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And if I don't have money for a new Tesla? - Walla! vehicle


You don't have to spend 200,000 shekels to enter the electric age: we found you some first-hand offers for much less

It is important to check the health of the battery at the garage: a paid test, which will check whether it has lost its capacity (photo: Walla! system, MG)

Many drivers are currently considering purchasing an electric car, but their prices are still expensive.

And as with gasoline vehicles, there is always the second hand option.

Although the supply has expanded mainly in the last two or three years, so that the majority of the supply is still of cars over NIS 100,000, but there are already quite a few options.

And because all streetcars are sold with a long warranty for the battery, 7 or 8 years, even those who now purchase a two-year-old one still have a long horizon.

Over 1,700 electric cars were listed for sale on the Yad2 website this week.

Even if you consider only streetcar owners who drove them between a few months and years before putting them up for sale, and leverage those who bought a streetcar just to make a quick profit on it while taking advantage of the ongoing price increase and are even now trying to sell it above the importer's prices, there are still more than a thousand relevant offers.

By the way, just to see the rapid growth in the market: when we did a similar test a year ago, the supply was less than 400 cars.

As with gasoline and diesel vehicles, turning to the used market is the simplest way to bypass the expensive new car prices, to benefit from fuel costs that are on average a quarter cheaper than gasoline vehicles, and from garage maintenance costs that are about 30-40 percent lower.

But it's important to remember: with an electric car it's a more complex matter, just like when buying a new electric car: the preparation that needs to be done at home, the extensive and more expensive potential for breakdowns in the car, and also the different nature of refueling on the road.

It is possible to purchase an electric car even without the possibility to charge it at home, especially if you have the possibility to charge at your workplace and you come to it several days a week.

Relying on public stations increases charging costs and reduces savings and they are not always available due to breakdowns or congestion.

Slow charging (AC) will preserve the battery life better (photo: Yehats)

The preparations at home:

A home charging station costs between NIS 1,500 for a mobile one and NIS 2,000 for a permanent one, which also requires installation at an average price of NIS 4,000-5,000 including basic installation.

A home with single-phase electricity will have difficulty supporting the supply of a reasonable current for charging the vehicle, so you may also be required to upgrade the home's electrical system, at a cost of approximately NIS 5,000.

In condominiums, the matter is more complex, there is still no legislation that will prevent the home from creating difficulties, and in any case the parking lots will have difficulty supporting the charging of more than 3-4 electric cars at the same time, which requires the installation of a managed charging infrastructure and the preparation of charging stations for tens or hundreds of thousands of shekels.

All the charging companies offer the service and some appoint the process themselves, for an addition to the electricity price later.

How to check the car:

If in a normal used car you worry about the condition of the engine and the gearbox, in a tram you worry about the condition of the battery, which can cost like a used car: between NIS 40,000 in the cheap trams and more than NIS 100,000 in the luxury ones.

The long warranty does not cover damages under the user's responsibility, such as damage to the battery located in the vehicle's belly from a rock or pavement.

The overwhelming recommendation is to take the electric vehicle you are interested in to check the health of the battery at an importer's garage or at 100 authorized garages that have already been trained to handle electric vehicles.

It is important to perform a battery health check, which shows what the current capacity of the battery is relative to the source, how many percent it has lost, what is the state of the cells and the rest of the electrical system.

Such an inspection at the importer's garages will cost several hundred shekels and is not performed at the inspection institutes as part of routine inspections before purchase.

How to save battery life:

As mentioned, the trams are currently covered by warranty, but some of them have been on the road for 3-4 years, which shortens the remaining warranty.

A battery's life is best preserved when it is at 40-60 percent of capacity, and severely damaged at the edges.

Completely draining the battery is a trauma for her, and keeping the battery at 100% for a long time also damages her cells.

The recommendation is to charge to 100% only before traveling.

You can limit the charging through the vehicle or the charger.

