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Has the Earth's core stopped rotating? Scientists say yes - voila! technology


A study published this week by two scientists from Peking University who analyzed seismographic data claims that the Earth's core has stopped rotating and may even change direction

Earth's core (Photo: ShutterStock)

A new study by two Chinese scientists claims that the rotation of the Earth's core has stopped, and it may even start rotating in the opposite direction.

However, in any case, this does not pose a danger to us, who are sitting on the surface of the globe.

Here is the explanation: the earth, as you remember, consists of several parts: the outer crust, which is the part on which we live, the mantle (which consists of two layers: inner and outer), and the earth's core or core, which is also composed of a liquid outer core made of lava, which surrounds a nucleus (or A solid inner core made of nickel and iron.

The inner core is about 5,000 kilometers below the surface of the earth, and makes up about a third of the mass of the earth as a whole.

In a study published this week in Nature Geoscience, Yi Yang and Xiaodong Song, two researchers from Peking University, studied seismographic waves from earthquakes that have passed through the Earth's core in similar orbits since 1960, to decide how fast the Earth's core rotates (which rotates, it should be noted , at a speed different from that of the entire ball in space).

The inner core makes up about a third of the mass of the Earth as a whole (Photo: ShutterStock, 24K-Production)

According to the Chinese, seismographic records since 2009 have stopped showing significant changes, leading them to conclude that the Earth's core has stopped rotating almost completely.

The movement of the inner core is affected by magnetic fields created by the outer core, and is balanced by the gravitational forces of the earth's mantle.

At the same time, not everyone agrees with the Chinese's conclusion.

Harwaja Talcic, a geophysicist from the Australian National University who specializes in seismographic research of the Earth's interior, claims that the inner core has not completely stopped.

The research findings, in his opinion, simply indicate that the rotation speed of the core is now in better sync with the rest of the ball than it was last decade, when it rotated slightly faster.

"This is not a catastrophe," the geophysicist ruled in response to the CNN news network's question.

Song and Yang claim that, based on their calculations, a slight imbalance in the gravitational and electromagnetic fields can slow down and even reverse the direction of rotation of the core, and they believe that this is a cycle that repeats itself every seventy years.

Telekik does not dispute the Chinese findings and the analysis of the information, but at the same time he says that their conclusions should be "considered carefully", and that more precise measurement is required to solve the mystery.

"The research objects are buried thousands of kilometers under our feet," he mentions.

"We are still in the discovery phase," says Telekic.

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