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Here 11: these are the series that will soon be on the TV screen - voila! culture


The corporation presented the content planned for 2023, including six new series, sequel seasons to hits such as "Kopa Rasht" and "The Jews are Coming", as well as a sequel to "Takuma"

The members of "Zah Zah" (Gidi Gov, Muni Moshunov, Shlomo Baraba, Devla Glickman and Avi Kushnir) present in a comic video what their plans are for improvement in 2023. A video shown at the event presenting the content of Kaan 11 for the coming year, on February 8, 2023 (Kaan 11 )

Here 11 today (Wednesday) launched its content - the new series, films and programs - that will air in 2023, at an event held at the Mediatek cultural center in Holon.

This, in the background of the government's threats to extensively damage the budget of the broadcasting corporation and the large public protest that broke out as a result.

Among the contents that are expected to be released are six new drama series, sequel seasons to hits such as "Kofa Rashteh" and "The Jews are Coming", as well as a sequel to "Takuma" on the occasion of the 75th year of the country.

Golan Yokhpaz, CEO of Kan, the Israel Broadcasting Corporation, said, among other things, at the event: "This may not be the most appropriate morning to say this, just before a press conference that was supposed to be convened by the Minister of Communications with the intention of announcing an attack on Kan - but I think I could not have dreamed For a better place to work than this place: the Israel Broadcasting Corporation.

The truth is that I couldn't imagine a better workplace, perhaps precisely because of this day, a morning when we will present our new broadcasting season - with quality content, which cannot appear anywhere else but - here.

Television that manages to touch talent and enormous sensitivity in us, in all our shades.

Television is full of drama, docu, culture, entertainment, digital, heritage, and other news - independent, fair and reliable - where only the facts speak.

The truth is, I couldn't have dreamed of a better role."

"The last few weeks have proven even to the biggest skeptics - there is no public body in Israel, perhaps apart from the IDF, that is as loved as the Israel Broadcasting Corporation, with sympathy and appreciation across sectors, positions and ages," added Yochpaz. "This unprecedented support gives us tremendous strength to continue fighting For its existence and absolute freedom of action here.

We must not be confused - the threat has not been removed, the cloud has not dissipated - we will continue to fight for the independence of public broadcasting with all our might."

"Main Cash" will also return (Photo: Micah Loubton)


"East Side" (airing on February 19)

at the center of the series is Momi Ben Dahan (Yehuda Levy), a charismatic land dealer who works for an association whose goal is to buy properties in East Jerusalem, and settle Jews there.

Unexpectedly, Momi is not there out of a right-wing ideology, he is just waiting to make the "blow" that will secure the future of his 18-year-old daughter Maya, who is on the autistic spectrum.

The opportunity for Momi's "deal of a lifetime" arrives and pulls all the people connected to him to the ground zero with it.

Other games in the series are Netta Riskin, Gefen Kaminer, Ala Deka, Sarah Vino Elad, Amir Khoury, Jamil Khoury, Shaden Kanbora and Shlomi Koriat.

Creator: Yael Rubinstein-Nitzan, screenplay: Yael Rubinstein-Nitzan and Yossi Madamoni, director: Yevgeni Roman.

"Destroying Angel" (March 26)

A series of suspense and horror centered on a murderous demon that passes from woman to woman in a Hasidic community in Mea Shearim and sows destruction.

Two lost souls, Baer, ​​a young professor of physics and a staunch secularist who fled the Hasidic world years ago, and Malki Price, an ultra-Orthodox psychologist who is hiding a dangerous secret, join together to investigate the origins of the terrible demon.

The series stars, among others, Tom Avni, Lioz Levy, Hisham Sleiman, Der Zozovsky, Esti Zackheim, Lir Katz, Maya Wertheimer, Dorit Lev Ari, Alex Zilberg and Diana Golbi.

Creators: Noah Stolman, Oded Davidoff and Abigail Bat Dor.

"Six Zeros" (will be released in June)

Six people who won the big prize in the lottery are surprised to find out that they do not receive their winnings because a new law requires them to first go through a workshop that will prepare them for their new life as millionaires.

Once a week, they will have to come to a group meeting and only at the end of the eighth and last meeting, if they meet the conditions of the workshop, will they receive their money.

Even though the winners have not yet received a shekel in their account, already the expectation of money is shaking their lives and sowing complete chaos in them.

The series stars Roni Dalomi, Laura Rivlin, Shani Klein, Ofer Hayon, Rotem Kinan, Elisha Banai and Sharit Vino Elad.

Creator: Noya Nourial.

Director: Nir Bergman.

"Hammam" - July

A detachment of paratroopers under the command of Shaul Shirazi is sent to re-establish an old base in the Jordan Valley.

The base is called "The Hammam" after the ancient bathing site located in the nearby wadi.

A series of mysterious events lead Shaul to think that a curse is hanging over the base and his soul begins to shake.

Shaul enlists the help of Dodi, the most modest and shy soldier in the platoon, and appoints him to be his lieutenant.