It is important to have a booster in your vehicle, an external battery charger for 12 volt batteries, in case you ask to help another driver, or to charge the 12 volt battery that is also present in your tram, and is designed to supply electricity to the vehicle's systems other than the propulsion.

Trying to start another vehicle using your battery may cost the life of the voltage converter which costs tens of thousands of shekels.

A quality booster, on the other hand, costs about NIS 300.

More in Walla!

A smart test detects an increased risk of stroke - now on special sale

Served on behalf of Shachel

Mi-Ron Levy, General Manager of the Levy Yitzchak Group (Photo: Levy Yitzchak Group)

Guy Barbon, CEO of the Autodeal chain (Photo: Ronan Toppelberg)

Rafi Halevi, CEO of the Kalmobil Trade In chain (photo: Kalmobil)

Retention of value:

A test conducted for us by Mi-Ron Levy, VP of Levy Yitzhak Price List, shows that the loss of value of streetcars in the first years is similar to that of gasoline vehicles. From a test of popular 2021 model streetcars, it appears that during 2022, which was an unusual year in the automotive industry because The lack of new cars that raised the demand for used cars, there were even some that went up in price. The price of the Fiat 500e in December, for example, was 13% higher than it was in January. The Tesla Model 3 registered a 9% increase, although this figure will change this year due to the sharp price reduction carried out by the manufacturer The

Hyundai Kona EV and MG ZS EV lost just 1% of their value, and the Audi Itron, Mercedes EQC and Kia Niro EV lost 2%. The Hyundai Ioniq Prestige lost 3% and the Geely Geometry C Pro 460, Opel Corsa Electric and Eways U5 each lost 4% of their value. BMW i3x and Peugeot e2008 lost 6%, Peugeot e208 lost 7% and Opel Mokka electric - 9%.

"In the last few months, we have seen that the prices of second-hand vehicles are starting to recover, after the supply of new ones is starting to expand again," says Mi-Ron Levy.

"The figures here are a summary of what happened to streetcars in the past year, and express strong demand. These cars lose value more slowly than we have known until now from cars with internal combustion engines. We are closely monitoring the effects of Tesla's move, lowering list prices by about 20%. Obviously That this will have an effect on the prices of second-hand Model 3 and Model Y this year, both in the 22 models and in the 21 models and already in the upcoming price list that will be released next week. I estimate that their prices in the price list will drop by about half of the discount rate of the 2023 models."

"Prices have hardly decreased in the last year, and in some cases they have even increased," says Guy Barbon, CEO of the second-hand chain Autodeal, the official trade-in of the importer of Volkswagen, Audi, Skoda and Seat, as well as Fiat and Alfa Romeo. "Beyond the listed price list numbers, The high demand in most cases, the prices were higher than the list price, depending on the demand of each model - just as we knew from the gasoline market in the past, at a point where low supply meets high demand.

Not only in streetcars, the Audi Q5 plug-in is also sold at a higher price than the list price, and itron is in demand like the Q5 and Q7 with internal combustion engines.

Right now the market is on its way to improved supply levels, and it seems that it is starting to converge back to what we were used to before the inventory problems."

Rafi Halevi, CEO of the Kalmobile Trade In chain, says that "the supply of used streetcars is still limited and they are stolen.

Hyundai Ioniq 5 and Kona EV that come out of Kalmobile's demo fleet are sold on the first call to those who have their turn on the waiting list.

But also electric cars from other brands that we sometimes pick up as part of trade-in deals, such as MG, are sold within a few days.

There is also a strong demand for plug-in vehicles, which exist mainly in the luxury market, but also here with the Outlander PHEV.

The worry about 'what will happen to the battery' is diminishing, because the streetcars come with a very long warranty for the battery, and I estimate that we will offer, and it is likely that others will, to purchase an additional warranty for a fee when the manufacturer's warranty runs out, as is the case with the hybrids.

We are already upgrading the basic warranty for all the cars we sell, including hybrids, gasoline and diesel, to a full year for 8 main assemblies, when you can purchase a longer warranty."

