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Under the threat of a refueling gun: Renault Arcana vs. Toyota Corolla Cross - voila! vehicle


Renault Arcana is trying to reinvent the mainstream, Toyota Corolla Cross is the mainstream incarnate. Which of them convinced more as useful for family and travel?

One in the mainstream, one different from everything (Photo: Keinan Cohen)

The war in Ukraine turned the favorable fuel prices of the Corona days into a sweet memory.

If Netanyahu and Smotrich had not decided this week at the last minute to reduce the tax on fuel to balance the rising price of oil, we would now be paying NIS 7.17 per liter of gasoline.

20 billion shekels a year, that's the amount we contribute to the state at the gas stations, and because in the end it is also intended for a tax that is also intended to remind us that there is an environmental price for the consumption of gasoline and diesel, it is better not to get used to building on the politicians but to switch to more economical and less polluting vehicles.

The things you must know about your car:

- Prefer to give up gas?

The new streetcars on the way

- with hybrids, maybe you just pay at the garage?

- Not in a hurry to go electric: first drive in a Toyota Prius

A square structure according to the standard of crossovers compared to Renault's "coupé" configuration (photo: Keinan Cohen)

Now it is also possible to do it in the category of family jeeps, with two new models that have arrived in Israel in recent months.

Toyota Corolla Cross is built according to the successful formula of Yaris Cross: take a private car, raise it, design it a little differently and you can sell it for a much higher price.

The Yaris became the best-selling Jeep of its kind in Israel, and now the family Corolla has itself become a Jeep, while keeping the same drivetrain.

Renault also increased for much more weight ninety, but their small Jeep, the Capture, which itself is based on a platform used by the super mini Clio car.

Unlike Toyota, which has signed the hybrid revolution, for Renault this is a relatively new field, after years in which it promoted diesel engines as an economical solution.

The Dieselgate affair reminded the world that this was a bluff, and the French also joined the gasoline-electric trend.

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In the draft, they are going for a screen show (Photo: Keinan Cohen)


The Corolla Cross looks exactly like its name: Jeep Corolla.

Prominent front, square design.

Tall and "leisure", but solid.

There are swollen wings, thin LED headlights, and light rims in all trim levels.

A handsome and respectable jeep, doesn't turn heads but won't annoy anyone either.

Renault, on the other hand, hung on high with the audacity that does not usually characterize popular vehicles intended to be sold in large circulation, with a Jeep-Coupe design.

Want a BMW X4 but can't afford one?

Get a car for a third of the price that also turns heads, who ask what this BMW is until they see the diamond symbol.

It's a shame that the importer added bulky side steps to the test vehicle.

In Breno the look of the displays is more modern.

Controlling the volume through the screen is not convenient (photo: Keinan Cohen)


Toyota wins the "who has the bigger" race with a 10.5-inch multimedia screen, and another 12.3-inch dashboard.

Those who already drive a Corolla will feel at home here, just in a bigger and more spacious one.

The seating is higher than in the Corolla, but not as high as the Rab4, the quality of the materials is generally good, and the human engineering is excellent as usual, enhanced by voice operation.

The wheelbase, 2.64 meters, is one of the smallest in the group.

And so even though the rear cabin floor is almost flat, the knee room is less generous than in the Renault.

The seat is deep, and an adult will feel fine, but not too much.

The headroom is good and there is also much more light thanks to the large windows.

There is also an air conditioner outlet and USB sockets.

In the draft, both air conditioning ports and USB sockets, but less space for the legs (Photo: Keinan Cohen)

Renault went further in the design on the inside as well: the driver's environment is richer, the graphics on the large and vertical multimedia screen (9.3 inches) are more modern, the driving position is high and commanding, and only the visibility to the rear suffers due to the structure of the rear window.

It's also a shame that there is no physical button to control the volume, only on the multimedia screen.

In the back there are air conditioning outlets for the two very spacious seats, with room for the legs thanks to a wheelbase of 272 cm that already touches the category above it. Even the headroom is not affected by the roof that comes down relatively early, only the ease of entry is less good. The seat is less deep and narrower than in the Toyota. It's not a car for three adults, although the Toyota is also borderline in this issue.There is an air conditioner outlet and there are also two USB ports.