Dodi gains strength at Shaul's expense and begins to lead the department.

As his power grows, so do his dark instincts with which he tries to deal - and perhaps this is actually the curse, which is now taking over him.

The series stars Daniel Gad, Ong Efron, Ran Mosheiv, Mor Dimari, Ran Kaplan, Yaeli Rosenblit, Gili Blum, Adiel Zamro and Yoav Rothman.

Creator: Michael Allo.

"Sovietska" (end of 2023)

Anat, a young mathematics student, who denied her "Russian" origin all her life, accidentally becomes the "voice of the immigrants" among her peers when she is recorded confronting a National Insurance official who humiliates her father.

Ever since Anat can remember, she has always aspired to assimilate into the society she was born into, and to be accepted as a full-fledged soldier, but the environment forever sees her as "Russia".

Throughout the series, Anat realizes that she has no way to escape from her roots, no matter how hard she tries.

As she accepts her ancestry, additional layers of her ancestry are revealed in her personality, and together with them the trauma of the immigration experienced by the three generations in her family - and which is expected to be experienced by the fourth generation as well.

The process that Anat goes through allows her to find a new culture in who she is, and to redefine "what is Israeli".

The series stars Susana Papian, Daniel Stiopin, Yevgenia Dodina, Fira Kantor, Daniel Moreshet, Gera Sandler and Yoav Rothman.

Creator: Dana Abramovich.

Director: Anat Stalinsky.

"The Truth" (end of 2023)

On the day when the most controversial murder trial in Israel is supposed to come to a decision, after 10 years, another murder takes place, exactly the same.

Youth researcher Racheli Zabatani is required to return to her past, to the event that changed her life, in order to decipher the present - of the new murder, and of her life.

The series stars Mor Demari, Golan Azoulai, Esther Steinberg, Yossi Marshak, Ruthi Nathanal, Roy Nik, Shai Zaviv, Decker Elbaz, Hila Sarjon.

Creators: Dafna Levin, Orit Zamir, Dror Mishani, Idit Abrahami.

Director: Dafna Levin.

"The Pier" (2023)

Sinai Front.

After an Egyptian surprise attack, the "dock" outpost remained covered and isolated behind enemy lines.

After a week of fighting, the soldiers must choose between going to the fight to the last bullet with the young and idealistic commander, or going with the plan of the thoughtful reserve doctor that may save their lives - but at the cost of the values ​​they were raised on.

The series stars Daniel Gad, Michael Aloni, Shmuel Wilozani, Aviv Pankas, Daniel Moreshet and Amir Tesler.

Creator: Lior Hefetz.

In addition to the new series, this year there will be continuation seasons of the series "Kofa Rashat", "The Jews are Coming", "The Missing Case", "The Man Who Wanted to Know Everything", "Teheran", "Manaich", "Motok Bol Midh", "Shishu and Simcho", "Unknown" and "The Commander".

Another hit that returns for another season.

"80 and Four" (Photo: Here the Israel Broadcasting Corporation)

culture and entertainment

"Someone to live with"

adaptation of the British format "The Dog House".

In the center of the country there is a place dedicated entirely to dogs.

A professional and dedicated team sets itself the goal of finding each of them a new family and expertly matching each family with the most suitable dog, one that meets its unique needs.

To check if there is a match, the families and the dogs will gather in a meeting garden networked with cameras where they will meet their new friend for the first time.

At the end of the meeting, each family will have to make a decision whether to return home with someone to live with.

"The Stand Up Club"

2 stand-up artists, some known and some not, go on stage one after the other and their stand-up segments come true during the performance and become skits in which the viewer sees exactly what he heard about.

The stand-up artists play the role themselves.

Based on the BBC's "The Stand Up Sketch Show" format.

"meal of life"

Another adaptation, in this case for "Dinner of a lifetime", in which chef Aner Ben Rafael Furman meets a guest in each episode and cooks them a special, one-time meal that is adapted and reflects their life story.

Among the guests are Subliminal, Ayelet Shaked and Yevgenia Dodina.

"Shir Ehad"

adaptation of the podcast "Shir Ehad" for TV format.

In each episode, songwriters, composers, performers and producers will unfold the story behind one Israeli song.

"Trip for Five"

is a comic travel series documenting five participants from different backgrounds in Israeli society, who go on a joint trip to Israel.

After five episodes were aired on the Travel Channel documenting a trip abroad, "Trip for Five" on Han 11 will document trips around the country, for five days. Each of the participants will become a guide in turn and take the group on a one-day trip in their own person and according to a concept close to their hearts.

"Three songs"

Three familiar and beloved Israeli songs that have a surprising story behind them.

What sets them apart and what binds them together?

The songs on various topics related to the country's birthday, Tu Bab - Valentine's Day, Eurovision, Greek music and more.

"Couple therapy"

a program based on the TV format of "SHOW TIME", which brings to the screen four different couples for naturalistic therapy. This season a leading new couples therapist the couples.