So which second-hand electric cars should you look for? Here are some worthwhile options:

Geometric C. As spacious as a Corolla (Photo: Keinan Cohen)

Geely Geometric C 350: the popular one

The entry-level version of the best-selling electric car in Israel in 2022, with a 53 kWh battery and an official range of 350 km, about 300 km practical on long trips. A well-designed crossover, as spacious as a Toyota Corolla and well equipped. The downside, apart from the range, is that it is not yet Tested in the European crash test, although in Sinai the equivalent received 5 out of 5 stars. Secondhand, you can already find 2022 Mir first models for around NIS 135,000. The long-range version (70 kWh, 460 km) is already offered for around NIS 155,000 .

EV buyer.

Good road behavior compared to other trams at its price (Photo: Keinan Cohen)

Hyundai buys an EV: the economical one

The electric version of the Korean Jeep is sold here mainly in the 39 kWh version with a relatively short official range of 305 km.

But this is a tram that explodes with low electricity consumption, which allows it to meet the manufacturer's promises.

A little more crowded than the Geely in the back seat and trunk, but very safe and has better road behavior than the average for trams.

You can find 22' models for about NIS 130-140 thousand.

Troon Island.

The most common German tram (photo: Ronen Toppelberg)

Audi e Tron: to impress

One of the first modern trams that came to us.

More than 1,200 have been sold in Israel since 2019. Official range of 400 km, practical about 300-330, dual drive, 408 hp, spacious and equipped.

Some cars have camera-based side mirrors, not always convenient to use, and not always reliable.

A new one costs more than half a million shekels, you can get a used one from 2019 for about 300 thousand shekels


The practical range is only 225 km, but the range is extensive and the price is like that of a new small gasoline Jeep (Photo: Keinan Cohen, Keinan Cohen)

MG ZS EV : for the family

With us since 2020, and until the arrival of Tesla, it was the best-selling electric car.

45 kWh battery, short official range of 263 km, practical around 225, so long trips require charging, planning and waiting.

Sitting high, spacious, useful and agile, standard active safety systems, but less refined and noisier than other trams.

A two-year-old car can be obtained for about NIS 110,000


designed and fun.

Longer range than the MG, but not by a lot (Photo: Keinan Cohen)

Peugeot e2008: for drivers

The most successful in the Peugeot and Opel family of trams.

A 50 kWh battery and an official range of 319 km in the original and 341 km in the improved 22 models, practically expect 260 and 285 km, respectively.

Jeep is designed outside and inside, with road behavior at a level that is rare to find in streetcars.

The only thing missing is the 400 km range that even new popular streetcars already have. A new one costs NIS 170,000, you can find 2020 models for about NIS 120-130,000.


NIS 70-80 thousand for a tram with a realistic range of 250 km (Photo: Nir Ben Tovim, Shay Erez)

Renault Zoe: for savers

The Super Mini, the first electric car that came to us back in 2017.

Originally with a first generation 28 kWh battery and 150 km real range, which was shortened even more as a used one. In the summer of 2018, an improved model arrived with a 44 kilowatt battery and a real range of 250 km.

Without active safety systems and without the possibility of DC charging, it offers as a substitute AC charging that is faster than other electric cars, but twice the time compared to real fast charging.

2017 models can be found for about NIS 55,000, it is better to look for the improved 2018 models for about 70-80 thousand NIS.

How much have they lost in the last year?

What happened to the prices of the 2021 model trams in 2022 according to the Levy Yitzhak

Fiat 500e price list |

About 13%+

Tesla Model 3 Standard |


Hyundai buys EV |

About 1%-


About 1% -

Kia Niro EV |

About 2% -

Audi Itron


Mercedes EQX |

About 2% -

Hyundai Ioniq 5 Prestige |


Geely Geometric C 460 |

About 4% -

Opel Corsa Electric |


Eways U5 |

About 4% -

Peugeot e2008 |

about 6%-

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