Like, how many more seasons of this cruise will we have to see before we get to see one survivor who doesn't wrestle with himself morally and conscientiously every time he has to use the abomination called "strategy"?

As in Big Brother, you can no longer see fights over the budget - in survival, you are tired of hearing people explain with testimonies how reliable people are "at home", and how in "real life" no one would believe what he/she is doing here, and how there is no choice, and there is nothing to do (Tal, in response to Jordan's accusations of grave betrayal of the homeland).

He's also tired of hearing the lied party angry at the injustice done to him, and instead of thinking that it's a game and starting to move things on the board, he vows to take revenge on the one who broke his heart, and that will be his justification for behaving exactly like the other.

And that's the difference between "good guys" and "bad guys" in this game.

The bad guys are called that because they don't bother to justify, but in the end it's the same thing, just with an added excuse.

If being a liar really isn't who you are in real life, then in anger you wouldn't lie.

Anger or insult is no justification for despicable behavior, and if Jordan takes revenge for nothing through lies, she will be just as bad as she thinks he is.

And - this is not real life!

In real life there is no need to take out your nails every moment - just take out your phone and bury yourself in the Instosh feed.

And between us, their real life is not "real life" either.

Nothing has happened to them yet, and they have no idea how to define themselves in "real life".

It's enough to get to the island and be amazed, season after season, that in the end when it comes to survival no one will care about anyone.


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This is not real life.

Survival (photo: screenshot, Network 13)

This almost has to be looked for, and for Jordan he is not the people she chose to be in an alliance with.

The people who could really be loyal to her are in a different alliance, and if she wasn't so preoccupied with who she is "in real life" and how she is portrayed "on the outside", she would have realized that the people she chooses to associate with are the accepted ones at school and that suits her image.

These are not the people who will really be loyal to her, and it is only her fault, because her connection with them was born in sin.

If Yordan connects with Tal Co. because they possess qualities that seem more important and attractive to her than, for example, the stripper knight and the garbage worker, and Natasha, a beautician with something strange in her hand (to which she ran immediately after Tal waved her off in conversation), then don't expect loyalty.

When you connect out of conscious or unconscious interest - the relationship will remain at the superficial level and will last as long as the common interest exists.

As soon as it expires, the friendship also expires, and this will happen not only to Jordan and Tal but also to Gal and Tal, and probably also to Sapir and Sehar.

At the tribal council on Saturday, the Kabbalists of Baybain have to depose Alit, but Shikar runs a persuasive campaign against Sapir, under the pretext that she came to the mission with a face of I came to enjoy and pisses on all of you.

To her credit, it's just her usual face, and that even in the life and death mission she had exactly the same expression while she almost killed her knight in the "Who throws a sandbag the best with a bouncer on the roof" competition.

Elit is the weak link according to most of the clan members, but in the end they all failed just like her in the missions.

She is no weaker than almost anyone else in the tribe.

Besides, weakness isn't why anyone ever flies survival.

Make no mistake - survival is a competition for love.

He who is not good for the people around him flies, and here Sapir gives a fight to Elit.

Although she puts on a constant show designed to convince those around her that she cannot be touched because she is stronger, but let's not forget that those who are forced to use these transparent tactics to project strength probably suffer from a great weakness.

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