"80 and Four"

The program returns in a new season after the Corona period, which separated old people from children. This is an Israeli version of the British documentary series "Old people's home for 4 years old". For six weeks, children aged four and five and residents aged 80 and over came every day for a joint activity in the kindergarten. Experts in the field of education and geriatrics accompany the project and monitor the changes in the health of the elders and the development of the children following the activity.

"We will meet again"

After the previous seasons documented people who lost contact with their family members following repentance or repeating a question, the third season will deal with severing family ties following divorce.

Parents and children who were separated from each other many years ago and want today, when the children are adults, to go on a journey towards each other, to remind them that they love them, are interested in them in their lives and will fight and fight for them all their lives.


a new season during which, in each episode, Hanoch Daum went to a pastoral place outside the city with four people who all have a common denominator - some kind of disability or belonging to a group that the conversation about - and certainly the jokes about - are taboo.

Other cultural and entertainment programs that will be shown on the screen here at 11: "This is it", "The Chase", "Family in a shuttle", "The Unimportant", "Intentional Sound", "Stories from the Armchair", "Meeting" with Ronnie Cuban, "Sorry for the question ", "Carpool Karaoke", "Whatever You Say",

More in Walla!

The cultural organizations in Israel against the legal revolution: "The elimination of the democratic nature of the state"

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From the "Myth Machine" (Photo: Courtesy of Kaan 11)


"The Myth Machine"

a documentary series on the occasion of the 75th Independence Day of the State of Israel, examining the myths that shape our lives here.

Directed and produced by: Uri Rosenwax

"Lights and Shadows"

the sequel to "Heavy Shadow", which dealt with Ola Kravchenko, a soul contender and brings her fight against those who still, even after she was completely cleared of any suspicion of Tair Rada's murder, pursue her.

Directed and produced by: Ido Har.

"Winning Time" is the

story of Agnes Kelti, the prize-winning Jewish Olympic athlete and founder of the female gymnastics industry in Israel, who recently celebrated her 102nd birthday.

Directed by: Naomi Shouri and Katelin Ola

"In the Name of the Father"

After the death of its leader, an extreme religious community in Bivaniel enters into a violent and natural succession struggle that reveals its dark secrets, including underage marriages, pedophilia, confinement in homes and more, which continue to occur today.

Creators: Bat Dor Ojalbo, Gal Gopher and Yoav Leshem.

Nitza, a Holocaust survivor girl, was adopted in Israel by a bereaved family, when suddenly a couple of Holocaust survivors appeared who claimed to be her biological parents and asked to take her back.

70 years later, Nitza discovers the trial protocol that decided the case and is flooded with traumatic memories that also raise existential, moral and historical questions.

The film won the first prize at the Haifa Festival 2022. Director: Uri Barbash.

"Knocking on the door"

20 years after her older brother Itamar was killed in the boat disaster in Lebanon and his body was left behind, Aya Ilya crosses the lines and goes out to meet the informants, who are knocking on the door.

Directed by: Aya Ilya and Ohad Milstein


A sequel series to the Israel Broadcasting Authority's flagship series "Takuma", which begins in the era after Rabin's assassination in 1995, continues to this day and examines the disintegration of Israeli society into tribes.

Directed by: Doki Dror and Naftali Glicksberg.


a series that explains the history of secularism,

"1948 - to remember and forget"

the story of the 1948 war through diaries, letters, rare archival photographs and figures involved in perpetuating the ethos, and on the other hand in breaking it.

Directed by: Anat Seltzer.

"Corridors of Power"

An analysis of how the United States responded to genocide and crimes against humanity in Syria, Bosnia, Rwanda, Iraq, Kosovo, Libya and Darfur, through interviews with figures such as Henry Kissinger and Hillary Clinton, illustrating why the promise "never again" Actually empty of content.

Directed by: Dror Mora.

"The One"

is the story of Squadron 201 in the Yom Kippur War through the eyes of its pilots, including former Chief of Staff Dan Halutz and former Air Force Commander Eitan Ben Eliyahu, who talk about the events with journalist Sima Kadmon, who served as the chief operations officer at the time. Director: Gilad Tokatli

. The Hebrews: The Prohibited"

Six stations to understand the boycott of Baruch Spinoza. Director: Benjamin Frydenberg.

A docu-series that documented for five years the city of Tiberias, its inhabitants and its turbulent council.

Director: Karin Keiner.


returned to a war that everyone wants to forget, from its outbreak to the attacks inside the Green Line and the signing of the Oslo Accords, which will be 30 years old when the series airs.

Directed by: Ben Shani, Shai Lahav.

"Prisoner X"

Michal, the stepdaughter of Mutka Kidar, the Mossad agent who murdered his source and became known as Prisoner X, who sexually assaulted her as a child, meets the greatest murderers in the world, including Charles Manson and Jeffrey Dahmer, whom she asks The questions she couldn't ask her stepfather.

Directed by: Limor Pankhasov.

In addition, "Real Time", the Kaan 11 investigative program will return for season 7 presented by Assaf Lieberman.

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