The headroom was not damaged, but the entrance to the Arcana is less successful (Photo: Keinan Cohen)

The trunk: the

Toyota has a storage volume of 403 liters (in the base version equipped with a spare wheel) and up to 436 liters in the two high trim levels, which are equipped with an inflation kit.

We have a generous size of 480 liters and easier and more convenient loading.

It's a shame that there are no hanging hooks and advanced storage solutions, but at least there is a spare wheel underneath in all versions.


In the base Toyota active version (NIS 169,000) you will get 17-inch rims, push-button drive, climate control, rain and lighting sensors, partial adjustment for the driver's seat and a system to prevent children from being forgotten in the back (based on opening the doors).

The "Dynamic" (NIS 175,000) increases the rims to 18 inches, adds keyless entry, roof rails and ambient lighting.

The "Adventure" we drove (NIS 185,000) adds a panoramic roof, rear and front parking sensors, heated front seats, integrated leather upholstery, a wireless charging pad, vehicle detection in a dead zone and prevention of opening doors when the road is not clear.

The basic Renault Iconic finish level (NIS 160,000) includes a 7-inch multimedia, a 7-inch digital dashboard, light 17-inch rims, a reverse camera and a smart key.

The S Edition trim level (NIS 170,000) upgrades to a 9.3-inch vertical multimedia, a 10-inch digital dashboard, a wireless charging pad, fabric upholstery combined with leather and 18-inch rims.

The trim level S Edition SR adds a sunroof.

While both come with a basic warranty of three years or 100,000 km, the Renault can be extended for an additional two years: NIS 2,800 for a five-year or 100,000 km warranty, and NIS 3,400 for the same warranty in years, but up to for 150 thousand km.

There are compartments and a hanging hook (Photo: Keinan Cohen)

Easier access and a spare wheel (Photo: Kenan Cohen)


Both models received 5 out of 5 stars in the European crash test, and are equipped with a full active safety package (apart from the basic Renault which lacks adaptive cruise control and vehicle detection in "dead space").


While the Americans and Europeans get a new 2-liter hybrid engine (197 hp) in the Toyota, the Israelis will settle for 1,800 cc, with 140 hp instead of 121 hp in the corresponding Corolla.

The box is continuous as usual and the dual drive versions also remain abroad, with us only the front.

Renault has a hybrid unit that combines a 1.6 liter gasoline engine and two electric motors that drive the front wheels through two gearboxes, one robotic for gasoline and another with two gears for the electric motor. An unusual arrangement , which provides 143 hp.

The Corolla is more agile than the Renault, especially when the latter's battery is drained and under load, but its acceleration is noisier due to the continuous gearbox.

The Renault's ride comfort and road behavior are superior.

The performance is not exciting (photo: Keinan Cohen)

Fuel consumption:

in the intercity cruise the Renault was more economical, with 17.2 kml compared to the Toyota's 16.5 kml, but at the end of the test day after the strenuous driving section both finished with 14.3 kml. On a daily basis, thanks to the excellence of the hybrid units in the city, the consumption will be more like an urban one.

Road behavior:

the Renault's ride comfort is not quite French, perhaps also because it is manufactured in South Korea at all. The Corolla is more comfortable over small potholes, but less so on an undulating road, with a soft and slightly American calibration. The Renault is demonstrably quiet, with insulation Noise is more efficient.

Both are safe on the road, but not really sporty. The Renault gives more confidence and its steering is better.

The noise insulation is less successful in Toyota.

But the gearbox is smoother (Photo: Kenan Cohen)

The bottom line

The Corolla Cross is a successful and useful vehicle, with generous comfort and safety equipment at this trim level, but too expensive, here in the test and in general.

It's as if they put the description "Corolla as a Jeep" into one of the proliferating artificial intelligence programs and the computer did the job.

It can work against cheaper vehicles like Kia Seltos or Suzuki Crossover, it is less convincing at this price level.

The Renault Arcana is more interesting and creative, gives the feeling of a vehicle from a higher category, it is also less expensive, so despite the lukewarm drive system, this time it is our choice.

Comparative test: Toyota Corolla Cross vs. Renault Arcana (Photo: Keenan Cohen)

You will not get confused between the Arcana and other crossovers (Photo: Keinan Cohen)

On the technical side: Renault Arcana and Toyota Corolla Cross

Comparative test: Toyota Corolla Cross vs. Renault Arcana (Photo: Keenan Cohen)

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